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Acier stops Vanica

Acier protects Noelle and Nozel from Vanica.

Noelle was born as the second daughter of House Silva, the royal family of the Clover Kingdom. After giving birth, Acier rests in a secluded residence. When Vanica Zogratis attacks the house in search of Acier, Nozel takes the infant Noelle and hides in the bushes, while their mother fights Vanica. However, Noelle's crying leads Vanica to them. Vanica threatens to kill the children, but Acier stabs the devil host. Vanica is lethally wounded and retreats, while Megicula curses Acier.[1] After Acier dies, Nozel keeps the secret of their mother's curse to protect his younger siblings from being cursed as well.[2]

Mimosa watching Noelle training

Noelle trains by herself.

Noelle has a rough childhood, as she is ridiculed and called a defect by her own family because of her lack of control over her magical powers,[3] and is blamed for the death of her mother.[4] Noelle spends her childhood days with her cousin, Mimosa Vermillion, where they would explore and play within an abandoned ruin of buildings. After finding out about her difficulty to control her own magical power, Noelle also spends a fair amount of time in the ruin to train on her own.[5]

When Noelle turns 15 years old, she is inducted into the Black Bull squad over Captain Yami Sukehiro's good grace after Nozel rejected her entry to his ranks in the Silver Eagle squad.[6][3]

Sometime after the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, she observes from the Black Bull's headquarters when her fellow squadmates are giving an initiation ceremony to another new member, Asta.[7] She later meets with him while Magna Swing is taking him on a tour of the headquarters. Noelle rejects Asta's kind offer of friendship and decides to explain their differences in status with her magic. However, her attack misses and hits Magna instead. After failing to convince Magna that it is his own fault, Noelle storms out while discarding her squad robe.[8]

Noelle's Magical Rampant

Noelle loses control of her own magic.

Later at dawn, Noelle trains by herself to fix her lack of control while remembering the painful memories, she received from her family. Once she declares that she will prove her worth, her power turns berserk and a giant sphere of water appears as it traps Noelle at the center. Fortunately, Asta managed to save her by cutting the sphere with his sword after the Black Bull captain throws him at it. As Noelle and Asta fall, Finral Roulacase manages to let them land safely on the ground with his magic. Noelle is then encouraged by her squadmates, even though she expected them to mock her.[9]

Later on, Noelle and Asta receive their first mission as a Magic Knight. She declines the mission at first, but quickly changes her mind after being threatened by Yami. Noelle, along with Asta and Magna, travel to the village of Sosshi via Magna's broom, because she is unable to ride a broom on her own and Finral cannot open a gate to a place which is neither in his line-of-sight nor which he had not visit beforehand. Once they arrive, however, a fight occurs between them and a group of mages led by Heath Graice.[10]

Noelle protects villagers

Noelle casts a spell to protect the villagers.

During the fight, Noelle tries to attack Heath but fails because of her lack of control over her magical power. Heath's comment on her disability begins to discourage her, which is strengthen by Magna's request for her to retreat. However, when one of the young girls of the village begs for her protection, Noelle regains her confidence, which causes her grimoire to reveal a new spell, Sea Dragon's Nest. She then quickly casts the protection spell, which manages to protect all of them from Heath and his group's combined assaults.[11] Noelle maintains her spell, while Magna and Asta delivers their counterattack and casts a smaller scale of the said spell on Magna at the end of their assault. Her sudden progression makes her very happy, but she decides to keep it for herself.[12]

As the fight ends, Noelle acknowledges Asta's qualities as she sees the latter faints, because of exhaustion.[13] She later becomes enamored with the anti-bird that follows Asta all this time.[14] Afterwards, Noelle witnesses Heath commit suicide while bringing two of his subordinates along with him. She later follows Asta around while focusing her attention on the anti-bird and proposed to take care of said bird before they encounter Nick, the grandson of the man who requested the mission. She watches as Asta gives Nick a few words of encouragement.[15]

Asta and Noelle first salary

Noelle receives her first salary.

Having returned to the headquarters, Noelle, along with Magna and Asta, reports back to Yami and receives her first salary. She then goes on a shopping trip to Kikka with Asta and Vanessa Enoteca, during which Vanessa takes her to the black market to find items that could help her control her magical power.[16]

A man, named Sekke Bronzazza, tries to flirt with her and Vanessa while they look at an item, but she coldly rejects him. Her opinions of Sekke do not change, even when she learns that he is Asta's acquaintance. It decreases even further when he tries to impress her by trying to catch a thief whom snatched an old lady's bag. Noelle leaves with her squadmates after Asta and Sekke managed to apprehend the thief and returned the old lady's belongings.[17]

Noelle and Asta arguing

Noelle and Asta deciding the anti-bird's name.

Days later, Noelle is assigned on a mission to explore a newly emerged dungeon along with Asta and Luck Voltia. As they enter the dungeon, Noelle has a heated argument with Asta, in regards to the anti-bird's name. However, it is soon put to rest after Luck suggested Nero for the name.[18]

A moment later, they begin to walk through the dungeon in complete darkness after Noelle bumped Asta from the back, which led him to drop their only source of light. Fortunately, Luck confirms that they have reached the inner-side of the dungeon where Noelle can feel the dense amount of mana in the atmosphere. Noelle and Asta are quickly in a pinch when Luck begins to activates almost all of the trap magic set within the dungeon after Asta accidentally activated one of them. Additionally, Noelle and Asta are left befuddled after Luck decided to leave them for an unknown agenda.[19]

Noelle caught in a plant trap spell

Noelle caught in a trap.

Suddenly, another trap was activated and managed to strangle Noelle before Asta comes to her rescue. As the trap begins to restrain Asta, Noelle witnesses a powerful magic spell easily destroys it, which left her amazed towards the user whom is able to cast such a powerful spell.[20]

Noelle then learns the identity of the spell caster is Yuno, an acquaintance of Asta and a member of the Golden Dawn squad. She is then caught in a series of arguments between Asta and Klaus Lunettes after her cousin, Mimosa Vermillion, strikes up a conversation with her. Noelle is also left speechless when Klaus asks about the whereabouts of Luck Voltia.[21]

Asta and Noelle exploring the dungeon

Noelle explores the dungeon.

Subsequently, after the Golden Dawn members leave to conquer the dungeon, Noelle questions the method, which Asta proposes to find the center of dungeon until Nero points them to a tunnel.[22] They decide to follow Nero's guidance, but find themselves in an area with unstable gravitational force. While she tries to control her body, Noelle is also unable to prevent Asta from capturing a walking treasure chest and left nauseated after seeing the living organs inside it.[23]

They continue their search for the center of the dungeon when Asta suddenly stops after he heard a peculiar noise. Noelle assumes that the noise comes from Luck's fight. When Asta suggests on giving Luck some help, Noelle argues by saying that Luck left to fight in the first place and their main priority is to reach the center of the dungeon.[24]

In the end, Noelle and Asta decide to help Luck and forsake their mission as they arrived at Luck's side. The moment Luck agrees to defeat the opponent together, the latter immediately traps them within a shroud of thick smokes.[25] Noelle tries to break the smoke veil by attacking it with her magic, but to no avail. She begins to worry about the possibility of being suffocated, if they do not quickly defeat their opponent.[26]

Noelle pushing Asta with magic

Noelle pushes Asta towards Lotus.

Noelle then participates on Luck's plan to defeat their opponent with her in charge of launching Asta towards Lotus Whomalt while Luck guides him towards their direction. She remarks that she has to suppress her magic as much as possible to avoid on being detected. As soon as their opponent is in position, Noelle sends Asta flying with her spell and they manage to land a significant damage on their opponent.[27]

Regretfully, their opponents manage to escape at the last moment as Asta ceases his pursuit. Noelle and her squadmates then decide to return to their original objective of heading over to the center of the dungeon.[28]

Noelle protecting Mimosa against Mars

Noelle protects Mimosa.

