Salim Hapshass 「サリム・ハプシャス Sarimu Hapushasu[1] is a nobleman from House Hapshass.[2]


Salim has long, blonde hair, tied back in a long ponytail, with his bangs offset to the left. He has fair skin, and pencil-thin blonde eyebrows, with mostly-slanted green eyes. He wears a white shawl, and small stud earrings.


Salim is shown to be haughty and petty. Apparently, he has no qualms about cheating, having his father ask or buy favors to get him his way, or hiring others. Despite this, he is fairly capable of being courteous and is an able liar and tactician, as displayed during the anime-only mission to escort him home.


During the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, Salim selects Yuno as his battle opponent, planning to show the peasant the power of a noble. However, Yuno easily defeats Salim.[2]

Battle Prowess



  • Grimoire: Salim possess a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various lightning-based spells.[2]

Appearances in Other Media

In the anime, Salim hires the Golden Dawn squad to escort him to the Heart Kingdom and specifically requests Yuno to be part of the team. Meanwhile, he also hires a group of mages to attack the party in an attempt to kill Yuno.[3]


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