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The Royal Knights Selection Exam王撰騎士団ロイヤルナイツ選抜試験 Roiyaru Naitsu Senbatsu Shiken」 is an event where Magic Knights are selected to join the ranks of the Royal Knights.


Xerx Lugner is confronted by Zora Ideale and tells the rogue that he will have to punish him for obstructing official duty. Xerx's subordinate reveals that Xerx is the vice-captain of the Purple Orca squad, and explains how great Xerx is.[1] Zora replies that he does not care about any of that, and starts to insult both Xerx and the his squad, goading Xerx into punishing him in the name of justice. As the subordinate gets angry, Xerx stops him and says that the rogue will regret insulting the Magic Knights while launching a spell at Zora. A moment later Xerx is defeated and Zora insults the Knight for losing to him. Zora then heads to the Royal Knights Selection Exam, hoping that there will be someone who will leave more of an impression on him.

At the exam site members of the Magic Knights recognize the members of the golden dawn and comment about how powerful they are.[2] Asta greets both Klaus and Mimosa which all of them talk about how they have gotten stronger. Asta then talks with Yuno and talk about their experience at the hot spring along with who will be passing that exam. Leopold even joins in and says that he will be that one to pass the exam. Finral comments about how he is nervous but Magna and Luck do not recognize him since he has changed his hair style. Asta managed to recognize Finral and they all start to talk about how he looks. Noelle suddenly notices her brother Solid but remembers what Mereoleona told her and thinks about how she will show her siblings how much she has grown.

Royal Knights Selection Exam[]

The Wizard King Julius shows up and thanks the members of the Magic Knights for showing up.[3] Julius announces that they are going to start the exam, to which the king Augustus says that he will take over since he is royalty. Augustus thinks about how he will win back his popularity with this move and announces that the exam will consist of a team competition involving a crystal destruction battle tournament.[4] Augustus also explains what they will do in order to win each battle. As Augustus tries to explain why he chose this method, Julius takes over and explains what they will be looking for in order for the Magic Knights to join the Royal Knights. They then reveal the teams, which reveals that Asta is teamed with Mimosa and Xerx Lugner. Suddenly Zora appears and apologizes for being late even through the Wizard King can forgive him. Asta wonders who this man is which Zora says that his name is "Xerx Lugner." As Zora tries to explain why he was late, Marx attacks but Zora easily dodges. As the Magic Knights start to yell at Zora for disrespecting Julius, to which Zora replies that he does not respect the Wizard King. As Zora goes to shake Asta's hand because they are on the same team, when in reality he palms Asta a stinkbug. Asta asks if the rogue will get along with them, and Zora reveals that he will not, and insults Asta. Asta asks if the rogue came to get into the Royal Knights, to which Zora replies that he only came to mock everyone. As members of the Purple Orca wonder if the rogue really is Xerx Lugner since no one has seen Xerx in a while and have only heard rumors about him.

As Asta complains that he cannot work with Zora, Julius states that all of the teams have been confirmed. Yuno and Noelle notice that they are on the same team. Magna and Sol notice that they are on a team together and start to argue with each other. Klaus and Luck notice that they are on a team, while Klaus thinks about being on a team with Luck, Luck says that they should work together and do their best. Finral notices that he is on a team with Leopold and Hamon, which Finral wonders if this team will work. Solid and Alecdora notice that they are on the same team, about which Solid comments about how strong they are while Alecdora tells Solid to not run wild.[5]

Julius says that they are going to the exam site while leaving that in Cob Portaport's hands. Cob creates a portal that everyone walks through. Once at the site Julius and Marx reveal the brackets to the tournament.[6] Noelle and Solid notices that they will be facing each other, while Finral thinks about how he will have to win one match to face his brother. Asta thinks about how he will have to make it to the finals to face off against Yuno, while also planning to win the whole thing. Julius also says that they can attack their opponents anyway they want without killing them and that they have a high-class healer, Owen, on standby.

Asta team is fighting in the first round, which their opponent's are angry at the rogue for his disrespect towards the Wizard King. As Asta is excited to start fighting, the rogue insult Asta and says that they should be scoping the battlefield and learn what they are each capable of. Mimosa and Asta both agree with the rogue, which Mimosa explains what she and Asta are capable of.[7] Mimosa then asks what the rogue is capable of, but their crystal is suddenly attacked. Mimosa tries to get the crystal to safety, but the crystal is attacked again. Mimosa thinks about how the other team is using long-ranged magic, which Asta wonders how they are doing that. On the other team one member is using crystal magic to locate the crystal, while the other two are using fire magic and stone magic to launch distance attacks.[8] Asta says that they will have to work together before the match ends, but notices that the rogue is relaxing and wonder what is wrong this him. Asta tries to get the rogue up by motivating him, but the rogue replies that he needs his rest since he had pulled an all-nighter.