Upon their arrival, Noelle witnesses as Asta and Yuno are about to fight another opponent together.[29] She also encounters Mimosa whom lies within her spell as she tries to recuperate. Seeing her unguarded cousin, Noelle immediately casts a defensive spell around her and promises to keep her safe.[30]

Noelle then begins fighting puppets made by Mars, the Diamond Kingdom's mage, when she starts hearing Klaus' comments on Asta's strength. She tries to explain her squadmate's power, but decides to let Klaus judges Asta's worth by his own eyes.[31] After Mars is defeated and restrained, the six Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom enter the center of the dungeon with Asta forcefully cuts down the door for them. Upon seeing the treasures being stored behind the door, it quickly amazes them as they spread out and explores the treasury.[32]

Noelle injured by Mars

Mars's attack critically injures Noelle.

Unbeknownst to them, Mars manages to regain his consciousness and storms into the treasury.[33] When Noelle notices that Mars has activated a fire-based healing magic spell, she immediately tries to extinguish it with her magic. Unfortunately, Mars reaction is faster than her and manages to land a critical damage on her.[34] Mars's attack renders Noelle unconscious, but she is able to wake up after Mimosa activates her strongest healing spell to keep Noelle alive. As she awakens, Noelle immediately orders Asta to finish the fight quickly while also revealing that he is the only commoner that she has ever acknowledged.[35][36]

Unfortunately, Asta fails to fulfill his promise as he falls to the ground with a blade pierces his stomach.[37] After Yuno defeats Mars through an unknown means, Noelle quickly asks Mimosa to heal Asta, but the dungeon suddenly starts collapsing.[38][39] She and the rest escape the dungeon on top of Yuno's Heavenly Wind Ark.[40] After they manage to reach the exit, Noelle remains close to Asta as he regains his consciousness. She is then taken by surprise when Klaus acknowledges her squadmate by hugging him in front of the others.[41]

An audience with the Wizard King

Noelle meets the Wizard King.

A week after the mission completion, Noelle is tasked to go to the Magic Knights headquarters to give a report, in regards the mission. While accompanied by Asta, the couple encounter Klaus, Yuno and Mimosa on their way to the designated venue. She then notices that her cousin's suspicious act towards Asta, which prompts Noelle to ask her about it. When Noelle finds out that Mimosa has feelings for Asta, the former begins to fluster as she tries to comprehend her own feelings about the situation.[42]

Moments later, the five of them arrive at the designated venue where they are welcomed by the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono.[43] After a dialogue with the Wizard King, Noelle and the others are invited by the former to attend a War Merits Conferment Ceremony that honors the achievements of several Magic Knights.[44]

Noelle forced to leave the banquet by her siblings

Noelle's siblings force her to leave the banquet.

As soon as the ceremony ends, Noelle attends the celebratory banquet in which she and her squadmates on the dungeon exploring mission are scrutinized by the honorary Magic Knights. Ultimately, her own siblings, who are also among the receivers of the medals, start humiliating her and force her to leave the venue. Suddenly, Asta takes her arm and prevents Noelle from leaving before expressing his feelings regarding the matters at hand.[45][46]

After someone notifies the Knights that the Royal Capital is under attack, Noelle joins her colleagues in defending the city. She follows the captain of the Crimson Lion squad, Fuegoleon Vermillion, as he tries to catch up to his younger brother.[47] Noelle arrives at the North District of the Royal Capital alongside the two brothers from House Vermillion. She then begins to show her hesitation when the other Knights start decimating the army of corpses that invade the city.[48]

Fuegoleon scolding Noelle

Fuegoleon reprimands Noelle.

Her hesitation continues when she notices that Asta is struggling against his opponent. She becomes reluctant to save Asta after remembering her meeting with her older siblings prior to the invasion. Due to this, Noelle fails to react when several corpses are charging towards her. Luckily, Fuegoleon manages to save her just in time before reprimanding her for her lack of focus in the battlefield.[49] After a few words of encouragement from the Crimson Lion captain, Noelle quickly assists Asta by protecting the little girl that the latter has been struggling to protect.[50]

Subsequently, Noelle is unable to assist Asta in fighting No.2 - Alfred, because she and Leopold are engaged in a different fight against No.3 - David.[51] After hearing Fuegoleon's words of encouragement, Noelle immediately prepares herself for her fight.[52] The two nobles are finally able to defeat their opponent and Noelle unintentionally gives a salute after Fuegoleon praises their efforts.[53]

Asta Noelle and Leopold see Fuegoleon body

Noelle sees Fuegoleon's body returns.

Not long after, the Crimson Lion's captain is suddenly teleported away from their location.[54] Noelle quickly tries to locate the perpetrator before Asta steps in and finds Valtos under a pile of corpses. The man then opens another portal, which sends back the lifeless body of Fuegoleon. Noelle is rendered surprised and speechless with the turn of events.[55]

She rushes to Fuegoleon's body and tries to stop his bleeding after she discovers that the captain's grimoire is still intact. However, it begins to crumble as she uses her own clothes to stop the bleeding. She is then occupied on protecting Fuegoleon's body while Asta and Leopold are engaged in a fight against Valtos and Rades.[56][57] She can only watch as the enemy's reinforcements come and Asta stands his ground to fight them.[58]

Asta against five rogue mages

Noelle protects Fuegoleon's body.

Noelle tries to assist Asta and Leopold while they are fighting against the five mages, but her protective spell is easily neutralized by one of the mages. As she is occupied on protecting Fuegoleon's body, Noelle can only watch as the mages try to kill Asta and Leopold. Fortunately, the rest of the Magic Knights are able to return and intercept the attack.[59] However, once again, Noelle is unable to prevent the opponents, who identified themselves as members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, from taking Asta away as they escape.[60]

Noelle immediately proposes a rescue mission to her fellow Knights, but none of them complies and Nozel clearly states their priority is to establish the city's defenses before another attack. As she realizes that further effort to convince them is useless, Noelle quickly turns her attention to Fuegoleon and asks Mimosa to treat him. She remains close to Fuegoleon's body while a part of her thoughts is worried about Asta.[61]

Julius addresses his Knights

Noelle listens to Julius after the conflict is ceased.

As Fuegoleon and Leopold receive their treatment, Noelle waits outside of the medical ward alongside her colleagues when Julius returns with Asta. She then slightly criticizes Asta for being kidnapped while her thoughts express relief over his safety. Suddenly, Klaus pushes her aside as he expresses his relief towards Asta. Noelle is then rendered speechless when Mimosa hugs Asta out of sheer relief.[62] She remains with her colleagues when Julius assesses the threat and gives the Knights a few words of encouragement for their future conflicts.[63]

Later on, Noelle strolls around the Royal Capital with Asta and Charmy Pappitson as they prepare to depart from the city. While enjoying a piece of pastry, Noelle asks Charmy about her method of entry to the city. The noblewoman is left speechless when she witnesses Charmy's versatile magic. After they encountered the Golden Dawn members and said their farewell, Noelle returns to the Black Bull's headquarters. While she listens to her squadmates' conversation, Noelle is stunned when Finral invites Asta to a blind date.[64]

Noelle disguised as a waitress

Noelle works as a waitress to observe a blind date.

Due to this, the noblewoman then decides to observe the blind date from afar. She follows the boys to Nairn and applies to work as a waitress at the restaurant where the date is being held. As Noelle observes Asta, she recognizes Sekke who is on a blind date as well. She quickly blasts him with her Water Magic when he asks for a drink.[65] While her attention is shifted for a moment, Asta manages to have a lively conversation with Rebecca Scarlet, which quickly irritates Noelle. The restaurant's manager tries to warn the noblewoman of her misbehavior, but Noelle coldly shuts him up.[66]

When Asta and his date are forced to flee from the restaurant, Noelle quickly follows them after she tenders her resignation to the manager. She then finds them in an alley and decides to eavesdrop on them. The moment Asta confirms to his date that he has someone he likes, Noelle quickly jumps to the conclusion that she is the referred person, which throws her into a state of panic.[67] Due to this, Noelle decides to follow Asta and learns that another girl, Marie Adlai, plans to take him as her husband.[68] Subsequently, the noblewoman becomes furious when Asta accepts an offer to sleep at Rebecca's house.[69]

Noelle and Rebecca stay at Nairn

Noelle remains in Nairn.

