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Sivoir Snyle 「シーヴワル・スナイル Shīvuwaru Sunairu[1] is a Dark Disciple of Vanica Zogratis, one of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[2]


Sivoir is a tall, slender man with short, light-colored hair. He has a long face and thin eyes. An earring hangs from his left ear.

Sivoir wears a black, long sleeve shirt under a brown jacket that is left open. His belt, pants, and boots are of a similar color to his jacket.

When using some of a devil's power, Sivoir sprouts a pair of small horns from the top of his head and small, bat-like wings from his back. Black patches spread across his back, up his neck to either side of his eyes, and down his arms to his hands, covering his fingers and the backs of his hands.[2]


Sivoir takes sadistic glee in slowly killing Leopold Vermillion by shooting at him from afar and mocking him continuously during their battle. Sivoir is arrogant and somewhat careless due to his absolute confidence in his devil-boosted power.[3] This arrogance leads him to underestimate Leopold and to be caught off guard by the Magic Knight's widescale spell.[4]


After the Dark Triad takes over the Spade Kingdom, Sivoir accepts power from them and becomes a Dark Disciple of Vanica Zogratis.[2]

Dark Disciples defeat Spirit Guardians

Sivoir defeats Floga.

Vanica and her five Dark Disciples, including Sivoir, are sent to the Heart Kingdom to defeat Princess Lolopechka and the other mages there.[5] The group infiltrates the kingdom and then splits apart, with each member attacking a separate location.[6] Sivoir defeats Floga, the Spirit Guardian of Fire, on his own[7] and attacks the citizens until Leopold Vermillion arrives.

Sivoir focuses his attention on the Magic Knight and repeatedly snipes at him.[8] Leopold deduces Sivoir's direction and tries to hit him with an extended Profound Spiral Flames, but Sivoir dodges the spell and shoots Leopold again. Sivoir then notices the giant magic circle that Leopold has been creating around the area. Before the Disciple can escape the circle, Leopold sets off Crimson Eruption, engulfing Sivoir and the forest in flames. When Sivoir screams out in pain, Leopold locates him and hits him directly with another spell.[9]

Dark Disciples explode across Heart Kingdom

Vanica detonates her Disciples.

Sivoir stands back up as Vanica's curse on him heals his injuries. Leopold refuses to give up.[10] Sivoir's devil power is detonated after Vanica decides to kidnap Lolopechka and leave the Heart Kingdom. His body swells due to the building magic power before he becomes a massive explosion.[11]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Eyeball Magic: Sivoir uses this magic attribute to manifest eyeballs. He uses these additional eyes to aid his sniping skills.[2]


  • Magic Bullet: Sivoir is capable of manifesting and concentrating his mana to his fingertip. Subsequently, he can launch the mana towards an opponent, blasting them away.[12]
  • Resurrective Immortality: As a Dark Disciple of Vanica, Sivoir is cursed with immortality. Any injuries, lethal or debilitating, will be healed until Vanica herself is defeated.[10]


  • Grimoire: Sivoir possesses a spade grimoire that contains various eyeball-based magic spells.[2]



Vanica Zogratis[]

Like his fellow Dark Disciples under Vanica Zogratis, Sivoir has immense respect and loyalty for Vanica. He takes pride in the fact that he was chosen by her.[13]


  • Sivoir's favorite things are sniping and nitpicking.[1]


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