On team A side, the crystal user Rick Cornell tells his teammates that the rogue had fallen asleep. The fire user Forte Gris gets angrier at the rogue, while the stone user Curtis Warren reaffirms the others that they will win.[9] On team B side, Mimosa uses a spell to locate where the other team is located and that they are also going to launch an attack. Asta manages to get into position and uses his sword to cut the incoming attack, which Mimosa thinks about how incredible Asta is. As Mimosa looks at the rogue, she turns to Asta and says that they have to work together to destroys the other teams crystal while protecting their own. Asta agrees with her and both of them head towards the other teams location while also protecting their own crystal. The others who are watching, wonder what they are tries to do. Yuno thinks about how Asta would not be trying to lose in the first round, while Noelle thinks about how this is unexpected and Klaus wishes the two of them luck.

Rick notices that they are getting closer to their crystal's location and comments about how there might be someone who can locate their position in team B. Asta and Mimosa manages to get close to team A's crystal, which Curtis tells Forte not to panic since they crystal is better than team B's. Mimosa then uses a magic to fire a beam at Team A's crystal but Curtis uses his magic to create a wall to block Mimosa's attack.[10] Asta is impressed by the spell and wonders when she learn that spell, which Mimosa thinks about how she became stronger to fight by Asta's side. Mimosa tells Asta to lead the way since they are going to start their counterattack, which Asta thinks about how Mimosa has become dependable.

As Curtis suggest that they surround the two to attack, but Forte reveals that Asta can use Anti-magic. Curtis then suggest another plan and the two split up while also confusing the other team about which one of them has the crystal. Asta wonders which has the crystal, which Mimosa reveals that Curtis is the one with the crystal. As Asta heads towards Curtis, Curtis prepares for a powerful spell, which Mimosa tells Asta about. Asta replies that he will just cut right through it, which Mimosa suddenly notices that the other two are also preparing for powerful spells. Mimosa thinks about how they are surrounded and that their crystal is done for if the spells hit. Mimosa tries to inform Asta but Asta is suddenly hit with a trap magic that paralysis him. Mimosa is suddenly confused by the situation, but thinks about how this is what the Royal Knights Exam is. Curtis, Forte, and Rick then launch their spell towards Team B's Crystal.

As Mimosa thinks about how she cannot defend the crystal from all three spells, when suddenly magic circles appear and absorb the spells. The magic circles then launches launch the spells back at the casters, which shocks and amazes everyone.[11] As the spells hit, the rogue who had awoken comments about how it all worked out. As two of Team A's member are unconscious, Mimosa wonders what had happened. The rogue walks over and comments about how strong Curtis is for being able to defend himself and the crystal, but insults him because of the condition both Curtis and the crystal are in. As the rogue walks on top of Curtis, the rogue says that he will destroy the crystal encase Curtis has something up his sleeve. As Curtis says that he will not let the rogue destroy the crystal, which the rogue steps on Curtis's head and says that Curtis has lose to him and explains how a Magic Knight should fight in the battlefield. Mimosa notices that the rogue can use Ash Magic, and thinks about how the rogue had planted the trap that trapped Asta. As the rogue plans to destroy the crystal, the rogue tells Curtis to start all over as a Magic Knight. As Curtis yells out, the rogue turns away and says that he had come with another goal in mind. As Curtis is shocked, the rogue says that he was just kidding and destroys the crystal. The officials announce that the Team B is victorious.[12]

As the other Magic Knights talks about what had happened during the battle, the King Augustus comments about how the rogue is his first pick for the Royal Knights. On the battlefield the heals healer Team A and remove them from the field, while Mimosa heals Asta. The rogue walks over and tells Asta and Mimosa that they did a good job on their teamwork while being the bait. Asta thanks Mimosa and then grabs the rogue collar while asking what is wrong with him. Asta also asks why the rogue had insult the other team since their teamwork what impressive, but the rogue replies that the other team still lost. Asta also says that the trap that he was trapped in was the rogues doing, which the rogue says that to fool the enemy you have to fool your allies. The rogue also tells Asta that there is magic in his collar, which a puff of ash going into Asta's eyes. Mimosa thinks about how the rogues magic works and asks when he had time to pull all that off, which the rogue replies that he has to have some secrets. As Asta tells the rogue to tell them, Magna comments about how Asta is loud no matter who he up against. Magna tells Team B to leave the field because its their fight now, which Sol asks why he is acting all high and mighty now. Magna and Sol then start to argue but Asta asks who is the third teammate. The third teammate then comments about how teammates are not beautiful and that they should not sully his beauty while calling himself Kirsch Vermillion.[13] Asta is shocked that the guy says that he is a Vermillion, which Mimosa says that Kirsch is her brother and that she wishes he'd get lost.

As Kirsch complains about the world being full of non beautiful people, Sol and Magna tells him to shut up but Kirsch ignored them and comments about his beauty. Kirsch notices his sister Mimosa and greets her, but Mimosa insults Kirsch by calling him gross. As Mimosa and Kirsch talk, Kirsch notices Asta who greets Kirsch. Kirsch face turn dull and he tells Asta to not speak with him so casually.[14] As Kirsch explains why Asta is not beautiful and how his training is for the weak, which Asta counters by saying that he was weak and that his muscle are his weapon. As Kirsch also explains how Asta fate was already decided for him, which Mimosa tells her brother to win his next match so that she and Asta can defeat him.