Later that night, Noelle returns to Nairn where she sees a group of children walking towards the mountain area. She quickly goes to Asta as she questions the sudden change of weather and informs them of the children's behavior.[70] Not long after, Gauche Adlai, a senior from the Black Bull squad, finds a way to trace them. When Asta, Gauche, and Sister Theresa prepare to pursue the children, Noelle tries to come with them, but Gauche denies her request due to her inability to fly with a broom. As they leave, Noelle shockingly realizes that she is left alone with Rebecca.[71] After they leave, she contacts headquarters and tells them about the situation.[72]

While the Magic Knights captains are fighting the Third Eye, Rebecca makes some food for her siblings and Noelle, who delights in the taste but becomes worried that Asta would want someone who can cook. Rebecca expresses concern about Asta's well-being, and Noelle assures her that he is fine and that he will return like nothing happened and with the children. She then requests more food.[73] After Asta's return and visit to the Royal Capital, he and Noelle visit Rebecca, and Marco Scarlet returns Asta's robe. To thank Asta for saving her siblings, Rebecca kisses Asta on the cheek, shocking Noelle.[74]

Black Bulls take to the beach

Noelle visits Raque.

The Black Bulls travel to Raque for their secret mission to the Seabed Temple. However, the squad gets distracted and plays on the beach.[75] Noelle worries if her new bikini will attract Asta because she is jealous that Rebecca kissed him, and when she calls out to him for his opinion on her suit, he ignores her in favor of training his legs in the sand. Angry, Noelle fires a water bullet at him but hits Magna instead. He asks if she still cannot control her magic, and she brags that without her wand, she can only use defensive magic.[76] When Sekke's two friends hit on Noelle, she turns them down.[77] Yami appears and buries the squad up to their necks in sand. He then briefs them about the mission to infiltrate the water temple and the plan to access it during the full moon, when the mana currents are weakest. The squad is surprised that the captain did actual work, for which he threatens them. To get them to the ocean floor, he plans to use Noelle's Water Magic. She disapproves because she cannot control Sea Dragon's Nest, and worries that not only she but also the rest of the squad will drown should she fail. Yami agrees but since the mission is a secret and was given only to them, there is no one else. He gives her a week, when the next full moon appears, to train.[78]

Later that night, after performing the spell several times, Noelle still struggles to maintain and control Sea Dragon's Nest. She reflects on the tricks that Vanessa taught her but they did not work. However, she is not discouraged and resolves to keep trying. She then hears Asta yell because a crab pinched his toe while he was also training. He suggests that they train together as he can stop her if she loses control again. She initially rejects the idea but begins to acquiesce. Asta gets distracted by the sound of someone singing, and the two go off to investigate. Following the sound, they happen upon a girl standing on a rock.[79] Noelle remarks on the beauty of the singing and wonders from where the girl is and whether she is a ghost. Kahono notices the two and gets embarrassed, breaking the otherworldly feeling. Noelle wonders if the bubbles were Kahono's magic. When Kahono heals Asta, Noelle is impressed by her control. After Noelle accepts Kahono's friendship, Kahono instructs her on how to control her magic better and asks if she has any good memories with her family on which to focus. Noelle can only recall sad ones but stays silent about it, only mentioning a desire to continue training.[80]

Cradle of the Sea Dragon

Noelle completes Sea Dragon's Cradle.

They begin a cycle of training: Noelle forms Sea Dragon's Nest while Kahono and Asta cheer for her, and periodically Kahono heals Noelle. On the last night, Asta finally convinces Noelle to release control of her magic power and let her mana run wild, as he would save her again if her spell goes awry. While using the spell, she becomes disheartened as she has no happy memories. Just then the other Black Bulls show up and cheer for her, reminding her of the good times with them. Encouraged and focused, she completes Sea Dragon's Cradle but, in her moment of triumph, loses her concentration, showering her squadmates. As she falls, Asta catches her. While celebrating her success with her squad, she turns to thank Kahono, who has disappeared.[81]

Noelle then brings everyone to the Seabed Temple using her spell. Once they reach the temple, they are guided to meeting the head priest Gifso. After meeting with Gifso and learning that they will have to play a game to obtain the magic stone, the Black Bulls, except Yami, and the priests are transported to another location.[82] Noelle then listens as Gifso explains the rules of the game are and what it will take to win this game. Later Noelle encounters a priest and tries to bluff her way out of fighting, which the priest reveals herself as Kahono. Noelle and Kahono about the reason that they had met and how Kahono insists that they are friend, but Noelle denies this. Kahono then tries to put Noelle to sleep which Noelle counters by putting up a barrier. Kahono tries to destroy the barrier with an offensive spell, which Noelle tries to counter but misses Kahono. As Kahono wonders what is wrong with Noelle, Noelle tells her that she still cannot control her mana. Kahono tells Noelle that that is not true and that Noelle is subconsciously suppressing her mana because she does not want to hurt anyone. Kahono also tries to motivate Noelle by telling her to do her best.[83]

Later when Vetto and members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun show up, Noelle listens how the Yami tells what has happened and to surpass their limits. Noelle also listens as Gifso explains how the rules have changed and what it will take to win this game. Later Noelle along with Kahono arrives at the location where Vetto if, and after freeing Asta informs Vetto what Asta had told him.[84] Noelle notices that Magna and Luck were defeated and wonders how strong Vetto is. Noelle then watches as Kahono and her brother Kaito take on Vetto. After Kaito and Kahono are defeated and Vetto is hold Kahono up by her hair, Noelle tells Vetto to let her go but he dismisses her. After some encouraging words from Kahono, Noelle releases her mana and tells Vetto to let Kahono go. After Vetto tosses Kahono aside and tells Noelle to fire everything she has, which Noelle fires Sea Dragon's Roar that not only rips off Vetto's arm but blasts through the walls for everyone to see.[85]

As Noelle is glad at what she had done, She is then shocked when Vetto reveals a third eye and releases a sinister mana. As Yami tells Noelle to run, but Noelle is too scared to run. As Vetto fires a blast at Noelle, Noelle is saved by Asta who cut the spell. Noelle then thinks about how Vetto looks like the demon she heard about from her childhood story. After Vanessa and Finral show up, Noelle protects the others will Asta takes on Vetto with the help of Finral and Vanessa. As Noelle watches the battle, Noelle thinks about how amazing both Finral and Vanessa are.[86] After Vetto is defeated Noelle starts to talk with the others but notice that Vetto's mana is being released. As Noelle prepares to face Vetto, Yami suddenly shows up and pats everyone on the head for good job. After Yami kills Vetto, Noelle goes to congratulate Yami but is forced to move away when Yami swing his sword around.

After they manage to get the Magic Stone, Noelle meets with Kahono and Kiato who are rest from the battle.[87] Noelle starts to apologize to them, but Kahono tells her that she will get better and make her dream a reality. After hearing this Noelle cheers up and leaves.

A day later Noelle leaves with the rest of the Black Bulls back to the Black Bulls headquarters. Once back at the Black Bulls headquarters, Noelle is in the common room with everyone else where she points out that Asta is the most heavy injured one out of everyone.[88] Later after Yami, Asta, Charmy, and Finral return from reporting to the Wizard King, Noelle attands the celebration for the Black Bulls obtaining enough stars to get rid of their black stars. During the celebration Noelle offered to feed Asta because of his broken arms, but attacks him when she finds out that Asta can eat using his feet.[89] Later after Asta leaves the celebration, Noelle notices that Asta is acting weird which Finral reveals to everyone that Asta's arms can never be returned to normal. After listening to this, Noelle heads to spy on Asta along with everyone else. After hearing Asta say that this was not going to make him give up, which Noelle starts to cheer up.

