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Black Clover: Order of Knights Book 「ブラッククローバー 騎士団の書 Burakku Kurōbā Kishi-dan no Sho」 is the second light novel of Black Clover.


  1. The Bull's Day Off 「暴牛の休日 Bōgyū no Kyūjitsu」: Captain Yami sculpts a clay figure of the First Wizard King. While he's out, the Black Bulls damage it. Noelle, Finral, Asta, Magna and Luck desperately try to fix it before he notices. Fortunately, Vanessa has a magic tool that she bought from Dominante that could repair it. Unfortunately, the magic tool requires some "unique" rituals in order to use.
  2. At the Center of the Golds 「金色たちの中心で Konjiki-tachi no Chūshin de」: As part of the Wizard King's new Experience Enrollment, Asta is ordered to spend a day with the Golden Dawn. Klaus and Mimosa guide Asta through the squad's routine practice training, but they're interrupted by the announcement that Kiten is being attacked by the Diamond Kingdom. Asta joins the Golden Dawn on a mission to defend the town, and even runs into Lotus again. Captain Vangeance and other elite members arrive in time to turn the tides and stop the invasion. When Asta comes home to his squad, he discovers that Yuno had spent the day with the Black Bulls.
  3. The Special Assault Squad Sprints Onward 「特攻隊はひた走る Tokkōtai wa Hitahashiru」: Magna and Luck head out to a dungeon in the Forsaken Realm in an attempt at finding a way to heal Asta's arms. They run into a blonde girl named Morgan who illegally explores dungeons as a hobby and for money. The trio try to make their way through the seemingly haunted dungeon, and face off against a large skeletal golem that can copy and become immune to any magic attacks thrown at it.
  4. Captains' Dinner Party 「団長たちの晩餐会 Danchō-tachi no Bansankai」: Julius decides to turn the captain's meeting into a dinner party in an effort to foster better relations between the captains. However, Marx is left to handle the dinner party on his own. Throughout the dinner, Marx tries to prevent the captains from fighting. Meanwhile, Julius is downstairs fiddling with the relics from the dungeon that Magna and Luck had captured, until he accidentally seals himself inside one. He contacts Marx and asks the captains to save him. Unfortunately for them, Julius had also reconstructed the skeletal golems that copy magic, which they will now have to defeat in order to free the Wizard King. After demonstrating that despite their poor personal relationships that they can still cooperate with each other when it counts, everyone attends an after party.

Extra Pages: The recipe for the curry that Noelle made in chapter 1.

Chapter Illustrations[]


  • Marx's grimoire design is the background for the cover.


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