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Squishy! Black Clover 「むぎゅっと! ブラッククローバー Mugyutto! Burakku Kurōbā」 is a series of anime shorts with characters in chibi designs. Produced by Dream Link Entertainment (DLE) and released exclusively on dTV, the series began airing July 1, 2019 and ended August 19, 2019 after eight episodes.

Crunchyroll released English subtitles for all eight episodes on December 31, 2019.


Episode Title Airdate
1 Tell Us, Wizard King! How Can We Become the Wizard King?!
「教えて魔法帝! 魔法帝になるには どうしたらいいの!? Oshiete mahōtei! Mahōtei ni naruniha Dōshitara ī no!?
July 1, 2019
Asta struggles to find out how to become the Wizard King. When he goes to ask Julius, he finds Yuno already there asking the same question. The two boys renew their vow to become the Wizard King.
2 The Star on the Shooting Star
「流れ星のスター Nagareboshi no sutā
July 8, 2019
Asta and Yuno wander the Royal Capital in search of merits, while Magna and Luck chase after Sekke and are turned into robots.
3 We Need to Stack Up Merit Like a Mille-feuille, La... Falalalala, Lalalala!
「実績をミルフィーユのように 積み上げるのら、 ららのらららのら! Jisseki o mirufīyu no yō ni Tsumiageru nora,-ra-ra no rarara no ra!
July 15, 2019
Asta and Yuno search for the person who turned Magna and Luck into robots, meanwhile Charmy makes and sells mille crêpes. Sally sneaks up on Charmy and turns her into a robot.
4 The Flirty Magic Knight Sees a Nightmare While Next to the Fiercely Drunken Witch
「ヘベレケ魔女の横で ナンパ魔法騎士は悪夢を見る Hebereke majo no yoko de Nanpa mahō kishi wa akumu o miru
July 22, 2019
Sally buys drinks for Finral and Vanessa. Asta and Yuno later find the pair have also been turned into robots.
5 Marie, My Love
「マリー・マイラブ Marī Mairabu
July 29, 2019
Yuno decides to use Asta as bait to trap the culprit. Gauche goes to visit his sister, and Sally pretends to be Marie and tricks him into becoming a robot.
6 Super-Excited Noelle, "Because I'm Royalty"
「どきどきノエル だって私は王族よ Dokidoki Noeru Datte watashi wa ōzoku yo
August 5, 2019
Noelle is flustered when she sees Asta dressed as a present. Sally poses as a fortuneteller and tricks Noelle into becoming a robot. Grey also happens to be turned into a robot.
7 A Sudden Battle with the Demon (Lies)
「魔神大戦勃発 (うそ) Majin taisen boppatsu (Uso)
August 12, 2019
Yuno vents his frustration over not being able to talk much and then accuses Yami of turning the Black Bulls into robots. Sally reveals herself to be the culprit and makes the robots join together to form a Black Bull mecha. She has also awoken the giant demon skeleton to attack the Royal Capital.
8 Asta, Forever...
「アスタよ、永遠に・・・ Asuta yo, eien ni
August 19, 2019
Sally reveals that her plan was to dissect Asta and turn him into a robot. Asta is convinced to combine with the mecha and defends the Royal Capital from the demon.