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Protobe Collina 「プロトベ・コリナ Purotobe Korina」 is a member of the Clover Kingdom's Coral Peacock squad of the Magic Knights.[1]


Protobe is a heavyset man with medium-length, fluffy, blond hair.

While possessed by an elf spirit, two red tattoos appear on Protobe's face and his ears become pointed.[1]


Protobe is freed from possession.

When the elves are reincarnated, Protobe is possessed by an elf spirit. He joins Xerx Lugner and Risacca Ondell, who are also possessed, in attacking Hecairo and defeating the Magic Knights and citizens there. When the Black Bulls approach the town, Protobe raises a large wall but the base barges through.[2] The elves try to stop them but Rouge prevents the attacks from hitting. The base then fires off three cannons, with Gordon Agrippa's amplified Verbotenes Obst hitting Protobe.[3] Combining their magic, the elves plan to destroy the town. Before the spell is complete, Asta is fired from one of the cannons and nullifies the magic.[4] After Asta manages to exorcise the elves, Protobe, Xerx, and Risacca are left lying unconscious on the ground.[5]

Battle Prowess


  • Earth Magic: Protobe uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate earth.[6]


  • Magic Power: After being freed from the elf's possession, Protobe retains some of the elf's magic.[7]


  • Grimoire: Protobe possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various earth-based magic spells.[6]


  • Collina is Latin and Italian for "hill"
  • In the anime, Protobe's magic is Stone Magic 「岩魔法 Iwa Mahō」, which has different kanji from the other Stone Magic.


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