The next day, Noelle along with the rest of the Black Bulls minus Yami and Asta to find a cure for Asta's arms.[90] After dropping off the others at their destination, Noelle talks with Finral about how the worst order of the Magic Knights is helps a kid who has no mana but how that one kid gives them all hope. After talking Finral suggests that they had somewhere else to find a cure, which Noelle declines and tells him to take her to another location. Noelle and Finral then head out to meet with Fanzell, Dominante, and Mariella, and inform them what had happened to Asta. Noelle then asks if they have some idea on a way to cure Asta, which Dominante suggests that the Witch Queen of the Witches's Forest can cure Asta's arms. Noelle listens as Dominante explains what the Witches' Forest, who the Witch Queen is, and how both she and Vanessa are fugitives within the Witches's Forest.[91] After finishing explaining everything Dominate asks if they still wants to head their, which Noelle says that she does. Noelle, Finral, Fanzell, Dominate, and Mariella then heads to the Black Bulls headquarters through a portal to pick up Asta and head to the Witches's Forest.

After reaching the Witches's Forest, Noelle is grouped with Dominante and Mariella while sneaking into the Witches's Forest. While sneaking through the Witches's Forest, they are spotted and rush to where the Witch Queen lives. After they reach where the Witch Queen is and enter through a hole, Noelle notices that Vanessa is unconscious on the floor. After listening to the Witches Queen's explanation on her punishing Vanessa, Noelle finds out with the others that two armies are approaching the Witches's Forest. When Vanessa regains consciousness, Noelle listens as Asta and Vanessa start to argue with each other. After that Noelle tells the queen that they will help defend the forest if she heals Asta's arms.[92] As the witch queen agrees, Noelle watches along with the others as the witch queen heals Asta's arms. After Asta's arms are healed and ready to fight, Noelle along Vanessa and Finral attack him over how worried that were for him but notices that Asta is unscathed.

Afterwards Noelle heads to where the Eye of the Midnight Sun's army is along with Asta, Vanessa, and Finral, were she uses her magic to put out the waters.[93] After a while Noelle goes to protect Asta, Vanessa, and Finral from an attack while also telling them that she cannot put out the fires since more just keep popping up. When Fana breaks that barrier, Noelle quickly escapes with the others, and how she is the only one that can weaken Salamander for them to defeat Fana. As Noelle suddenly remembers her family insulting her, she suddenly hears both the voices of Bruce and Asta who encourage her. Noelle then fires her strongest spell and manages to weaken Salamander, who tried to block the spell only to be defeated.[94] Noelle then watches as Asta manages to defeat Salamander with the help of Finral and Vanessa.

After the Diamond Kingdom's army is defeated and Fanzell along with Mars show up, Noelle watches as Fana decides to blow everything away by releasing her mana. Noelle then watches along with the others as Asta and Mars try to stop Fana from blowing everything away. After Asta and Mars manage to stop Fana, Noelle listens as Fana explains everything that had happened to her and the reason that the Eye of the Midnight Sun are here.[95] Noelle and the others are wounded by Ladros, minus Asta and Fana, when he launches an attack on them. Noelle then watches as Asta takes on Ladros. After Ladros get the advantage over Asta, Noelle watches as Anti-Magic starts to cover his body. Noelle continues to watch as Asta easily cuts through Ladros blast and defeat Ladros.

After Ladros if defeated and the Witch Queen arrives on the battlefield, Noelle along with the others minus Asta are taken hostage.[96] After the Witch Queen uses a spell to take control of Asta, Noelle is amazed by how many powerful spell the Witch Queen is using one after the other. When Noelle is chosen to be first killed, but is saved when Vanessa taps into her power to control fate. After the witch queen is defeated, Noelle and the other are freed and Noelle hugs Vanessa. Afterwards Noelle heads back to the witch queens palace with the others and listens as the witch queen explains about the magic stone, the elves, the demon, and Asta's swords.[97] After listening to the witch queen, Noelle parts ways with Fanzell, Dominante, Mariella, Fana, Mars, and Ladros after saying their goodbyes.

After Noelle returns to the Black Bulls headquarters with the others, Noelle is shocked to find out what had happened to the other group when they return from their missions.[98] When Yami and Finral reveal that the Star Awarding Festival is about to happen, Noelle joins them in the capital to enjoy the festival. When Kiato and Kahono arrive, Noelle is glad to see Kahono and even happy for her when Asta uses a spell he got from the Witch Queen to heal them. Noelle is then shocked when Kahono suggest that She along with Kiato and Asta go on a double date. As Noelle wonders what Kahono is thinking, Noelle is too distracted watching Asta and Kahono to enjoy the festival.

When they come across a crying child, Noelle tries to help her out but she does not stop crying. After Asta, Kahono, and Kaito cheer the child up, Noelle is able to find out that the girls name is Emma and what had happened. Noelle then has Kahono spread the word with her magic and is able to find the girls mother. After they return the girl to her mother and the mother notices that Noelle is a member of the royal family, Noelle gives a speech that she is their to help the people of the Clover Kingdom.[99] When Asta suddenly comments about how he likes her, Noelle is surprised by this and blast him away with a spell. Afterwards Noelle and Kahono head out on a date with just the two of them.

When the star ranking announcement starts, Noelle heads over to the stage with Kahono and Kaito. During the announcement, Noelle is shocked when the Black Bulls are in second place. When Julius asks for a member of the Black Bulls to come up on stage, Noelle wonders where Asta is and that he should be getting up on stage. After the announcements are over, Noelle comments to Kahono and Kaito that the Black Bulls will place first next year.

Mereoleona motivating Noelle

Mereoleona challenges Noelle to be like Acier.

When the festival is over Noelle chases down Asta so he can bid farewell to Kahono, but Mereoleona Vermillion grabs and carries her to Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail for training with Asta, Yuno, Yami, Charlotte, and the Crimson Lion squad.[100] As she makes her way along the path, Noelle struggles to maintain control of her mana, and Mereoleona notes how the girl has changed and challenges her to be like her mother, which motivates her.[101]

As they make their way up the volcano, Noelle and Leopold and the other Crimson Lions are obstructed by a magic lifeform made of lava. When Noelle tells Leopold to take it out, he points out that she should as her Water Magic would be more effective, but she explains that she is barely maintaining her Mana Skin. Suddenly Asta, cloaked in Anti Magic, slices through the lava monster, much to Noelle's shock.[102]

Noelle reaches the summit before nightfall, so she is allowed to soak in the hot springs.[103] Sol starts washing Noelle's hair, despite the girl's objections. Sol tells her about the Blue Rose squad having its men act as servants, which Noelle thinks is not a bad idea. When Charlotte passes out, Sol leaves Noelle alone, and Mereoleona points out that Noelle looks like her mother, Acier Silva. Noelle asks to hear more about her, so Mereoleona explains their past together and contrasts Noelle's abilities with her mother's. However, Mereoleona declares that Noelle will surpass Acier with her own abilities, with which Noelle agrees. Suddenly Noelle notices that the water has gotten warmer.[104]

A week later, Noelle attends the exam, where she spots her brother Solid, but remembering Mereoleona's comments, Noelle resolves herself.[105] She is placed on Team P with Yuno and En Ringard,[106] and after travelling to the tournament battlefield, she finds out her first opponent will be her brother's team.[107]

Noelle is concerned when Mimosa and Asta charge across the battlefield during the first match,[108] and is shocked when Team A's spells are reflected back at them.[109] As the second match starts, Noelle sums up Kirsch Vermillion as creepy, with which Klaus disagrees.[110]

Before the fifth match, Charmy floats out of Noelle's hood, having hidden herself and Nero in a cotton bundle. Noelle asks why she came, and Charmy explains that she wants to cheer for Yuno.[111]

As their first match begins, Noelle and Yuno disagree on who should lead, while En offers to support them. After Team O rapidly cross the battlefield, Noelle defends her team from Dmitri Brint's Combo Eruption, but Alecdora's Crushing Sand Clod absorbs her Water Magic. Team P are forced to split up, with Yuno flying off with Noelle and their crystal. Noelle talks Yuno into letting her go after their opponents' crystal alone, and as Alecdora tries to block their escape with sand, Noelle bursts through in a small Heavenly Wind Ark. As Noelle expected, Solid chases after her.[112] As she flies, Noelle uses Sea Dragon's Cradle to protect herself from Solid's Holy Water Assassination Bullets. Dmitri catches up to Solid and offers to help defeat Noelle, but En activates the spores he placed on Dmitri's robe, pulling him from the sky with a large, heavy mushroom.[113]

Solid faces a sea dragon

Noelle faces off against Solid.

