Seabed Temple 「海底神殿 Kaitei Shinden」 is an undersea Grand Magic Zone east of the Clover Kingdom.[1][2]


The undersea city has several stone, tiered structures with the temple proper dominating the landscape. The city is also illuminated by unknown means and has multiple flying bubbles of water that float around the structures.

The city is protected by a series of extremely strong currents and a magical water barrier. However, the currents weaken during the full moon.[3]

Within the main temple is a maze of tunnels leading to a number of different landscapes: a solutional cave, a sand garden, a mangrove forest, and others. Visitors are pitted against the temple's priests in a Temple Battle Royale. The winners are granted anything they wish that is within the high priest's power.[4]

The temple's citizens worship the Sea God 「海神 Kaijin」, a being of purported immense magic power.[5] The priests' magics are practiced and developed in service of the Sea God.[6][7]


The citizens wear clothes that have scale designs. The temple priests wear robes with the scale design and masks of various marine animals.

Head Priest
Eel Priest square
Seahorse Priest square
Octopus Priest square
Pufferfish Priest square
Lionfish Priest square
Anglerfish Priest square


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