Ragus 「ラガス Ragusu[1] is a mage from the Diamond Kingdom and one of its Eight Shining Generals.[2]


Ragus has the appearance of a handsome young man. He has very thin eyes with what appears to be eyeliner surrounding them, curving at the sides in a feline manner. His hair curly hair is held back by a black headband, decorated with diamond-shaped ornaments. Most of his facial features are particularly sharp, including his nose, chin and eyes.



Diamond Kingdom force against Kiten

Diamond Kingdom forces approach Kiten.

Ragus, Broccos, and Yagos lead an army to attack Kiten.[2] Ragus fires several giant arrows that tear through Kiten's barrier.[3] Broccos charges through the wall, and Ragus provides cover with another barrage of arrows.[4]

After Yuno knocks back Broccos, Ragus decides to the challenge the Golden Dawn rookie and ignores Broccos' protests. He fires a barrage of arrows at Yuno, who, with Sylph's help, overpowers them with his own arrows and pierces Ragus' defense. Ragus and Broccos begin bickering over who gets to fight Yuno.[5] Lotus Whomalt tries to warn the generals of William Vangeance's magic, but they ignore him.[6]

Wind trident

Yuno defeats Ragus.

Ragus continues the fight with Yuno after Broccos runs off to attack William. However, he is quickly overpowered and is pierced by a large wind trident, sending him crashing into a building below.[7]

Battle Prowess


  • Creation Magic: Ragus uses this form of magic to create any entities out of lightning.[8]


  • Grimoire: Ragus possesses a grimoire that contains various lightning-based spells.[9]




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