The Spade Kingdom 「スペード王国 Supēdo Ōkoku」 is a country near the Clover, Heart and Diamond Kingdoms.[1][2] The current rulers are the Dark Triad[3] and are in a hostile relationship with the other countries.[4][5]


Relative location of the Spade Kingdom

The Spade Kingdom lies west of the Clover Kingdom. This country of winter and fog has the largest landmass of the four major kingdoms.[6] According to Julius Novachrono, the country serves an ancient evil that sleeps in its land.

Like the Diamond Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom has been extending its influence into the vast neutral zone separating the countries in their attempt at expanding their borders and spearheading their likely attempts to conquer the other kingdoms.[7]

Instead of being ruled by a singular monarch, the Spade Kingdom is ruled by three powerful mages known as the Dark Triad, who deposed the kingdom's original ruling family, House Grinberryall, and have since proven themselves to be tyrannical and cruel dictators to their country.[8] They impress the weaker citizens into serving as power sources for their mobile fortresses and allow their soldiers to abuse these citizens as they please.[9]

The country's military strength has grown exponentially since the Dark Triad took over. The bestowal of devil power to several military commanders has greatly bolstered their combat abilities.[10][11]

Notable Locations


Members of the Golden Dawn squad defeat an invasion force and a covert team from the Spade Kingdom.[2]

The Spade Kingdom's dominion spreads

Zenon Zogratis invades the Diamond Kingdom and single-handedly defeats an army of Mage Warriors, including two Shining Generals of the New Generation.[4][12] Six months later, the Spade Kingdom has conquered most of the Diamond Kingdom and the neutral zone separating its borders.

The Spade Kingdom begins crossing through the neutral territory and Grand Magic Zones in order to invade the remaining Clover and Heart Kingdoms.[13] Asta dismantles one of the mobile fortresses and defeats the soldiers it houses. Mimosa Vermillion heals the injured civilians, and Finral Roulacase prepares to send the civilians back to their hometown, Tolon, after Luck Voltia and Leopold Vermillion defeat the soldiers stationed in the city.[14]

After Morris is banished from the Diamond Kingdom, the former Magic Scholar, along with Lotus Whomalt and some Shining Generals, defects to the Spade Kingdom and serves the Dark Triad. He develops the mobile fortress Candelo to collect magic for the Tree of Qliphoth.[15]

Zenon and two Dark Disciples invade the Clover Kingdom and attack the Golden Dawn base in order to abduct Captain William Vangeance; half of the squad present at the base is killed and William is successfully abducted.[16] Dante Zogratis attacks the Black Bull base, which is near the Spade Kingdom's border, in order to abduct Captain Yami Sukehiro.[17] Vanica Zogratis and five Dark Disciples invade the Heart Kingdom in order to kill Princess Lolopechka;[18] Vanica instead takes the Princess as a hostage and turns her Dark Disciples into bombs that explode all across the kingdom.[19] After Dante loses to Yami and Asta, Zenon travels to the battlefield, captures the exhausted Yami, and collects the injured Dante. He wants to capture Asta as well but has to return to the Spade Kingdom.[20]

Later on, when the Qliphoth Advent Ritual is ready to begin, a Magic Knights squad, lead by Nacht Faust, invades the Spade Kingdom castle to confront Dark Triad and stop the Ritual.[21] As the Ritual begins, Zenon unleashes a giant demon on the Resistance and the people of the castle town.[22]



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