Solid manages to land between Noelle and the crystal. En summons a Talking Mr. Mushroom on Noelle's shoulder, which creeps her out. After En gets heated in berating Solid for being a bad older brother, Noelle notices that En's personality is different when talking through the mushroom. Solid lashes out with Death Dealing Sea Serpents, destroying the mushroom and cutting Noelle in several places. Unwilling to give up, Noelle points her wand at her brother and resolves to show that she no longer afraid of him. Solid creates a large water serpent.[114] However, he panics when Noelle creates a large water dragon. She releases her Sea Dragon's Roar, destroying his spell and crystal and heavily injuring him.[115]

Afterwards, Asta compliments Noelle, and she boasts that she held back and thinks to herself that she can fire the spell two more times. En also compliments her, and Noelle notes his change of character.[116] Later after the ninth match, Noelle is proud of Team B's victory.[117]

After the tenth match, Noelle accompanies her squadmates when they stop Langris Vaude from killing Finral, and she watches as Owen heals Finral.[118]

Pumped for her next match, Noelle is astounded by Yuno's display of power in quickly destroying Team M's crystal.[119] During the final match, Noelle protects her team's crystal and works with En to take on Nils and Ruben.[120] She is shocked when Team I's crystal breaks while Rill Boismortier's and Yuno's spells clash. Team P are the winners of the match and the tournament.[121]

Several days after the exam, the Black Bulls are waiting to hear who has been selected. Noelle boasts about her team's victory. She and Magna bicker before noticing that Asta has not bothered to interrupt them. As Asta stares blankly, Noelle thinks about what happened during and after the exam.[122] Her thoughts are interrupted by a shout from the base's front door. Mereoleona barges in, grabs Noelle, Asta, and Luck, and carries them to the Royal Capital. There, she addresses the assembled Knights as those of the Royal Knights squad. Arriving late, Zora reveals that he is a Black Bull, which shocks Noelle and the others.[123][124]

Mereoleona has the squad don new robes before introducing additional members, including Nozel, which worries Noelle. After Mereoleona reveals the location of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base,[125] Cob Portaport transports the squad to the Gravito Rock Zone's floating dungeon. She then explains the situation and divides the squad into teams. Noelle infiltrates the dungeon with Luck, Kirsch, and Ben Benfunk.[126] As her team continues on, Noelle is carried along on Kirsch's cherry blossoms while criticizing her teammates.[127]

The team comes to a stop when Luck and Ben begin glowing.[128] Noelle is shocked and confused by their sudden change in appearance and attitude. Luck then fires a Thunder Arrow at Noelle, barely missing her but singeing her cheek. Kirsch provides cover with Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard and orders Noelle to create a defense, which she does. However, Luck crashes through the shield and ricochets around the hall, knocking Noelle and Kirsch to the floor.[129]

Noelle manages to escape without further injury and carries Kirsch, who is heavily injured, out of the dungeon. They rejoin the other Royal Knights and listen to a message about the chaos in the kingdom. Nozel coldly acknowledges that defending the kingdom may mean killing their fellow Magic Knights; however, Noelle declares that there must be a way to save both the kingdom and their friends. The group then departs, chasing after the dungeon.[130]

As they pass over Hage, they notice it is under attack, so Asta and Yuno request to go down and protect it. Nozel allows them to go by themselves and stops Noelle from joining them.[131] The Royal Knights reach Clover Castle just ahead of the dungeon.[132] The group of Magic Knights split up and head to different parts of the castle, with Nozel, Noelle, and Zora heading to defend House Silva's section. Once inside, Zora decides to go off on his own. Noelle protests but Nozel allows him. An elf then attacks the pair, and Nozel easily defends and knocks out the possessed Knight, amazing Noelle with his skill.[133]

Nozel crashes through the window and shields his younger brother from large compass needles, while Noelle follows up with a Sea Dragon's Roar directed at Kivn. The spell is deflected out of the tower, so Nebra takes the chance to hide their escape. Refusing to allow them to run away, the elf uses Another Atlas to disrupt the mana in the room, and Noelle struggles to maintain her Mana Skin. When Nozel orders his siblings to stay back because they cannot fight, Noelle refuses and Nozel then asks her to help show the elf the power of House Silva.[134]

Valkyrie Dress

Noelle uses Water Creation Magic: Valkyrie Dress.

Due to the swirling mana, Noelle is incapable of raising a Sea Dragon's Nest, so she floods the room with water while Nozel surrounds the siblings in a shell of mercury. Kivn is forced to release her spell, and Nozel takes that opportunity to restrain the elf.[135] Nozel admits his fear of losing their mother (or her appearance) again motivated his decision to discourage Noelle, and apologizes to Noelle, which shocks her and her siblings. The moment is cut short when Kivn stabs Nozel and erects a larger Another Atlas. Motivated by Nozel's recognition and her desire to protect her siblings, Noelle creates a new spell: Valkyrie Dress.[136]

Noelle overcomes Kivn

Noelle overcomes Kivn's magic.

Nozel then says that they have to heal Nebra when he is suddenly struck from behind. The elf then puts up a larger barrier so that Noelle will not be able to drown again. The elf also says that there is nothing they can do, and for them to give up and repent for their sins. Noelle wonders what to do, and decides to use her magic at close-range instead of long-range. Noelle then uses her magic to create herself an armor and weapons.[137] The elf quickly fires more needles at Noelle but Noelle easily dodges them and rushes forward. As Noelle gets closer, the elf uses her magic to distance herself from Noelle and fire more needles at Noelle. Noelle dodges the needles and closes the distance to the elf. As Noelle attack the elf, the elf uses her magic to block the attack. As the elf prepares to launch more needles, Noelle pushes forward and pierces through the elf's shield.[138] As Noelle defeats the elf, the Silva siblings are freed from the magic barrier of the elf. As Noelle tries to get Solid and their siblings some help, they are suddenly surrounded by elves.[139]

An elf comments about what the humans have done to Kivn and that its unforgivable, while firing a spell at them. Zora suddenly shows up and uses a trap spell to defeat the elf by reflecting the spell back at the elf. Zora reveals that he had come here because he had sensed them all, and that he had brought a servant to help. As the servant starts to panic about being brought to this location, Zora reveals that his masters are wounded and about to die. The servant quickly uses his magic to heal Nebra, and asks Solid to bring Nozel over to him. As Solid does nothing, Zora starts to mocking Solid about how pathetic he is. Nozel over hears this and remembers talking to his mother about protecting his siblings. As Noelle tries to get Zora to stop mocking Solid, but Nozel says that Zora is right. Nozel then gets up after using his magic to fortify his body.

As Nozel and Noelle get ready to continue fighting, Zora uses a spell of them that allows them to see were all the traps he has placed are at. Noelle and Nozel start to attack the elves, which Nozel uses his magic to help Noelle. As the elves go to attack the humans, they are suddenly stopped by trap magic. Noelle then defeats some of the elves, when two elves get behind Noelle and Nozel. Noelle and Nozel launch spells at the elves, but the spells are either dodged or blocked. The spells are reflected back at the elves when they his traps, and hit the elves.

