Noelle Silva vs. Vetto is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


After defeating Kahono and Kiato, Vetto picks Kahono up by the hair and asks how the taste of despair is after having their dreams crushed. Kahono stares back defiantly, which displeases Vetto. He decides to rip her limb from limb, but Noelle Silva tells him to let Kahono go. However, she is unable to attack due to her fear.[1] Kahono uses her magic to whisper encouragement to Noelle. Inspired to protect her friends, Noelle releases her magic power, which shakes the whole temple, and repeats her warning to Vetto.[2]


Noelle remembers what Fuegoleon Vermillion once told her and tells Vetto to let go of her friend while pointing her wand at him. Vetto recognizes her power and asks if she is royalty. She says that she is and that it does not matter since she is here as a member of Black Bull. She then says that he is going to make him pay for hurting her friends, and he tells her to use her most powerful spell since he will send it back.[3]

Noelle fires Sea Dragon's Roar. He tries to counter the spell, but the spell is too powerful and blows off his arm and through some walls.[4] He screams out and remembers when he met Licht, along with a tragic event that happened to him. He reveals that he has a third eye and thanks them for calling him out. She is shocked and thinks about the sinister mana that is coming from him. He activates a Demon Beast Magic spell and regenerates his arm.[5]

Noelle stands her ground, and when Vetto fires a a magic blast, she realizes that she already used most of her mana. Asta jumps in front of the blast and cuts it, diverting the spell around the pair. Asta tells Vetto that they have not given up yet, to which Vetto replies that they are all going to taste true despair from now on.[6]


Noelle remembers the stories she was told of demons and notes how similar Vetto is to them.[7] Asta explains that Kahono used the last of her magic to heal him. He compliments Noelle, patting her on the head, and then takes over for her.[8]


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