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Ragus 「ラガス Ragusu」 is a mage from the Diamond Kingdom and one of its Eight Shining Generals.[1]


Ragus has the apperance of a handsome young man.



Diamond Kingdom forces approach Kiten.

Ragus, Broccos, and Yargos lead an army to attack Kiten.[1] Ragus fires several giant arrows that tear through Kiten's barrier.[2] Broccos charges through the wall, and Ragus provides cover with another barrage of arrows.[3]

Yuno defeats Ragus.

After Yuno knocks back Broccos, Ragus decides to the challenge the Golden Dawn rookie and ignores Broccos' protests. He fires a barrage of arrows at Yuno, who, with Sylph's help, overpowers them with his own arrows and pierces Ragus' defense. Ragus and Broccos begin bickering over who gets to fight Yuno.[4] Lotus Whomalt tries to warn the generals of William Vangeance's magic, but they ignore him.[5]

Ragus continues the fight with Yuno after Broccos runs off to attack William. However, he is quickly overpowered and is pierced by a large wind trident, sending him crashing into a building below.[6]

Battle Prowess


  • Creation Magic: Ragus uses this form of magic to create any entities out of lightning.[7]


  • Grimoire: Ragus possesses a grimoire that contains various lightning-based spells.[8]




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