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Noelle Silva and Jack the Ripper vs. Fana is a fight that occurs in the Shadow Palace.


As Noelle reaches the Shadow Palace, she wonders why she is all alone when Fana suddenly appears and says that she will keep her company even through Noelle will not last long.[1]


As Noelle and Fana fight each other, Noelle uses her Valkyrie Dress to go toe-to-toe with her. Noelle thinks about how her spell is taking a toll on her since she has not mastered her spell yet. Noelle also thinks about how she held back during her fight with Vetto and decides to go all out with her Sea Dragon's Roar Spell. As the spell manages to rip Fana in half, Noelle begins to apologize but is shocked when Fana uses a spell to regenerate her missing top half. Fana explains to Noelle that since they used the forbidden spell, the elves are now capable of using spells with their magic power from the other world.[2] Noelle then wonders how she was supposed to deal with Fana.

As Noelle continues to battle Fana, none of her magic works on Fana. Fana decides to end Noelle, but she is suddenly attacked by Jack.[3] Jack expresses his joy of finding a women worthy of ripping apart, much to Fana's surprise. Noelle wonders why it had to be Jack who showed up, which Jack asks if she has a problem with him. Noelle and Jack continue to fight against Fana. Later Licht collects Fana's mana for a spell to use against Zagred.[4]

As the fight continues, Jack manages to cut through Fana's magic and comments about how he will soon be able to rip through her healing magic.[5]


Fana thinks about how she cannot fight against Jack anymore, when the creature comes into the room. Nozel and Mimosa show up and save Fana, while telling them that they have to leave immediately.


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