Secret Fire Magic: Soul Chain Deathmatch 「裏炎魔法『魂炎鎖死決闘ソウルチェーンデスマッチUra Honō Mahō "Souru Chēn Desumatchi"」 is a Fire Magic spell.


The spell's full-body array

After drawing an intricate rune array over their body,[1] the user activates the spell by throwing a fireball at their opponent's chest. When the fireball explodes, it leaves behind a magic circle that generates a fiery chain which connects to a similar array on the chest of the user. This chain is made from the user's and opponent's souls and evenly splits the total magic power of the user and the opponent.[2][3] The spell ends when one of the participants loses consciousness, at which point the chain and magic circles dissipate.[4]

Since the chain is made from their souls, even if both participants exhaust their magic power, the chain will continue to bind them together,[5] and if the opponent attempts to pull out or break the chain, they will go insane.[6]

Interference from other mages will disrupt the spell's effects.[7] Additionally, the full-body array disappears after one use.[1]


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