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Black Clover 「ブラック・クローバー Burakku Kurōbā」 is the one-shot that became the basis of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta Staria confesses to a girl on Clover Island and is rejected. He declares his refusal to give up on her until blasted away by her magic and then stopped by Yuno Crossley. Asta is then stated by Yuno to be annoying, short, with no traits women would find remotely appealing. Asta is further mocked by other friends on the island for his misfortune then declares his desire to everyone his dream to become the Wizard King.


The one-shot is very similar to what would go on to become the Black Clover series with some key differences:

  • Asta's full name is Asta Staria 「アスタ・スタリア Asuta Sutaria」.
    • Asta repeatedly proposes to another female student rather than to a nun.
    • The star on Asta's headband has five points rather than four.
    • Asta's sword is a less wide version of the Demon-Slayer Sword with the absorption ability of the Demon-Dweller Sword.
  • Yuno's full name is Yuno Crossley 「ユノ・クロスリー Yuno Kurosurī」.
    • Yuno does not wear a necklace.
  • Salim Veriol 「サリム・ヴェリオール Sarimu Veriōru」 is a combination of Revchi Salik and Salim Hapshass.
  • Everyone seems to wear cloaks despite not being Magic Knights.
  • The story takes place on Clover Island rather than in Hage.
  • Everyone with the exception of Asta seems to be capable of using the same type of magic before receiving their grimoires; the only differences being their individual talent, magical power, and control.
  • Grimoires are ceremoniously handed out one by one rather than all at once.
  • Drouot is not the one who conducts the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.

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