As the match begins, Yuno wonders who Kirsch is which Noelle and Klaus reveals who Kirsch is and how he is the vice-captain of the Coral Peacocks.[15] Magna takes the first move and launches an attack then rushing forward but is confronted by a spell. Magna attacks the spell, which Kirsch shows up and explains how Magna should overwhelm their opponents with both his long and close ranges spell. Sol decides to charge towards Team D's crystal on top of her spell, but is trap by one of Team D's spells. Kirsch also shows up and advises Sol on how she should split up her golem into 5 to distract the enemy. Kirsch also says that he will protect their crystal while they attack, but a member of Team D attacks their crystal. Kirsch blocks the attack and uses a spell to cover the entire battlefield. Kirsch also creates a path to Team D's crystal for Sol and Magna, which Sol and Magna launch some spell and destroy the crystal. Team C is declared the winners, which Team C strike a pose. Sol and Magna are annoyed that they were totally on board with Kirsch but it was good, which Asta thinks about how strong Kirsch is and wonder how they can beat him. Kirsch then comments about how his beauty is the greatest sin of them all.

Afterwards Kirsch asks everyone what they thought of his beautiful fighting method while Sol and Magna hide their faces, which the crowd do not answer him. Klaus then starts to explain the spell that Kirsch had used and that only with someone with a monstrous amount of mana like Kirsch can use.[16] As Asta expresses how amazing Kirsch is, but Kirsch just insults Asta with a metaphor but Asta does not understand it.

As the third fight begins, both Hamon and Leopold suggest that their magic be the lynchpin of the fight. As Hamon and Leopold argue with each other, Finral interrupts and asks if they can leave the offensive to him since he cannot let himself lose here. Finral also thinks about how all his fighting was not for show and that they will not pass his Spatial Magic, which Leopold replies that that is interesting and to let see how masterfully Finral can use them. As Team E battles against Team F, a member of Team F thinks about how Team E can make perfectly timed counterattacks is because of the Spatial Magic user. Hamon then user one of Finral's portals to appear behind Team F's crystal and launch a spell to attack it, while also thinking about how he never heard of someone as good at using Spatial Magic like Finral. Leopold thinks about how he will use his full power and after appearing above Team F's crystal through Finral's portal, Leopold uses a spell to destroy Team F's crystal. The officials announces that Team E are the winners.[17]

As the crowd talks about how its will be hard to deal with Finral's ability, and how all the Black Bulls member are amazing this year even through they are all low class mages. Langris listens in on the crowd and after hearing what the crowd had said, Langris remains silent. Hamon asks his teammates that they should have a nice meal since they developed a nice teamwork, which Leopold suggests an eating contest but Finral says that he is not feeling up to it.

As the fourth fight begins, Sekke starts to freak out after witnessing that the other participants are so strong. Fragil notices Sekke and asks if he is okay, which Sekke starts to act cool. Sekke then suggest about using his shooting star to blast around the battlefield, which Langris says that that is a pretty good idea. On Team H's side, a member of Team H finishes putting a barrier around their crystal when he notices both Sekke and Langris coming towards them. Another member thinks they Sekke and Langris are fools because they are about to head right into his trap magic, but another member realizes that Langris is coming towards them. After getting close enough, Langris uses his Spatial Magic to destroy Team H's crystal and are announces that Team G is the winner.[18]

As the crowd are shocked at what Langris has done, while Kirsch comments about how beautiful is was and Asta wonders if his sword can cut through that magic. Langris then heads up to Finral and comments about how his magic is just a delivery service. Langris also warns Finral to not get caught in his magic since his body would be taken away, and that would make their parents along with that person sad. Finral responds by saying that that will not happen since he will defeat Langris, which Langris responds by saying that Finral is acting all high and mighty for a big brother. As Team F are eating, Charmy suddenly appears asking Hamon for some food which he gladly gives her some. Noelle asks why Charmy is here, which Charmy responds that she came to cheer on the one she like while looking at Yuno.

As the 5th match is about to begin, everyone wonders who X is as even their teammates do not know who they are. Suddenly someone reveals that they are X and reveals themselves as Rill Bowamoltie, the captain of the Azure Deer.[19] As everyone wonders why a captain is participating in the exam, Julius tells everyone that a captain can participate and that this is everyone chance to defeat a captain. Rill says that he does not intend to be beaten since he is here to raise the reputation of the Azure Deer, which a man suddenly appears and compliments Rill while also telling everyone to look after Rill. As Rill greets Asta, the man reveals that he is Rill's butler Walter while also giving Asta some tea that he does not understand that taste.

