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Seihi 「セイヒ」[1] was the village chief of Sosshi. He died defending the village from Heath Graice.[2]


Seihi was an old man with short gray hair and a small gray mustache and goatee.


Seihi was both a brave and caring person who believed a real man should protect the weak from those who tried to hurt them. He was very protective of his village and the people and would go to great lengths to protect them, even though it led to his death.[2]


Heath confronted by chief of Sosshi

Seihi fighting Heath.

After winning a bet against Magna Swing and Yami Sukehiro, Seihi requested that the Black Bulls deal with the boars around Sosshi, so Yami sent Magna, Asta, and Noelle Silva.[3] Heath Graice and a group from the Eye of the Midnight Sun arrived in the village looking for the magic stone. Seihi refused and fought back but was killed.[4][2]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Grimoire: Seihi possessed a grimoire that contained various magic spells.[2]
  • Magic stone: Seihi possessed a magic stone that he considered a protective charm.[6]

Appearances in Other Media[]

In the anime, Seihi is given a backstory with Magna. After Magna received his grimoire, he tried to take over Sosshi multiple times but Seihi stopped him every time. Seihi eventually convinced Magna to take the Magic Knights Entrance Exam.[5]


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