Afterwards, the three mages notice the arrival of the Shadow Palace, and all of the elves that are descending from there. While Noelle wonders what to do, suddenly the Black Bulls appear from a portal and attack the elves while asking if everyone is okay. Noelle asks what took them so long, and that they better be grateful since she was able to keep them all fighting by learning a new magic spell. Noelle then thinks about how lonely and scared she was before they had arrived. Asta asks about the cool outfit that she is wearing, while Magna tells her that she better be thankful since they will be doing the protecting from now on. Zora wonders what the Black Bulls arrived in, which Noelle tells him that she has no idea either but is not surprised since she is used to everything being absurd by now. Zora and Noelle are then informed that the large walking bull is their ally. Yami orders the Black Bulls to handle the elves, but Zora and Noelle are soon paralyzed by Drowa and Eclat's Reflect Iris. They are freed when Asta strikes the pair of elves with his Demon-Destroyer Sword.

Zora and Noelle fly over on a broom and fall onto the pile of Black Bulls. The Black Bulls relocate to the courtyard of the castle and recover their magic power with Charmy's food, preparing to head into the Shadow Palace. They are attacked by more possessed Magic Knights, but Mereoleona and Fuegoleon Vermillion arrive and defeat the elves. As more possessed Golden Dawns arrive, Mereoleona thinks about how they have no time to face all the elves before the hole shrinks, the Black Bulls tells the captains that they will handle the elves while they head to the Shadow Palace. Magna tells Asta to head with the captains since they can use the power of his sword, which Asta says that he will go and wishes them the best of luck. Magna also says that they will be fine and to come back safely, while Noelle tries to tells them that she will go too. Kirsch then tells Mimosa to go with them to since they can use a healer, which Mimosa agrees since she can protect Asta too. Noelle once against tries to says that she will go too, but Solid tells her to head out with them since he acknowledges her as being the stronger one. Solid also says that one day he will surpass her and that she should also come back as the mightiest of the house of Silva, which Noelle agrees too.

Fuegoleon says that they are going to head out, which the elves responds that they are not going anywhere. The Black Bulls rush towards to elves, while saying that they are not going to get in their way and start to battle the elves. Fuegoleon, Mereoleona, Mimosa, Nozel, Noelle, and Asta then all head towards the Shadow Palace. As the Magic Knights pass through the gate to the Shadow Palace, they enter a strange space that disrupts their mana. Nozel informs everyone that the Shadow Palace is the border between the living world and the afterlife. Asta panics that they are going to die, which also causes Noelle to panic.[140]

Noelle outflanks Fana

Noelle battles Fana.

After passing through the gate, the Magic Knights are separated into different rooms of the Shadow Palace, with Noelle ending up in a room all alone. As Noelle wonders why she is all alone, Fana flies down and offers to keep her company for a short time. As Noelle fights Fana, Noelle notices that her Valkyrie Dress allows her to outmaneuver the elf. She also the elf as the one who possessed Fana from the Diamond Kingdom. Deciding not to hold back, Noelle fires her Sea Dragon's Roar spell and manages to destroy Fana's upper body, much to her shock. As Noelle begins to apologize for this, Fana's Phoenix Feathers Robe completely regenerates her body and the elf explains that the forbidden magic has allowed them to use even more unbelievable magic. Noelle wonders how she will deal with Fana, while Fana says that she is getting sick of dying.[141] As Noelle continues to battle Fana, none of her magic attacks works on Fana. Fana decides to end Noelle, but she is suddenly attacked by Jack the Ripper. Jack expresses his joy of finding a woman worthy of ripping apart, much to Fana's surprise. Noelle wonders why it had to be Jack who showed up, which Jack asks if she has a problem with him. Noelle and Jack continue to fight against Fana. Later Licht collects Fana's mana for a spell to use against Zagred, as her fight with Jack and Noelle continues. Fana thinks about how she cannot fight against Jack anymore due to his magic adapting to hers, when the creatures created from Zagred's magic comes into the room. Nozel and Mimosa show up and save Fana, while telling them all that they have to leave immediately.

After Zagred's defeat, the Shadow Palace begins to collapse with everyone on each floor rushing to escape the devil's magic, with the protective magic of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover and Licht beginning to wear off. However, a portal appears and drops the assorted Magic Knights and elves directly on top of Asta and Yuno. Rades Spirito and Valtos appear from another portal, and Valtos explains that this is the first step in his atonement. Suddenly Yami cuts a hole through the spell while Charla and Revchi Salik pull them up out of it. Yami has hold of Gueldre Poizot. Asta notices that Revchi and Geuldre are with the captains of the Black Bulls and Blue Roses. Lemiel is fascinated by the odd magics and consders the Clover Kingdom to be in good hands. With everyone gathered, they all head to the exit.

While they are all exiting the Shadow Palace, Charmy tightly hangs onto Yuno much to Sylph's anger. Asta notices that Charmy has returned to normal and comments about it, which Charmy replies that she has always been like this. Asta and Mimosa become confused by this and wonder if they were seeing things, while Noelle simply wonders why Charmy is here, which Charmy tells her that she will be anywhere where there is good food or where Yuno is. As the knights arrive back at the Kingdom, Nozel points out that everything is not over and that there are still elves rampaging throughout the Kingdom. After a plan is made by Patolli to bring William Vangeance back so he can help fix things, Noelle watches with everyone else as William, Asta, and Licht combine their magic to exorcise the rest of the elves, undoing the Reincarnation Magic and finally saving the Kingdom.

Later the Magic Knights begin to help the citizens of the kingdom, while commenting how the long battle is over. Mimosa is healing Asta on top of a tower, while Noelle comments about how Asta had pushed himself too far once again. Lemiel expresses his gratitude for their help with dealing with the devil, while also thinking about how they used the power of another devil. Noelle and Mimosa wonder who Lemiel and Secre are, even though Lemiel looks like the statue of the first Wizard King. Asta reveals that Lemiel is the first Wizard King and expresses that he will become a great Wizard King just like Lemiel. Asta says that Secre is Nero, which Noelle wonders if Asta had hit his head somewhere. Secre says that Asta is correct, which Noelle is shocked by this. Asta expresses how amazing Secre is for being able to transform into a human, which Secre reveals that she was originally a human. Asta wonders why she did not say anything, which Secre says that she did not get a chance to talk to Asta until they escaped from the Shadow Palace. Secre then pinches Asta's cheek for talking so brazenly to Lemiel, which Asta tells her to stop and how she is still the Nero that he knows. Noelle thinks about how Secre is the same cute Nero, but she is now cute in a different way.

Mimosa heals Asta after the battle with Zagred

Mimosa heals Asta after the battle.

Lemiel's body starts to crumble, which Lemiel says that his mana is starting to run out. Noelle, Mimosa, and Asta are shocked by this, which Mimosa wonders if her magic can help. Lemiel asks Secre to do her part in guiding the kingdom towards their ideal, but Secre expresses her desire to stay with Lemiel forever. Lemiel says that it was because of Secre that he was able to protect the future and that he does not want to close the door on any of her potential. Lemiel also says that he is looking forward to the future of the clover kingdom that they have protected. Lemiel thinks about how he feels such content that he was able to meet his own descendants. Secre tells Lemiel that she was happy being able to serve him, which Lemiel says that it was the same for him and thanks her for all her hard work. Asta, Mimosa, Noelle, and Secre then watch as Lemiel's body crumbles away.[142]

A day later, Julius and Yami call together a meeting with Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre, who are all uncertain about who the kid is. Julius explains that the kingdom is faced with three problems. The first is the lack of a Wizard King. Yami points that Julius is the kid, surprising the others. Julius explains that his magic power and grimoire are limited and that his influence with the nobles has weakened. When Asta inquires about how Julius survived and became younger, Julius further explains that he found an ancient magic tool and combined the Swallowtail marking with his Time Magic to store additional time. He also comments that it did not work out perfectly, which Yami counters saying that it is unusual to get a second chance at life. After exchanging pleasantries with Asta and asking about Secre's magic, Julius apologizes and says that the last two problems are very closely related. The second problem is that a foreign nation will destroy the Clover Kingdom if it does not change. Asta wonders if it could be the Diamond Kingdom or another country. Julius then says that the last problem is that Asta will die and that both could happen. Asta and Noelle are left stunned by the revelation of the last problem. As Julius explains that the power inside of Asta's grimorie belongs to another devil and explains what the curse of Weg is, Noelle and Mimosa both ask Asta if he is alright, with him stating that he is fine but that all of his muscles ache, with Mimosa pointing out that that does not count as being fine. Julius then explains further about the other three kingdoms, saying that the Spade Kingdom was the one likely to attack, and that the Magic Parliament will need to blame the devil for the recent events and that Asta is the perfect scapegoat for this. Asta is confused who the Magic Parliament is, to which Julius replies, and then tells them that they are currently controlled by House Kira, shocking Noelle and Mimosa.

