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Noelle Silva vs. Kahono is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Noelle is confronted by an opponent, which she tries to bluff her way out of the fight. The opponent takes off her mask revealing herself as Kahono and says that she has been waiting for Noelle to arrive.[1] Noelle asks why Kahono showed her how to control her magic when she lives at the Undersea Temple, which Kahono replies that she was looking for people to bring to the temple. Kahnono says that she has a chance to make her dream come true, which Noelle says that Kahono only used her. Kahono says that they are really friends and that now that their in the game, she is going to face Noelle with everything she has.[2] Noelle says that they are not friends, which Kahono says that friends are people who can fight for their dreams and still come out smiling together.


The fight begins when Kahono uses a spell to try to put Noelle to sleep but Noelle counter by putting up a barrier.[3] Kahono then switches to a more destructive spell to try to take down the barrier. Noelle asks why Kahono is doing this, but Kahono does not answer and is just amazed by how strong the barrier is. Noelle attacks but the spell completely misses, which Kahono asks what that spell was about. Noelle says that she cannot completely control her magic yet, which Kahono replies that Noelle can control her magic but Noelle just does not want to hurt anyone. Kahono then asks why Noelle really came here and that she will not get anything if she does not obtain it with her own hands.[4]


The High Priest interrupts everything when another group enters the game. The priest tells everyone that the rules have changes and explains how to win the game.[5]


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