Bronze Creation Magic: Sekke's Shooting Star 「青銅創成魔法『青銅の流星魔車輪セッケシューティングスターSeidō Sōsei Mahō "Sekke Shūtingu Sutā"」 is a bronze-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user manifests a bicycle-like construct completely composed of bronze with intricate patterns covering the surface. The head tube of the bicycle's frame has a statue of the user as an ornament with a pair of wings that cover the handle bars that are positioned behind them. Similar pair of wings but larger in size could also be seen at the rear, behind the seat. The bicycle frame also has a pair of tubes protruding to the sides that could be used by the users to place their feet. Lastly, the wheels are made of a pair of bronze spheres with similar patterns covering their surface and they are connected to the frame by magical power.[1]

The user is able to use this vessel as a transportation vehicle. It moves with the use of magical power that connects the frame and the wheels. Additionally, the vessel is sturdy enough that it could ram into someone without breaking apart.[2]


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