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Samantha Kravitz 「サマンサ・クラヴィッツ Samansa Kuravittsu」 is a witch from the Witches' Forest.[1]


Samantha is a young woman with long, blonde hair and green eyes.

Samantha wears a white, long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and a pair of brown boots. Over the shirt, she wears a long, green, sleeveless jacket that extends down to her ankles; it has a white ruffle around her, making it appear as a separate vest. She also wears a lighter green cloak and a large brown hat with a plain design.


Samantha is sheepish, often covering her face out of embarrassment and apologizing for her perceived inadequacies.[1]


During an attack on the Witches' Forest, Samantha and Elvira Aguirre hide while Dominante Code and Mariella organize and lead attacks on the Diamond Kingdom soldiers.

When Vanessa Enoteca returns in order to learn ancient magic from the Witch Queen, she is tasked with helping Samantha and Elvira to resolve an issue with the forest's defenses: The Security Golems keep attacking the large magical beasts near the forest. During the three witches's initial investigation, several of the beasts attack, and Vanessa has to save them all since Samantha and Elvira have no offensive skills. After escaping, Vanessa has the other two demonstrate their magics. Samantha replicates a dog barking and a rooster crowing with her Sound Magic.

When they reconvene the next day, Vanessa demonstrates that their magics are not useless by entertaining a trio of young witches. By combining their magics, the three witches simulate the beasts' prey and lead the beasts away from the forest's border. However, a group of the smaller creatures not under their control leads the beasts back to the witches, so they simulate a giant beast to frighten the beasts away. They return to the Witches' Forest and are praised for their incredible feat.[1]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Sound Magic: Samantha uses this magic attribute to generate sound. She is capable of replicating a variety of animal cries and human voices.[1]


  • Grimoire: Samantha possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various sound-based spells.[1]


  • Samantha's name may be a reference to TV witch Samantha Stevens from Bewitched. Her surname may also be a reference to the Kravitzes, neighbors from the same show.


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