Potrof 「ポトロフ Potorofu」 is a Spirit Guardian of the Heart Kingdom.[1]


Potrof is a man with a stocky build and medium-length hair. He also has a round face and freckles.

Potrof wears a dark-colored shirt and pants under a light-colored, sleeveless tunic. His wide belt and wristbands are dark-colored and have a series of hearts on them. He also wears a necklace and dark-colored fur collar. On his head is a wide-brimmed hat, and the hatband has a similar pattern as his belt.



Potrof trains Charmy Pappitson and Rill Boismortier after the Clover and Heart Kingdoms form an alliance against the Spade Kingdom.

Six months later, when Charmy begins consuming all of the food in the Polnfrume Forest, Potrof arrives and tries to stop her, but his Plant Magic simply passes through her Cotton Magic. Rill then takes over the fight for Potrof.[1]

Battle Prowess


  • Plant Magic: Potrof uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate plants.[1]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a Spirit Guardian and Stage Zero-ranked mage of the Heart Kingdom,[2] Potrof possesses tremendous skill in using magic and by borrowing the natural mana from the environment, he can perform extremely powerful spells.[3]


  • Grimoire: Potrof possesses a grimoire that contains various plant-based magic spells.[1]


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