Ralph 「ゼノン」 is a servant of House Grinberryall, the former royal family of the Spade Kingdom.[1]




On his own, Ralph crosses the Grand Magic Zone separating the Spade and Clover Kingdoms. Arriving outside Hage's church, Ralph collapses from exhaustion and his injuries. Sister Lily approaches him, and he asks for Yuno.[2] Lily and Father Orsi move Ralph into a bed to recover while they wait for Yuno to arrive.

When Yuno enters, Ralph immediately recognizes the physical similarity to Ciel and the magic stone. Ralph relates the Spade Kingdom's peaceful past until the Dark Triad took over, and then reveals that Yuno is the heir of House Grinberryall and thus the rightful prince.[3] Orsi and Sylph are shocked by the revelation, and Ralph questions what Sylph is. After the spirit explains, Ralph compliments Yuno's abilities. Yuno doubts Ralph's claims about his lineage, so Ralph shows Yuno visions of the past and explains that it was Ralph's father who brought Yuno to Hage. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from the Golden Dawn base which is being attacked.[4]

Battle Prowess


  • Fire Magic: Ralph uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate fire.[5]


  • Grimoire: Ralph possesses a grimoire that contain various fire-based magic spells.[5]


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