As the 5th match begins, Team J is worried about what Rill is capable of but are surprised when Rill falls into one of their traps. One of Team J's member warns the other to not let their guard down and uses a spell to increase his teammates power. As two of Team J's members launch spells at Rill, Rill notices the spells and thinks about how beautiful the spells are. As Walter watches the match, he thinks about how Rill had locked himself in his room when he had obtained his grimoire and how Walter convinced Rill to join the Magic Knights.[20] Rill then uses a spell to counter his opponent's spells, which Walter thinks about how Rill magic can generate any type of elements. As the participants are amazed by this, Walter compliments Rill and thinks about how Rill's creativity is infinite. As Team I manage to destroy Team J's crystal, Rill's teammates wonder what Rill is doing.[21] As Rill thinks about how he could improve his masterpiece, Rill's teammates think about how they will have to make sure to stay focus. Walter then explains how the more Rill does not focus, the more people around Rill work harder. As the officials announce that the sixth match is about to begin, Rill's teammates drag Rill off of the battlefield.

As Luck expresses his excitement about his match, Klaus tells Luck to take this exam more seriously and to not act on his own. Their teammate Paulie Angel wonders if this team will work, but says that they should put on the greatest performance ever.[22] As Klaus wonders about Paulie and thinks about how he will have to keep it together. Luck then suggest that they share information and form a plan, which Klaus responds that they will have to look out for Rob of the Silver Eagles.

As the sixth match begins, the other participants watch as both teams battle in the center of the battlefield. As Klaus manages to block a spell, another member of Team L appears and launch a spell at Team K's crystal. Luck suddenly appears and takes the crystal away, which Asta notices that Luck magic has changed and Magna reveals that Luck has add pages to his grimoire. Luck then launches spells at Team L's crystal but it does not destroy it. As the participants are amazed by Luck's power, Magna reveals that he and Luck has increased their power for this exam.[23] Klaus thinks about how strong that Luck has gotten and also thinks about how he has also gotten stronger while using a spell to destroy a boulder. As Luck says that they should have a fight after the match, Klaus tells him to focus on the match. Klaus suddenly notices that Rob has arrived at the battle and that Team L's crystal is behind him. Klaus says that they are going to break pass Team L and destroy their crystal, which Paulie uses her magic to grab their crystal and fly high above the others. Paulie then uses a spell to distract Team L and push Luck past Team L when Klaus launches him into the air. Suddenly Rob appears before Team L's crystal, which Luck increases his power and not only defeats Rob but also destroys Team L's crystal.[24] As Team K are declared the winners, Team K each high-five each others. Luck then comments about how his next opponent will be more fun, while Rill says that he will be able to paint a better masterpiece with his next opponent.

As the seventh match happens, Team M manages to destroy Team N's crystal. The officials announce that Team M has won and that they will be moving on to the final match of round one.[25] Asta and Charmy are excited for the match, which Team P's third member, En Ringard, says that they will win if they work hard and support each other but everyone just wonders if he will be okay. Noelle tells Yuno to not go wild since he had grown up Asta, which Yuno asks if Noelle will be okay since she cannot control her mana properly. Noelle and Yuno then get into an argument, which Asta and En tries to calm them down. Solid walks over and starts to insult Noelle, which Noelle remembers how Solid was mean to her when they were children.[26] Alecdora tells Solid that the match is about to start, which Solid turns and leave while also telling Noelle to run away. Alecdora suddenly stares at Yuno but then leaves with his team.

As the eighth match begins, Asta and Charmy cheer for Team P. Yuno then his teammates that he will take the lead, which Noelle says that she will be the one who take the lead while En says that he will support them. Yuno suddenly detects Team O, which Team O appears in the sky. Solid explains how they got there so fast and how they will end this in a flash, which Yuno comments about how Team O's crystal is still at its original place. Yuno launches a spell at the charging Team O, but Team O easily dodges the spell. Team O's third member, Dmitri Print, launches a spell at Team P, but Noelle counters by putting up a barrier. Solid comments about how Noelle can use a defensive spell, which Alecdora uses a spell that absorbs Noelle's barrier. Yuno quickly grabs Noelle and their crystal and escapes, while En heads out into a different directions. Yuno then tells Noelle that he will head out to where Team O's crystal is while Noelle and En protect their crystal but Noelle asks Yuno to let her go. Alecdora appears and blocks their path, but Yuno uses a spell to break through and deliver Noelle to Team O's crystal's location. Yuno thinks about how Noelle can do it because she had fought he way heard with Asta, and that he will feel better with himself protecting the crystal. Noelle thinks about how Solid will follow her, which Solid chases after Noelle while Alecdora tells Solid to not go wild.

Yuno confronts Alecdora which Alecdora remembers about hearing that Yuno had defeats one of the Eight Shining Generals, and that Yuno proclaimed that he will be the captain of the Golden Dawn.[27] Alecdora also thinks about how captain Vangeance has high expectations for Yuno, which Alecdora comments that Yuno is going to face him while protecting his crystal. Alecdora then releases his mana, and says that Yuno's personality is the meaning of arrogance which Yuno replies that he want Alecdora to come at his seriously.

Alecdora remembers when Captain Vangeance had saved him when he was wounded on the battlefield, and how he has dedicated himself to making the Golden Dawn the strongest for Captain Vangeance.[28] Alecdora also thinks about how Yuno is mocking Captain Vangeance even through Vangeance has High expectations for Yuno. Alecdora tells Yuno to not get carried away just because he had obtained the spirit magic, which Sylph says that it was because of Yuno's strength that she choose him which Yuno tells her to get back.

