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Dark Magic Tool: Special Properties +α 「裏魔導具『特性プラスアルファUra Madōgu "Tokusei Purasu Arufa"」 is a dark magic tool, which belongs to Sally.


The dark magic tool is in the shape of an over-sized syringe containing an unknown liquid substance. The tube has an intricate ornament circling its base, near the plunger.[1]

The magic tool is an equipment used to inject the liquid substance into a spell. The liquid has the ability to add or enhance certain properties of a cast spell or a person. The designated property can vary:

  • Absorption 「吸収 Kyūshū」: This enhances a spell's absorptive property, allowing it to stop the momentum of falling objects.[2]
  • Reinforcement 「強化 Kyōka」: This enhances a person's strength, enlarging their muscles and increasing their magic power. It also sends the subject into a berserker rage.[3]


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