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Rescue the Children Mission is an event which happens in a cavern outside of Nairn.


Asta is blasted out of the house by Gauche and notices the snow around him. Asta wonders why there is snow on the ground since its not even winter. Rebecca comes out of the house and tells Asta that she cannot find any of her siblings.[1] Rebecca wonders where her siblings could have gone, when Asta suddenly hears that more children have gone missing. Asta and Rebecca wonders what is going on, when Noelle comes out and tells them that all of the children have left.[2]

Theresa shows up and tells them that the snow is a type of magic that allows someone to control children. Theresa also reveals that some of the children from the monastery were taken too, which Gauche asks if Mary was taken. Theresa tells Gauche that Mary was taken, which Gauche grabs Theresa and asks her what she was doing. Theresa tells Gauche that nothing is going to change even if he hits her, which Gauche responds that he will feel better if he does hit her. Gauche throws a punch but Asta blocks the punch with head and hits Gauche while telling him to calm down.[3]

Asta tells Gauche that they must remain calm and find some clues, which Gauche reveals that he had given a mirror that he is able to track. Theresa tells them that she is going with them, which Asta tells Theresa to leave everything to them but Gauche says that Theresa is a capable fighter. Rebecca tells Asta that she is worried about her siblings, which Asta hits her and tells her that he will bring them back to her.

Rescue the Children Mission[]

As Asta, Gauche, and Theresa prepare to leave, Noelle tells them that she wants to come too. Gauche tells Noelle that she cannot fly properly and to out in case them some back of more children while also reporting this incident to headquarters.[4] Asta, Gauche, and Theresa head out to were the children are.

Elsewhere where the children are, the kidnapper is glad that they are all here since they can all be friends. The kidnapper notices that Mary has dispelled his magic and ask her why she did that since they cannot be friends if she dispelled her magic. Mary tells him that that is not how you make friends, which the guy get angry and hits her.[5] Another guy comes out and calling the kidnapper Neige, and tells him not to hurt the goods. Neige apologizes for what he had done while also calling the guy his brother. The brother uses a magic item to looks at the mana of all the children and notices that Marco has a small amount of mana. The brother grabs Marco and tosses him outside into the cold. The brother them walks over to some experiment and says that they will start extracting the mana out of their bodies.[6]

Outside Asta, Theresa, and Gauche make it to the cavern, when Asta notices that Marco in laying in the snow. Asta tells Gauche to head down, which Gauche says no and heads on while Asta drops down towards Marco. Theresa follows Asta and gets to Marco, which She notices that he is wounds and still under a magic spell. Asta pulls out his sword and taps Marco's head, freeing Marco from the spell.[7] Theresa uses a spell to heal Marco, which Asta then tells Marco that they are heading in and for Marco to wait here. Marco replies that he does not want to be left alone, which Asta lends Marco his robe and says that it will give him courage which Marco agrees to stay behind.

The brothers finish extracting mana from another child and prepare for Mary's turn, when Gauche comes in. Gauche notices the bruise on Mary's cheek and fires a spell at Neige. The brother tells Neige to fight back, which Neige fires a spell at Gauche. Gauche easily dodges all of Neige's spell, which Neige counters by using spell that creates multi snowmen to attack with. Gauche easily destroys the snowmen, which the brother sees that Gauche has a larger amount of mana.[8] Asta and Theresa suddenly comes in and Theresa notices that children on the ground. Theresa checks the children and notices that their mana was extracted from their bodies, which Asta gets angry and asks what they are doing. The brother keep Asta mana, but starts to laugh because Asta has not mana. Asta then easily takes out the brother with a single slash of his sword. Meanwhile, Gauche continues to attack Neige, which Neige counters by sealing Gauche within some snow. Neige is suddenly attacked from behind, which is revealed to be a second Guache who created a double of himself.

Asta then grabs the brother and asks why he would do that, which the brother responds that he does not care about the children. Asta going to punch the brother, but misses and says that the brother is going to spend the rest of his life making it up. Theresa then asks Asta to help release the children from the spell, which The brother takes the chance to hit a button.[9] Asta then uses his sword to release the children from the spell, which Theresa uses a healing spell to heal the children. Guache continues to attack Neige, which Theresa and Mary tells Gauche to stop but Gauche just says that he is not going to stop. Theresa then says that they have to find a way to return mana to the children since the children are the future of the kingdom. Neige just says that he just wanted some friends and asks his brother, who he calls Baro, what to do. Baro just wonders how long it will take for them to get here, which Sally suddenly shows up and is glad that she can see Asta so soon.[10] Gauche attacks with a spell, but Sally easily diverts the attack with a spell and tells him not to interrupt them.

Sally reveals that she came because she had gotten a signal from a device that they gave Baro, and then charges at Asta. Gauche uses a spell to attack Sally but Sally easily diverts the attacks. Sally manages to capture Asta and starts to examine him, but Theresa uses a spell to free Asta.[11] Asta compliments Theresa, which Theresa reveals that she was once a member of the Crimson Lions and that she was the one that thought Fuegoleon how to use magic. Theresa then says that they are going to capture Sally, which Sally comments about how the odd are no in her favor. Baro tells Sally that he can help if she heals him and gives him some money, but just plans to leave after he gets the money. Sally then injects Baro with a substance that turns Baro into a monster.[12] Theresa tells Asta and Gauche that they need to protect the children, but Gauche just takes Mary and leaves. Asta is shocked that Gauche left, which Baro attacks but Asta and Theresa dodges.

Baro continues to attack, which Theresa blocks. Theresa comments how they have to get the children out of here first and uses a spell to create a panther that the children can ride to freedom.[13] Theresa thinks about how it will take a few trips and that she will have to survive until all the children have escape. Baro then attacks Neige, but Asta quickly comes and counters the attack. Neige asks why he saved him, which Asta responds that Neige still needs to take responsibility for what he did to the children. Asta continues to attack but Baro easily heals all of the damage that was inflicted. Sally tries to capture Asta, but Theresa blocks Sally from capturing Asta.

Elsewhere Gauche is leaving with Mary, when Mary punches Gauche. Mary convinces Gauche to head back and help the other when they notices Marco. Marco says that he will protect Mary, which Gauche heads out. Once Gauche arrives back, Sally tells them to give up which Asta says that he rather die then give up. Asta attacks but Gauche saves Asta from an attack he does not see coming. Gauche decides to attack Sally and Baro but Baro easily heals all of the damage.[14] Gauche continues to dodge attack until he is pinned down, which Asta shows up and saves Gauche. Asta tells Gauche that they have to work together which Gauche agrees to. Asta prepares to attack when his second sword suddenly pops out. Asta launches an attack and manages to cut Baro into two pieces but Baro easily heals himself. Gauche then uses a spell to multi Asta, who then launches multi attacks and manages to defeat both Baro and Sally.[15] As everyone cheers Baro suddenly appears, but Neige uses a spell to restrain him. Neige starts to talk with Asta but Neige is suddenly attacked from an unknown source. Gauche is also attacked, which Theresa uses a spell to try and block the attacks. The spell does not work and Theresa is wounded, by a man who reveals himself as leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Licht. Licht notices Asta's grimoire and goes to attack, but Yami appears and blocks the attack.[16] Yami then has Finral take the children and wounded back to the village.


Yami and Asta continue to battle Licht and Valtos while everyone else is healed back at the village.


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