Soul Corpse Magic: Soul Abductor 「屍霊魔法『ソウル・アブダクター』 Shiryō Mahō "Sōru Abudakutā"[1] is a Soul Corpse Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user summons back a sacrificed soul and returns it to their body, removing any injuries associated with the person's death. The spell can also activate after the user's own death.[2]

If the target's original body is unavailable, their soul can be placed into a similar or cloned body.[1]However as noted by Rades there is at least one restriction in order to bring someone to life,this condition being that Rades needed to be close or familiar with the intended target as seen when he revived Patolli in Licht's former artifical Elf Body.


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