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days after the elves are exorcised, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre.[143] Damnatio shrinks the squad's spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[144]

A few days later, Noelle goes to the capital to visit Dorothy Unsworth. Dorothy asks if Nozel had asked her to come, which Noelle says yes and asks about her mother and the devils. Dorothy leaves three of her squad members to finish the cleanup effort. She then pulls Noelle into her Glamour World so that they can discuss in secret and safety. Dorothy initially teases Noelle with a copy of Asta, which Noelle blasts away. Dorothy then creates a copy of Nozel and reveals that Acier died because of a devil's curse. She explains that the curse will kill anyone who speaks of it in the outside world, so Nozel could never tell his siblings. She further explains how devils manifest in the living world and warns that their influence has been spreading.[145]

After learninga more during their mission to investigate devils, the Black Bulls discover a powerful curse in the Heart Kingdom, so Asta and Noelle visit Mimosa at the Golden Dawn's Base to ask her about her trip there as a student. Mimosa notes that the application period is still open, so she secures passage for the three of them and Finral into the Heart Kingdom. They travel by boat, and after passing through the barrier, they are greeted by Gadjah, whom Mimosa remembers from her previous visit. He hands them crimson orange juice and tells them the history of the Heart Kingdom while the Princess uses her Water Magic to move the boat across the kingdom. Suddenly water traps Asta in a ball and whisks him away. Mimosa questions Gadjah's motive, to which he replies that it is for the sake of peace. Noelle says that they have to head after Asta, which Finral tells them to leave it to him.

After the three jump off the ship, Finral uses Fallen Angel Flapping to warp Noelle, Mimosa, and himself further out over the forest. Gadjah catches up to Finral blindingly fast. Before Gadjah can catch Finral, Noelle protects him with Sea Dragon's Nest. Finral opens a portal to escape the defense and notices that Gadjah is hovering in midair without using magic.

Noelle clads herself in her Valkyrie Dress and challenges Gadjah, who accepts.[146] Gadjah fires a lightning bolt from his hand and commands it to follow Noelle when she tries to dodge. Before it can hit Noelle, Finral warps it away and Mimosa fires her Magic Cannon Flower, which misses Gadjah. He then creates a magic circle in the sky and summons a large storm cloud.[147] The trio escape from the large lightning strike with Spatial Magic and hide from sight a distance away. Mimosa uses her Magic Flower Guidepost to locate Gadjah so that Finral can open a portal behind the Spirit Guardian and Noelle can hit him with a Sea Dragon's Roar through the portal.[148] Gadjah manages to deflect the spell with a defensive magic circle on his body. He senses their location and quickly flies over to them, catching them by surprise. Instead of attacking, Gadjah kneels and apologizes, admitting that it was to test their magical skills.[149] Gadjah then escorts the Magic Knights to the Princess's throne room, where the Princess Lolopechka introduces herself and then asks the mages for assistance. After explaining the situation with her curse and with the Spade Kingdom, the Princess asks for the Clover Kingdoms help, explaining that they needed the power of Asta and Secre, who are both Arcane Stage mages.

Lolopechka tells them that she will share any information she has access to, if they would lend their power in order to defeat the Devil. Noelle says that they cannot decide that on their own, which Asta says that they should ask Yami with the artifact they have. Once they get in contact with Yami, but he tells them to leave him alone since he is in the bathroom. Mimosa says that she figured something like this might happen, so she borrowed an artifact in order to get in contact with Marcus. When they get in contact with Marcus, he asks what is the matter but suddenly notices the princess. Suddenly Julius butts in to look at the princess, and asks her what kind of magic she uses. Marcus tells Julius to not butt in on his own since he is small right now, which Asta says that Lolopechka already knows about Julius's situation.

After explaining the situation to Julius, Julius says that he is fine with it and even wants to join in. After the alliance is officially established, Lolopechka reveals that the devil, Megicula, has made the Spade Kingdom its home, and is using the people of that kingdom to build up and accumulate power in order to attack and vanquish the Clover, Heart, and other kingdoms.[150] Lolopechka says that she will be killed by the curse in a year, and how she wants to launch a preemptive attack on the Spade Kingdom. Lolopechka also says that their time limit is half a year, and that they need as much military strength as they can get. Lolopechka tells them to assemble as many people capable of fighting against the devil as they can find, since the Heart Kingdom's Spirit Guardians will make them stronger. Lolopechka says that she wants them to train with them and fight with them in six months, which the Clover Kingdom agrees to.

During the six months of training, Lolopechka trains Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre with a focus on the plans and tactics she developed after facing Vanica and Megicula.[151][152]

Six months later in the Heart Kingdom, the Magic Knights are assembled to deal with the oncoming mobile fortress sent by the Spade Kingdom. The Magic Knights strategize about their counterattack, and Lolopechka worriedly informs them about how the enemies are mistreating their own people. Hearing this, Asta suddenly takes off from the meeting, and as others worry about what to do next, Lolopechka smiles and says that it is better for him to go attack now. Later after Asta defeats all of the Spade Kingdom soldiers, Noelle reaches the Candelo with Finral and Mimosa traveling with her inside one of her spells. As she releases her spell, she ends up dousing Asta and Finral in water. Noelle complains on how hard it was on her to maintain a transport spell in Grand Magic Zone and inquires Asta on leaving them behind, with Noelle thinking to herself about mostly being upset that he left without her. Noticing the woman who was assaulted by the Spade soldier, Finral tries to flirt with her but backs off as he remembers that Finesse Calmreich is the only one for him, with Noelle bluntly stating her surprise at Finral's behavior, stating that she's surprised that he's even engaged at all. With Mimosa healing the rescued people, Noelle notices that the people are still sad, since they have lost their home to the soldiers. The woman replies that the soldiers were cruel enough to kill the people who resisted and they will be killed immediately even if they return. Noelle smiles and asks them not to worry as Leopold Vermillion and Luck Voltia have headed to the town to defeat the spade soldiers.

With Luck and Leopold informing everyone that they succeeded in saving the town, Finral marks the current location and heads to the town. The woman inquires what they are going to do to the town since they need to obey the strong in order to live. Asta smilingly replies that it is their town and that the Magic Knights will not be doing anything, and informs them that Finral will teleport them all back, which delights the prisoners. Asta says that their role is to defeat the devil in the Spade Kingdom. The woman reveals that the Spade Kingdom is currently being ruled by mages known as the Dark Triad and how their strength is almost like that of a devil.

In the Royal Palace of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka thanks everyone for successfully completing their mission and guarantees the safety of Tolon, the town which they liberated. Lolopechka adds that as they gain more Spade Kingdom territory, the will corner the devils. Although it is a difficult task, Noelle Silva feels hopeful since they have Lolopechka's support. The Magic Knights discuss what to do next. Asta, Luck Voltia, and Leopold Vermillion wish to spar with Gadjah. Lolopechka wants to join the training but trips and falls. Noelle suggests they have a bath since they returned from a long travel to a Grand Magic Zone. Lolopechka, Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre decide to go for a bath but a villager rushes in for help, stating that Charmy has appeared in the Polnfrume Forest. Finral Roulacase steps in to take care of the situation, but Asta convinces him that he can take care of it. Asta summons the Demon-Slayer Sword and flies off from the castle, while Finral reflects on how much Asta has improved. At Elmora Lake, the women bathe, discuss dating, and also speak on how fortunate they are to have met each other.

