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Siona Caverly 「シオナ・キャバリー Shiona Kyabarī」 is a guard for the Clover Kingdom's Magic Parliament and a member of the Devil Banishers.[1]


Siona is a short woman with medium-length, green hair.



After the elves are exorcised, the trial for convicting Asta and Secre Swallowtail as a devil's servants and the ones behind the mass possession and destruction, is interrupted and its judgment is postponed for six months. Siona is upset by this and is recruited into a group of vigilantes, the Devil Banishers, who seek to bring to justice anyone who is associated with devils.

A team of Devil Banishers travel to Nairn in order to kidnap Marie Adlai while Sister Theresa and the other nuns are away. After Neige's Snow Magic is blocked by Onoby Sinho's barrier, Siona sneaks up on Neige and knocks him out with a club. The Devil Banishers then successfully kidnap Marie and escape.[2] The Devil Banishers bring their captive to Bow Nocde's house and place her in the hidden basement.[3]

When Magic Knights arrive in Tiulyu, Kabwe uncovers the monitoring bracelet which Secre took from Asta. Dazu Tayak takes the bracelet and attaches it to a bird as a diversion for the Magic Knights. When the Devil Banishers consider killing the captives immediately, Dazu convinces them to hold off and to use the captives to lure in Asta, and Kabwe devises a plan for the public execution of all three.[1]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Paper Magic: Siona uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate paper, altering its thickness and length at will.[1][4]


  • Grimoire: Siona possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various paper-based magic spells.[4]


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