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The Resistance抵抗軍レジスタンス Rejisutansu」 is a group of Spade Kingdom citizens who are loyal to House Grinberryall and reject the authority of the Dark Triad.[1]


The group is made of former servants of House Grinberryall and loyalist citizens.[2] Due to the Dark Triad's warmongering and cruel subjugation of the Spade Kingdom's citizens, the Resistance seeks to return the country to its prior peace by installing Yuno Grinberryall as king, thus returning power to House Grinberryall.[3]


As the threat of the Dark Triad grows, the Resistance sends Ralph Niaflem to find Yuno in the Clover Kingdom and to inform him of his heritage as a prince of the Spade Kingdom.[2] Meanwhile, Nacht Faust, a spy from the Clover Kingdom, reaches out to the Resistance in order for them to assist in distracting the Dark Triad when a squad of Magic Knights infiltrates the castle.[4] The Resistance also gives Nacht a basket of cookies filled with Healing Magic, which are used for Asta's training.[5]

On the morning of the infiltration mission, the Resistance gathers atop the clocktower in the capital's castle town and publicly calls out the Zogratis siblings. In response, Zenon Zogratis unleashes a demon to attack, but Mereoleona Vermillion defends the Resistance and the town.[6] The Resistance members watch in amazement as Mereoleona fights the demon and manages to pummel it into submission.[7] They are then approached by Ralph and some other Magic Knights. Ralph informs them of Yuno's development.[8]

Resistance holds off devils

The members protect citizens from the horde of devils.

The mages stare in shock as the roots of the Tree of Qliphoth burst forth from the castle.[9] Shortly after, the first gate opens and a horde of devils swarm the town.[10] The Resistance directly confronts the devils, while the group from the Clover Kingdom work to evacuate the citizens. Fuegoleon Vermillion and Salamander also emerge from the castle to assist in stopping the devils, and the Resistance members are amazed by the fire spirit. As the devils' numbers begin to overwhelm them all, reinforcements arrive from the Heart Kingdom[11] and decimate the horde of low-ranking devils.[12]


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