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Smoke Weakening Magic: Smoke Garden of Usurpation 「煙弱体魔法『侵奪の煙庭』 Kemuri Jakutai Mahō "Shindatsu no Entei"」 is a smoke-based Weakening Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user releases smoke with poisonous properties which are deadly to anyone except the user and those the user does not wish to harm.[1]

The user is able to suppress the thickness of the smoke to a degree where it is invisible to see, thus decreasing the awareness of the spell's activation. The spell takes time before it starts affecting the targets. Once the targets have inhaled a considerable amount of the smoke, they start losing their balance and fall to the ground.[2] After losing control of their body, inhaling the smoke for a long period of time could lead to death.[3]


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