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Recca 「レッカ Rekka[2] is an orphan left under the care of a church in the village of Hage.[3]


Recca is a short girl with frizzy red hair and green eyes.

Recca wears a blue and white long-sleeved shirt, red capri pants, and tan shoes.



As the eldest girl in her foster family, Recca has taken on the role of caring oldest daughter. She takes the initiative to help with cooking and laundry.[2]


Asta without magic power

Recca watches Asta challenge Yuno.

One day, Recca admonishes Asta after Yuno interrupts Asta's series of proposals to Sister Lily. Recca fills a pot with water, while Nash lights a fire to boil it.[4] The following March, many of the villagers gather to watch the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.[5] Recca and the others from the orphanage are shocked when Asta does not receive one but Yuno receives a four-leaf clover. They then head back to the church for a feast.[6]

Lily defends her family

Recca cries over Father Orsi, while Sister Lily defends them.

Several months later, the villagers of Hage are left confused after the kingdom is saved from the Arrows of Judgment and the demon skeleton shines with light. They watch as a dungeon rises over the skeleton and passes overhead. An elf-possessed Digit Taliss then attacks the villagers.[7] Father Orsi shields the orphans and is afflicted with a burning poison. Recca and the other children cry over suffering priest, while Sister Lily and Nash confront the elf. They are then saved by the arrival of Yuno and Asta.[8] Asta rushes over to the priest, and after the Demon-Slayer Sword fails to nullify the poison, Recca watches in shock as Asta draws the Demon-Destroyer Sword, which absorbs the poison and its effects from the villagers.[9]

After Yuno and Asta defeat and exorcise the elf, Recca runs up and hugs Yuno.[10] She is amazed to meet Sylph. Soon after, the three Magic Knights head out and the villagers wave goodbye.[11]

Foster family reacts to Asta article

Recca laughs at Asta's image in the newspaper.

A few days later, Recca reads the newspaper article about Asta's trial and laughs at the image used for Asta.[12]

Six months after the elves' attack, when a demon attacks the Clover Kingdom, Recca and the others watch as Asta protects the kingdom.[13]

A year and three months later, Recca and the others attend a special awards ceremony for Asta, and enjoy the banquet afterwards.[14]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Water Magic: Recca uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate water.[15] She often uses it to perform chores, like cooking and laundry.[2]


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