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Black Clover: Stubborn Bull Book 「ブラッククローバー 暴牛の書 Burakku Kurōbā Bōgyū no Sho」 is the first light novel of Black Clover.

The novel introduces Fanzell Kruger, Dominante Code, and Mariella, who later appeared in the manga and anime.


  1. Boy's Challenge 「少年の挑戦 Shōnen no Chōsen」: Asta encounters Fanzell Kruger in the woods near Hage. Fanzell teaches the boy the basics of swordsmanship, and Asta defends his teacher from a group of Diamond Kingdom mages, including Mariella, a former student of Fanzell.[2]
  2. Black Market Bruce 「ブラックマーケット・ブルース Burakkumāketto Burūsu」: Noelle Silva trains with a special brooch that she bought from Dominante Code. This brooch has a perverted magical lifeform named Bruce who helps Noelle control her magic. When the Black Bulls are called to help save a town from a wildfire, Noelle and Bruce work together to extinguish the flames, but in the process, Bruce exhausts the magic power keeping him alive.
  3. Your Dream Will Come True 「君の夢が叶うのは Kimi no Yumegakanau no wa」: Yami Sukehiro and Magna Swing fill in for Fuegoleon and Leopold Vermillion as guest lecturers at a magic school. They discover that the teacher, Harris, is a spy for the Diamond Kingdom.
  4. Bulls 「暴牛 Bōgyū」: Recognizing Noelle's wand, Fanzell asks the Black Bulls for help in locating Dominante. However, a group of Diamond Kingdom mages is hunting the deserters and attacks the base. Mariella, who has been changed by Asta's words, betrays Galleo and the other assassins and helps reunite Fanzell and Dominante.[3]

Extra Pages: Concept Art sketches of Fanzell Kruger and Bruce.

Chapter Illustrations[]


  • Fanzell's grimoire design is the background for the cover.
  • The cover illustration lines up with the cover illustration of Volume 7.


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