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Special Support Manga from Ryuhei Tamura!! 「田村隆平先生SPスペシャル応援マンガ!! Tamura Ryūhei Sensei Supesharu Ōen Manga!!」 is a collaboration work between Yūki Tabata's Black Clover and Ryūhei Tamura's Beelzebub. It was drawn by Ryūhei Tamura. It was later reprinted in Volume 2.


At one occasion, Asta and Yuno encounters Beelzebub IV whom is coming out of Alain Delon's body.

Afterwards, the story revolves around Tamura as he is congratulating Tabata for the release of Black Clover Vol.2 and reminiscing his first encounter with the said author when they were still working as assistants to Iwashiro. The Beelzebub's author continues on his remarks about Tabata's personality and his regret that he ended Beelzebub serialization before Black Clover begins its serialization.


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