Elsewhere, Solid is attacking Noelle while chasing her when Dmitri shows up and says that this is not a part of their plan but Solid responds that Dmitri should not order him around. Dmitri decides to help out Solid, but a mushroom suddenly appears on Dmitri shoulder and then crashes to the ground. Dmitri suddenly notices En coming towards then while riding a giant mushroom, which En explains what he had done. Noelle manages to get to where Team O's crystal location, but Solid also appears and blocks Noelle. Solid comments about how Noelle is incapable of destroying the crystal, which Noelle freaks out when a mushroom appears on her shoulder. En explains what had happened and how he cannot forgive Solid because he is an older brother too. Solid over hears what En had said and says that Noelle will not be able to defeat him while attacking Noelle. Noelle responds by saying that Solid would never understand how she feel and how she is done being needing acknowledged by Solid since she has been acknowledge by more amazed people then Solid.[29] Noelle also says that she is no longer afraid of Solid's thin and flimsy magic, which Soldio gets angry and releases his mana.

At Yuno's location, Alecdora says that Yuno will not be able to defeat him with his spirit magic and that he will be the one to fulfill Captain Vangeance's dreams. Yuno easily destroy's Alecdora's spell and says that he only cares about his own dreams.[30] At Noelle's location, Solid is panicking after witnessing Noelle's spell. As Solid is in disbelief of Noelle's magic, which Noelle asks if he minds if she strike him with her spell. Solid yells for Noelle to launch her spell, believing that Noelle will not be able to hit him. Noelle launches her spell and manages to defeat Solid along with destroying Team O's crystal.[31] As the officials announce that Team P are the winners, Noelle tells an unconscious Solid that she is not weak anymore.

As Solid and Alecdora are in shock that they were defeated, Yuno comments about how the elite break into pieces when they stumble and fall. As Asta congratulates Yuno on his win, Charmy offers Yuno some food which Yuno except to restore his stamina. Asta also congratulates Noelle, which Noelle reveals that she held back to not kill Solid and thinks about how she will make it into the Royal Knights since she can still use Roar of the Sea Dragon two more time after her training.[32] En also compliments Noelle, which Noelle comments about how En's personality was different from when he talked through the mushroom. Julius then announces that they will be moving onto the next round match, which the battlefield suddenly changes. Julius explains that they want to see how the participants make full use of their abilities within different circumstances. Kirsch says that it does not matter if the battlefield change since his beauty will not change.

Kirsch also comments about how the fate of filth will not change too and that he plans to wipe the world clean of Asta, which Mimosa replies that Asta is not filthy and that Kirsch should be the one to prepare himself. Magna then tells Asta to not hold back since he will be going all out, which Asta says that he will do the same. The rogue thinks about how he is up against a member of royalty and tells his teammates that they should show their enemies some get teamwork this time too. Asta comments about how the rogue looked pretty uneasy when the stage shifted and that the rogue had probably set traps all over the stage, which the rogue thinks about how Asta can sense ki. The rogue reveals that he had set trap all over the stage yesterday after finding out where the exam would be held, which Mimosa thinks about how the exam was a highly confidential and wonders who the rogue is.[33] Asta comments about how they was on fair, which the rogue replies that there is no rules that says that he could not set traps before the exam. Asta then says that the rogue should tells them were the traps are, which the says that he will not since the enemies might find it out afterwards. The rogue says that he will be doing things his way, which Asta says that he will do the same.

As the first match of the second round begins, Kirsch comments about how Mimosa has lost her self from being around filth and that he will be releasing her from them soon. Kirsch then uses a spell to cover the entire battlefield, and comments about how the filth should repent within his beautiful magic. Mimosa notices that she cannot find an opening within Kirsch's spell, while the rogue thinks about how he cannot move around recklessly and should wait until team C falls into one of his traps. Asta comments about how this is the only option and put his sword in front of him. Suddenly Asta covers himself within Anti-magic, which both Mimosa and the rogue are shocked by this. Asta then uses a spell to dispel Kirsch's spell and get rid of all of the rogue's traps.[34] As everyone is shocked, amazed, or even disgusted at what Asta had done. Asta then tells his teammates that they should work together and fight, which the rogue insults Asta while Kirsch comments how Asta is not beautiful at all.

The rogue confronts Asta about dispelling all of his traps, which Asta tells him that he will have to come up with a plan where they all work together. The rogue tells Asta to use his power to defeat the other team, which Asta says that he will have to rest first before using his powers again. Asta also says that he wants to fight as a team with Mimosa and the rogue, and also explains why they are fighting in the exam.[35] The rogue remembers when someone had told him how amazing the Magic Knights are, and then listens as Asta explains who they are up again right now. The rogue says that he will not have a friendly match with a member of royalty and that he plans to use Asta for his own objectives, which Asta says that he fine with that. The rogue then explains what he is capable of and what he is able to do right now, while also asking what they should do.

