The Spade Kingdom 「スペード王国 Supēdo Ōkoku」 is a country near the Clover, Heart, and Diamond Kingdoms.[1][2] It is currently in a hostile relationship with its neighboring countries.[3][4]


World Map

Relative location of the Spade Kingdom.

The Spade Kingdom lies west of the Clover Kingdom. This country of winter and fog has the largest landmass of the four major kingdoms.[5] According to Julius Novachrono, the country serves an ancient evil that sleeps in its land.

Like the Diamond Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom has been extending its influence into the vast neutral zone separating the countries in their attempt at expanding their borders and spear head their likely attempts to conquer the other neighboring Kingdoms.[6]


Members of the Golden Dawn squad defeat an invasion force and a covert team from the Spade Kingdom.[2]

A single mage from the Spade Kingdom invades the Diamond Kingdom and defeats an army, including two Shining Generals.[3]



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