Rob Vitesse 「ロブ・ヴィテス Robu Vitesu[1] is a 2nd Class Senior Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom's Silver Eagle squad.[2]


Rob is a tall thin man with angular features. He has a jagged scar running down his left cheek, and a small goatee.


Rob is noted for thinking that, when Luck attacked him, that it was the difference in magical power that ultimately decided the battle.


Luck kicks Rob

Luck kicks Rob into the crystal.

At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Rob is placed on Team L with Francis and Winston.[3] During their first match, Luck Voltia is propelled forward by his teammates, but Rob uses his Wind Magic to move himself between Luck and the crystal. Luck uses his increased speed to kick Rob into the crystal, destroying it and winning the match for Team K.[4]

As Asta collapses from exhaustion after defeating Langris Vaude, Magna Swing catches him while Rob and many other Magic Knights take to the field in support of Asta.[5]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Wind Magic: Rob uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate wind.[2]


  • Enhanced Speed: Using his Wind Magic, Rob boosts his agility and is considered the most mobile Silver Eagle.[2][6]




  • Vitesse is French for "speed."


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