At Team C's location Kirsch comments about how his magic was sullied by Asta, which Magna says that he had figured that this would happen since he knew that Asta was getting stronger. Magna also says to not underestimate commoners since he is one too, which Kirsch is shocked by this. Kirsch says that he will not be tainted and tells Magna and Sol to watch the crystal while he heads to take care of Team B. While head towards Team B, Kirsch thinks about how commoners are all filth for their low magic powers and that he would never he stand on the same stage as them. Kirsch senses where both Mimosa and the rogue are but wonders where Asta is since he cannot sense him.

Suddenly Asta appears in front of Kirsch, who uses a spell to attack Asta with. As Asta tries to defend himself, but Kirsch's spell bypasses Asta's defense. Asta quickly retreats to a cave, which Kirsch notices that its a trap since he sense magic on the flour. Kirsch uses a spell to get rid of the trap and then heads into the cave. As Kirsch prepares to finish Asta off, but suddenly falls into a pit. As Kirsch wonders what happened, the rogue explains what kind of trap Kirsch had fallen into. Kirsch says that he can just fly out with ease, but Asta suddenly appears above him. Kirsch tells Asta to stay away from him and attack with a spell, but the spell is dispelled by Asta swords. Asta then crashes into Kirsch and knocks him unconscious.[36]

Elsewhere Mimosa confronts Sol and uses Magic Cannon Flower to blast off the arm of Sol's golem. Sol compliments Mimosa but then uses the blasted off arm to restrain Mimosa with her Dirt Clod Seal spell.[37] Sol tells Mimosa that she is not into hurting women, so she is going to leave Mimosa there while she heads out. While heading out Sol wonders where Magna is and how far he will be able to go.

Back at the cavern, the rogue insults Kirsch for over-relying on his magic sensing which Asta comments about how the rogue shows no mercy even for unconscious opponents. Asta then compliments the rogue for his plan to dig a trap which the rogue comments about how Asta still has stamina even after digging the trap. The rogue then sets some more trap and even buries Kirsch alive, which Asta comments about that being overkill. Suddenly Magna shows up but stops a distance away after notices Asta. Magna says that Asta is in his certain victory zone and that this will be his revenge for the baptism ritual. Magna throws a fireball, which Asta thinks about how he will be able to hit it and swings at it. The fireball suddenly vanishes and hits the crystal, which Magna explains how the spell works.[38] As Asta wonders what to do, the rogue tells Asta to buy his 5 minutes which Asta agrees too.

While unconscious, Kirsch remembers when he saw a child steal some food and what he had told Mimosa at that time. Suddenly Kirsch wakes up after Sol slaps his face. As Sol asks about what happened to all of Kirsch's gusto, which Kirsch responds about how Sol is a commoner. Sol explains how they have to put aside their differences in their social status like the Wizard King said, and also explains why she is fighting in the exam.

Back at the fight, Asta is trying to defend the crystal but the fireballs keep hitting the crystal. Magna thinks about how the spell works perfectly with him since he cannot fight like royalty and throws another fireball. Asta manages to block the fireball and tells Magna to give it all he has, which Magna throws more fireballs. Magna thinks about how he is stronger because of Asta, and then tells Asta that the finals will be between him and Luck. Magna suddenly starts to throw even more fireballs, which Kirsch suddenly shows up. The rogue says that he has finished the spell.[39]

As Kirsch says that he will punish Asta for what he did to his face, which Asta just thinks about how he cannot take on both Magna and Kirsch. As Asta wonders what to do, the rogue tells Asta to take on Kirsch. The rogue then place his magic circle on the crystal, which reflects Magna's fireball back and knocks his unconscious.[40] Asta confronts Kirsch and erases his cherry blossoms, which Kirsch gets angry and calls Asta's Anti Magic despicable. Kirsch decides to destroy Team B's crystal in mid-air, which Asta thinks about how he will not be able to knock away all of Kirsch's cherry blossoms with Kirsch in the air. As Kirsch prepares to attack, Kirsch is suddenly caught in one of the rogue's traps. Kirsch tries to free himself, which Asta takes this chance to get close to Kirsch and knock him unconscious.

Suddenly Sol shows up with her golem and attack Team B's crystal but the golem stops before hitting the crystal. As Sol wonders why the golem is not listening to her, but suddenly notices that there are vines on her golem. In a flashback, it is revealed that the vines are a spell that allows Mimosa to control another person's spell.[41] The golem then reveals that crystal that is hidden in its body, which Asta takes this chance to destroy Team C's crystal. The officials announce that Team B are the winners of the match.[42]

After the match, Asta comments about how the rogue can work with a team but the rogue thinks about how he did exactly what Asta wanted and comments about how they could have won easily if Asta did not get rid of his traps. The rogue then lectures Magna, Sol, and Kirsch about how they have lost the match and what they could have done to have won it. Mimosa then tells her brother that commoners can be driven to the extreme but true beauty cannot be taken away, which Kirsch tells Mimosa to not looks at him. Mimosa says that after witnessing Kirsch battle, he has not been more beautiful. Kirsch says that he did not want to accept it, but after witnessing Asta and Magna's battle, it was indeed beautiful. The officials the announce that they will be moving onto the next match of the second round, Team E vs. Team G.

