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The Paladins聖騎士パラディン Paradin, literally meaning: "Holy Knights"」, also known as "Archangels" 「大天使 Daitenshi」,[1] are human mages who have been bestowed with purified devils by Lucius Zogratis.[2]


As part of his plan to bring about world peace, Lucius Zogratis has developed a method of using his Soul Magic to purify devils and their power, thereby creating a holy power, and to incarnate those devils in humans,[3][4] transforming them into new lifeforms, which he calls "Paladins". Additionally, he plans to rule over this world as the "Magic Great Emperor" 「魔法大帝 Mahō Taitei, VIZ: "Wizard Emperor"」.[2] Lucius also instills in the Paladins the overriding belief in his righteousness, which forces them to act according to his wishes, even if the action conflicts with their own wishes.[5]

As part of the transformation, Paladins receive winged, luminous bodies with halos and horns. Because they are hosts of incarnated devils, Paladins possess immense magic power, nearly immortal bodies, enhanced wisdom, and their devils' magic attributes.[2] Since the process alters the humans' souls, their grimoires are similarly affected, recording these new spells.[6]

While a strong Anti Magic attack can sever the Paladin's connection to their purified devil power,[7][8] it cannot completely remove Lucius's changes and will render the Paladin comatose.[9] Additionally, because some Paladins are made before Lucius's power is complete, they lack truly immortal bodies and so can be killed with sufficiently lethal attacks.[10][11]


Great Emperor


  • Paladins are twelve fictional knights who served the Holy Roman Emperor in medieval literature.
    • In modern fantasy media, the name refers to characters who combine the qualities of knight and priest class archetypes.


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