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Princia Funnybunny 「プリンシア・ファニーバニー Purinshia Fanībanī」 is the 11th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.[2][3]


Princia is a young woman who commonly wears a cold, stern expression. Her hair is long and pink with bangs that cross above her nose and she has green eyes. She wears a white militaristic uniform with an officer's cap, and black long shoes and belt, alongside a black coat with a medal of the Wizard King and white fur linings that is draped on her shoulders like a cape.

She wields a sword with a red sheathe strapped on the left side.


On the surface, she is a serious and prideful woman. She seeks a world where no one oppresses or is oppressed. However, under her stoic noble persona is a battle hungry warrior who enjoys the thrill of battle and relishes the chance to use her full strength against worthy opponents, similar to Mereoleona.


Princia was a mighty warrior who boasted one of the best fighting abilities among the Wizard Kings of all time. People feared her because of her strength.[2] As the eldest child of a fallen noble family, Princia lived with her family, who wanted to lead a peaceful life on the land they still owned. However, a group of selfish and greedy royals took possession of the family's lands and left them poor and penniless.

Under constant harassment for her family's fallen status, Princia decided to fight for her family and the rest of the people oppressed by these royals. This lead to her being scouted by the Blue Rose magic knight squad, who made her a member after she received her grimoire. With her powerful Legion Magic, Princia's fame as a magic knight grew, as she became undefeated in every battle she fought, and her fame grew to the point that the royals made her the 11th Wizard King to strengthen their own influence.

After being crowned as the Wizard King, Princia's strength became comparable to an army of thousands, which made her subjects slightly fear her despite her status as the Wizard King. During the War against the Diamond Kingdom, Princia played an integral role on the battlefield, as she single handedly held off a majority of the enemies' forces to the point of a stalemate, effectively helping in the overall victory of the Clover Kingdom.

However towards the end of the war, the people from her land were taken hostage, including her family. The generals, however, hid this from Princia until the war ended, as they did not want her leaving the frontlines, leading to her never seeing her family or loved ones again. After the war ended, Princia would eventually learn of this, and become consumed with rage towards everyone involved in covering this up. Before she could retaliate, she was stripped of her title as Wizard King by her generals and even imprisoned, having her magic sealed away as well.

During her imprisonment, the village where she was imprisoned was attacked by bandits, and despite having her magic sealed away, she fought against the bandits, sacrificing her life in the process, dying before she could avenge her loved ones and get rid of her oppressors.

Centuries later, the 27th Wizard King, Conrad Leto, with the combined power of his Key Magic and the Elsdocia sword, brought Princia back to life along with Edward Avalaché, and Jester Garandros to assist him in taking revenge on the Clover Kingdom, and promised them all that together they would make a new, better kingdom.

Battle Prowess[]


  • Legion Magic: Princia uses this magic attribute to create and manipulate legions of large and durable magical chess soldiers.[4]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a former Wizard King and one of the strongest Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, Princia possesses an immense amount of magic power. It is said that no one has ever beaten her in a battle due to her exceptional magic and overwhelming power. She is also noted to be exceptionally powerful even among Wizard Kings.
  • Immense Speed: Princia possesses a tremendous amount of speed, enough to match and outmaneuver Mereoleona Vermillion.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite usually using her sword and magic against formidable opponents, Princia can fight bare handed and is a expert in terms of hand-to-hand combat. She could match blows with Mereoleona Vermillion with her fists before being overwhelmed.
  • Master Swordsman: Princia is a highly skilled swordswoman, and uses her sword primarily in combat.


  • Grimoire: Princia possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various legion-based spells.[4]


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