In a flashback it is revealed that Finral and Langris's parents favor Langris more and want Finral to be more like his brother. When their parents introduces Finesse as the fiancé to the next head of the house, Langris is unimpressed by her.[43] After meeting a few times, Finral and Finesse seem to be close with Finesse noticing that Finral is a very kind person and that she sees Finral as the stronger mage. Langris over hears this and thinks about how Finesse believes he is inferior to his brother. Langris also thinks about how Finral had left the Vaude house after cracking under the pressure and that there is nothing the he faces behind in.

During the match, Finral and Sekke manages to locate where Team E is. Langris launches a spell at Team E's crystal, which Finral manages to cancel out Langris's spell with his magic. Hamon manages to find out where Team G's crystal is hidden, which Finral creates a portal to where Team G's crystal is. Hamon and Leopold reach their destination, but Fragil uses a spell to numb both of Leopold and Hamon's senses. Leopold uses Mana Skin to cancel out the numbing effect and use a spell to damage Team G's crystal. Back at Team E's crystal location, Finral is manages to block all of Langris's spells which Langris comments about how long Finral can be on the defensive. Finral launches a new spell of his, which Sekke easily manages to dodge it. Langris notices that its a homing spell and dodges, which Sekke tries to block the spell. When the spell hits Sekke, Sekke is teleported to the Black Bulls headquarters while Yami is going to the bathroom. Finral explains how his magic works and how he will teleport Langris away since he does not want to hurt him.[44] Langris gets angry because he is forced to use his grimoire, and says that there is not a thing that he falls behind in while preparing to use a spell.

Finral notices Langris's mana and thinks about how it is similar to both Vetto and Fana.[45] Finral then wonders who Langris is, but snaps out of it and says that it is Langris. Finral says that they are brothers even through they come from different mothers, and prepares a spell similar to Langris's. Finral thinks about how Langris will lose himself and says that he may have not shown Langris any that an older brother should have, which Langris interrupts him and calls Finral a coward for running away from home. Langris then tells Finral not act like an older brother and launches his spell, which Finral says that he will stop Langris and launches his spell. As the spells clash, the audience are amazed at what they witness. After the clash, Team E's crystal is destroyed and Finral is wounded on the ground. At another location, Leopold manages to destroy Team G's crystal but the officials announce that Team G are the winners of the match.[46]

As Langris stand over Finral, Langris thinks about how people comment about how the two brothers are so different. Langris are wonder why Finral is so nice to him when their parents are only kind to him because he is the superior one. As Langris prepares to finishes Finral off, Magna, Luck, and Asta suddenly appear and stop Langris.[47] Asta tells Langris that the match is over and asks what is wrong with Langris since he is attack someone from a weaker squad then his own. Julius suddenly appears with Marx and Owen, who starts to heal Finral. Julius tells Langris that he cannot trust a man who goes easy on his comrades, but he cannot trust even more a man who would kill his comrades. Asta reminds Langris what Finral told Langris the last time they met and explains how Finral is a better Magic Knight then Langris is.

Langris get angry at Asta and comments about how Asta is full of himself for making it this far. Langris then asks permission to fight against Asta, Luck, and Magna, but suddenly attacks Asta with a spell. Asta easily counters the spell, which Langris is upset about. Marx asks if they should stop them, which Julius responds that there is no one to start or stop in battle and says that they will continue.[48] Langris expresses how he never liked Asta since they first met, which Asta says that he feels the same with Langris. Augustus yells at Asta and Langris for fighting without his permission, which Julius stops them both with a restraining spell. Julius tells them that they will be fighting in an official match, and that they will be done preparing the match before their angers calm.[49] At the Black Bulls headquarters, Yami is about to finish Sekke off when Cob shows up and saves Sekke.

Cob brings Mimosa, Sekke, Fragil, and Zora to the battlefield, and Julius explains that this is a match and what they need to do to win. As Julius releases the spell, Asta and Langris head out to meet up with their teammates. Asta apologizes to his teammates about wanting to face off against Langris, which Mimosa agrees too while the rogue laughs about the situation and agrees to help. Langris meets up with his teammates, and tells them that they will not be needed since he can do it by his self. As the audience wonder what is wrong with Langris, Marx thinks back when he was talking with Julius about how there might be an unconscious traitor within the Magic Knights and that they will use the exam as a way to flush out the traitor.[50]

As the match begins, Langris launches a spell at Team B's crystal is but Asta blocks the spell. Team B decides to use that same strategy as the first match and heads towards Team G's crystal. Langris quickly follows them and plans to destroy Team B's crystal before they can reach his crystal. Asta blocks against Langris's spell and thinks about how he was be able to block the spell. As Asta thinks about how the spell is overwhelming him, Asta is wounded but Mimosa quickly heals him. Langris continues his assault against Team B, and starts to taunt Team B about how he is a true Magic Knight. Asta replies that Finral was saving lives compared to Langris, which Langris interrupts and says that Finral was not strong enough to defeat his enemies. Langris manages to damage Team B's crystal and says that the one that wins is right. Asta remembers when Finral told him that he believes that Asta will become the Wizard King, and says that Finral had acknowledged him and he will win.[51] Marx thinks about how this is no simple match anymore and wonders what is happening with this fight.

