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Spirit Dive精霊同化スピリットダイブ Supiritto Daibu, literally meaning: "Spirit Assimilation"」 is a Spirit Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user assimilates an elemental spirit into their body. The spell enables the user to contain and control the power of the spirit, dramatically increasing their own magic power.[1]


When combined with Sylph, Yuno Grinberryall's left arm is cloaked with green mana, a green circle of connected crosses appear around his wrist, a green wing appears from the left side of his back and a green half-crown of connected crosses appears on the left side of his head.[2][3]

During the assault on the Spade Kingdom and his second battle with Zenon Zogratis, Yuno and Sylph have shown to achieve a more complete version of the Spirit Dive transformation. Both sides of Yuno's body become fully covered in mana with a circle of connected crosses appearing behind his back, two wings instead of one and a full crown now on his head.[4]


When combined with Undine, Noelle Silva's Valkyrie Dress takes on more feathered and wing-like ornamentations. The tiara becomes a small crown with a halo above it, and the lance's texture smooths out with a rounded guard extending from the vamplate and connecting to the base of the handle.[5]


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