Reincarnation Magic 「転生魔法 Tensei Mahō」 is a forbidden form of magic that allows the users to revive the souls of the dead within new bodies.[1]


This forbidden form of magic allows the users to revive the souls of the dead within the bodies of the living.[1] This magic also requires a large amount of mana and a sacrifice.[2][3] Red tattoos appear on the faces of those who are possessed when the reincarnated souls are in control,[4] and the designs change as the reincarnated souls' holds on their bodies become more solidified.[5][6] These tattoos do not always disappear when the spell is removed.[7]

Reincarnated souls are afflicted by wicked hearts 「邪心 jashin」,[8] which magnify negative emotions, like hatred and despair.[9][10][11] In elves, this increases the likelihood of them turning into dark elves.[12]

If a soul has undergone two reincarnation spells, it will retain possession of a soulless body when the Reincarnation Magic is dispelled.[13]





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