As Mimosa continues to heal Asta, she thinks about how her magic cannot keep up. Mimosa comments about how Asta's body will give out before the crystal is destroyed, which Asta says not yet and thinks about how can use his black form but cannot enter the poses to activate it. Asta calls for Zora, which Zora appears with a magic circle to block Langris's spells.[52] Zora thinks about the situation he is in and then remembers his father Zara who was a Magic Knight. Zora also remembers when his father died and how it was his comrades who killed him. Zora also thinks about how he decides to model himself after the doll that his father made for him and take on all the corrupt Magic Knights.[53] As Zora yells that Langris is no Magic Knights, Langris then manipulates his spells to move around Zora's magic circle. As Langris's spells hit Zora, a magic circle suddenly appears on Zora. The magic circle then activates and reflects the spell back at Langris.[54]

As the spell gets closer to Langris, Langris launches another spell that negates the first one.[55] Langris says that Zora's trump card was useless since he is special. Langris also comments about how he is different from Zora and Finral, while firing another spell at Zora. Suddenly Asta appeared in his black form and counters Langris's spell. Mimosa goes to heal Zora, which Zora does not want but Mimosa heals him anyway since they are teammates. Langris asks about Asta form, which Asta replies that its the last ditch effect of a commoner. Langris then comments about how everyone is a thorn in his side for trying to stand on the same stage as someone special like him. Asta comments about how special Langris truly is, and how he has always admired people like Langris. Asta also comments about how he does not want to be acknowledged by people like Langris, while also explaining how all the Magic Knights have gotten stronger to fight to where they are now.[56] Langris tells Asta to shut up, and fires a spell at Asta while also calling him a useless nothing. Asta says that he will burn a nothing's power into Langris's memory, while destroying Langris's spell. Asta lands a hit on Langris, which Langris notices that he cannot use his magic. Asta then uses his Black Meteorite spell to not only defeat Langris but to destroy Team G's crystal.[57] As both crystals are destroyed at the same time, the officials announce that the match is a draw.[58]

Zara then mocks both teams about their mistakes during the match. As Asta faints, the Magic Knights caught him and says that they will all fight with all their strength for the Clover Kingdom. The officials then move onto the next match, which Luck gives his idea on facing Captain Rill. Rill gets excited about what kind of painting he will come up with, but notices a large amount of mana coming from Team K. Team K combines their magic and fires a shot at Team I, which Rill uses a spell to redirect the spell to destroy Team K's crystal. The officials announce that Team I are the winners of the match.[59] The officials move on to the next match, which Yuno wins the match easily. Julius announces that since the previous semi-finals match was a draw, the next match will be the finals.[60]

As the match begins, the battle is split into two fronts.[61] Noelle and En protect their crystal from Nils and Ruben, while Yuno battles against Rill. Rill manages to blocks all of Yuno's spells, which Yuno decides to use his trump card. From the knowledge Yuno obtained during his training, Yuno uses a spell to cover himself with spirit magic.[62] Rill gets excited and creates a creature to counter Yuno. Yuno and Rill each fire a blast at the other. As Yuno and Rill clash, both of them enjoy the battle. Asta, who is watching the battle, is frustrated that he is not the one the is battling against Yuno. As Rill gets more excited with the clash, Rill accidentally destroys his crystal. The official announce that since Rill has destroyed his own crystal, Team P are the winners of the match.[63]


As the exam is over, Zora decides to leave. Julius meets up with Zora and thanks Zora for pointing out the mistakes of those that lost since the ones that want to become strong will take his advice and grow stronger. Julius also comments about how they need Zora's power since he most likely passed the exam, which Zora comments about how Julius already knows that he is not the Magic Knight Xerx. Julius says that there is not problem since Zora is a Magic Knight too, while calling him by his last name.[64] Julius then comments about Zara and how he was the very image of a Magic Knight, which Zora remembers his father commenting about Julius. Julius says that he came up with the star system to properly value assess the value of people like Zara, and also comments about how hard Zora work because he was disappointed at how those in high positioned behaved. Julius then says that it might be time to put on his own robe, which Zora remembers when a Magic Knight captain gave him a Magic Knight robe. Zora tells Julius that he has never heard of someone names Ideale, and that he is a super mage that happened to walk by while walking away.

A few days later, Mereoleona shows up at the Black Bulls headquarters. Mereoleona takes Asta, Noelle, and Luck, while saying that they and one more have passed from the Black Bulls.[65] Once they reach the capital and everyone who passed the exam gathered, Mereoleona informs everyone that she is appointed the captain of the royal knights. Mereoleona comments about how they are one member short, when Zora shows up. As Asta is shocked to see Zora while calling him Xerx, Zora says that he is not Xerx but Zora of the Black Bulls.[66] Zora thinks about how he will become a true Magic Knight.


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