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Royal Clover Academy 「王立クローバー学園 Ōritsu Kurōbā Gakuen」 is a special chapter published in Shonen Jump GIGA. It was later reprinted as part of Volume 12.


The story takes place in an alternate universe when the characters are students and teachers at an academy. The Golden Dawn Class are considered cool and stylish. The Crimson Lion Class have a fiery passion. The Black Bull Class are the lowest scoring and worst behaved. The lead delinquent is Asta, who trains by breaking school property with his shinai. The leader of the female delinquents is Charmy who steals all of the school food. Asta and Charmy are temporarily calmed by the requests of the school nurse, Sister Lily, and the new student genius, Yuno. Meanwhile, Noelle is upset that the comic is ending without featuring her.


In Volume 22's Assorted Questions Brigade, Tabata listed which subjects the characters taught:

Other Appearances[]

  • Tabata drew a color spread for Shonen Jump NEXT!! Issue 1, 2016. It depicts four girls—Mimosa, Sally, Rebecca Scarlet, and Noelle—sitting around the delinquent Asta.
  • In 2019, Tabata drew a color spread for Chapter 197. It depicts additional characters as students and teachers gathering outside the academy's entrance.
  • In the game Black Clover Mobile: The Road to the Wizard King: The Opening of Fate, several characters have alternate units based on their "Clover Academy" counterparts: Asta, Yami, Mimosa, Jack, Charlotte, and Fuegoleon.


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