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What If Asta Joined Miyoshi's Detective Office... 「もしもアスタが美好探偵事務所に入ったら... Moshimo Asuta ga Miyoshi Tantei Jimusho ni Haittara...」 and What If Kyōsuke is in the Black Bull Squad... 「もしも恭介が『黒の暴牛団』に入ったら... Moshimo Kyōsuke ga “Kuro no Bōgyū-dan” ni Haittara...」 are collaboration works between Yūki Tabata's Black Clover and Toshiaki Iwashiro's Kagamigami.



After Miyoshi informs Asta that an incident involving a shikigami is occurring, both of them depart immediately to apprehend the situation. Asta then starts defeating a couple of shikigamis as he follows Miyoshi's direction on which opponent that he should be taking down.[1]

However, due to Asta's constant use of his physical prowess, Miyoshi yells at him and tells him to use a shikigami in his fight as well.[1]


Suddenly, Yami Sukehiro introduces a new addition to the rest of the Black Bull members, Kyōsuke Kagami. Magna Swing, Noelle Silva and Vanessa Enoteca are both very surprised about this sudden introduction. The new member then introduces himself along with Hakutenmaru, his partner. Additionally, he also reveals that his specialty is summoning magic.[2]

Hearing about it, Magna immediately asks him to showcase his magic skills. Kyōsuke then summons a number of his Kodama shikigamis around Noelle and Vanessa which are beginning to become overly attached to both of the female Black Bull members. Seeing the spectacles, Magna immediately acknowledges Kyōsuke's membership.[2]


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