Later in her underground chamber, Lolopechka dotes on Charmy, feeding her fruits, upsetting Noelle who asks the princess not to pamper her after what she did. The knights are then interrupted when the Princess senses people infiltrate her barrier. She creates a map showing the intruders' locations and realizes that one of them is Vanica.[153] While using her Mana Zone to evacuate and protect her citizens, Lolopechka notices that four of the Spirit Guardians have been defeated. She panics and decides to withdraw those she sent to support the Spirit Guardians, but Noelle convinces her to let them handle the fighting.[154]

When Vanica and a Dark Disciple reach the underground chamber, Lolopechka has Undine boost Mimosa's Magic Cannon Flower to defeat the Disciple with one shot. Vanica enters after her Disciple, and Lolopechka questions why Vanica attacked the citizens when the Princess is the Dark Triad's goal. Vanica explains that she wishes to further motivate the Princess, which distresses Lolopechka. After Noelle points out that they have defeated all of Vanica's Disciples, they are shocked to see the Disciple stand back up, and Vanica explains and demonstrates that her Disciples will continue to resurrect due to a curse. Lolopechka then worries about all the others as the Disciples stand back up uninjured. When Vanica reveals that defeating her will end the resurrections, the three royal women prepare to battle, with Lolopechka changing into her formal dress.[155]

Mermaid Form of Valkyrie Dress

Noelle's Mermaid Form.

After donning her Valkyrie Dress, Noelle unleashes Sea Dragon's Roar. Vanica's Red Beast easily blocks the spell, toward which Vanica is dismissive. When Noelle is distracted by Mimosa's fight with the Dark Disciple, Vanica lashes out with her Blood Magic, but Undine raises a wall of water, defending the Magic Knights. As the fight continues, Vanica lets slip that Zenon and Dante Zogratis are hunting down the World Tree Magic and Dark Magic mages. Lolopechka researches the two magic attributes in her inherited memories and learns about the Tree of Qliphoth. Realizing that the fate of humanity is at stake, Lolopechka resolves to stop the Dark Triad's plan, so the Princess traps Vanica in her Ludic Sanctuary spell, which weakens Vanica's Blood Magic and bolsters Noelle's Water Magic.

Noelle then shifts her armor into its Mermaid Form and drives her lance into Vanica's abdomen.[156] Vanica gets excited to fight someone else, along with Lolopechka, and attacks with 50 percent of the devil's power.[157] Lolopechka notices how powerful Vanica still is and warns Noelle, which Noelle is able to evade Vanica's attack and continues to attack Vanica. Vanica continues to increase her power, which Noelle notices the power increase and asks if this is the power Vanica used to kill her mother. Vanica does not know what she is talking about, and comments about how she does not care about the past and just want to have fun now. Noelle continues to clash with Vanica, while Vanica continues to increase her power. Vanica decides to use her full power and unleashes her full power of 70 percent.

Point-Blank Sea Dragon's Roar

Noelle attacks Vanica directly.

Lolopechka and Noelle notices their chance and calls for Secre. Secre suddenly appears and uses her Eternal Prison on Vanica, but they notice that the spell is not working. Megicula then takes control of Vanica's body and uses his magic to destroy both Eternal Prison and Ludic Sanctuary. Lolopechka wonders how this could have happened, which Megicula tells her that his spell, Decaying World, was activate and it stop their spells. As Lolopechka start to ride in pain, Vanica comments about how boring this is and decides to finish Lolopechka off. Noelle gets back up to stop Vanica, but Vanica says that she is done with Noelle. As Noelle charges, Vanica hits Noelle with a spell but Noelle says that she is not done yet. Vanica notices that Noelle is uses her armor to avoid a lethal blow, which Noelle uses to chance to land a blow on Vanica. Vanica comments about how that attack did not work, which Noelle replies that she is not finished. Noelle attack with her Sea Dragon's Roar spell at close range, but Vanica counters it her Red Beast spell. Vanica comments about how useless Noelle's attack was, but suddenly notices something. Vanica asks for Noelle's name, which Noelle tells her that she is a member of the Clover Kingdom's royal family. Vanica then remembers Noelle's mother, Acier, and decides to take Lolopechka hostage, in order to make Noelle stronger for their next fight.[158] Vanica then activates the Exploding Life spells within her Dark Disciples, and explains what the spell does to those near by. Vanica then leaves with Lolopechka, as her Dark Disciples explode. Mimosa and Noelle manage to block some of the explosion. The Magic Knights are later found by Patolli, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana, who take them back to a secret village of elves, Elysia.

Noelle Silva recognizes the elves as the former Third Eye and leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, she then notices that everyone survived and that they are also in the village. Noelle looks around at the village and senses the intensely concentrated mana. Suddenly two children peek out from behind Patolli, which Noelle wonders who are the children. Patolli reveals that the children are descendants of the Clover Kingdom's royal family and Licht, which shocks Noelle and Mimosa.[159] Patolli tells them that Elysia is the new elf village and that once they learned of this place, they knew why they remained in this world. Mimosa asks why the elves saved them, which Patolli replies that Dryad, the guardian deity of Elysia, sent them a divine revelation to do so. Patolli comments about how they failed to reach them in time, but the six where able to survive thanks to their own power and even able to save the Heart Kingdom. Patolli says that it was incredible that they faced powerful enemies and were not annihilated, and that they have become strong over the last six months. Noelle says that they were not strong enough since they could not protect Lolopechka and were not able to defeat Vanica. Noelle says that Lolopechka was taken and they do not know how long she will be kept alive.

Noelle says that they have to get strong and asks Patolli to help them get stronger. Rhya comments about how that is not how someone asks for favors. Patolli wonder if they can grow strong enough within a short amount of time, even through they trained for six months and could not defeat them. Noelle knows that it will not be easy but giving up would be even harder, with which the others agree. Rhya comments about how much they are a pain. Patolli says that they can get stronger, by using the elves' Ultimate Magic.[160] Patolli takes them to meet Dryad, and while the other train to attain Ultimate Magic,[161] Noelle is taken aside and learns that Undine transferred to her. She also learns that spirit hosts can reach Saint Stage, another class of magic that can defeat devils. Noelle wonders why Undine did not teach any of the current spirit hosts, to which Undine replies that Lolopechka is unable to learn offensive magic and that she wanted to preserve Lolopechka's kindness. Undine regrets this decision, but Noelle argues that being kind and feeling affection cannot be considered mistakes. The two agree to work together to defeat Vanica and rescue Lolopechka.[162]

Three days later, Noelle and the others travel to the Spade Kingdom's capital in order to help stop the Qliphoth Advent Ritual.[163] They use True Magic attacks to decimate the horde of low-ranking devils.[164]

Saint Noelle stabs Vanica

In her Saint Valkyrie Dress, Noelle stabs Vanica.

Noelle and Gadjah enter the castle, and upon reaching Vanica's chamber, Noelle stops Vanica from attacking Charlotte, while Gadjah grabs hold of Lolopechka who is under Vanica's control. Vanica blocks Noelle's lance, but the momentum carries her backwards.[165] Upset by Vanica's treatment of Lolopechka, Noelle and Undine promise to defeat Vanica.[166] When Vanica attacks them, Noelle assimilates Undine into her body and armor, creating Saint Valkyrie Dress, which blocks Vanica's spikes of blood.[167] Vanica creates a herd of Red Beasts, but Noelle destroys them with ease. Undine mentions that they need to defeat Vanica in under a minute, so Noelle insists that she will do so in 30 seconds. She attacks Vanica directly, dodging the Dark Triad's counterattacks.[168] As Vanica grows to enjoy the fight, she creates a large Red Beast, and Noelle destroys it with a Sea Dragon's Roar. Noelle then creates a sword and drives it into Vanica's abdomen.[169]

Noelle continues breaking through Vanica's counters and eventually pins her to a piece of rubble. Vanica mistakes the feeling for friendship and wishes to continue competing, but Noelle refuses and prepares to kill her. However, Megicula emerges from Vanica's body and forces Noelle back. At the same time, Megicula alters Lolopechka's curse, turning her into a devil.[170] Noelle is confused how Megicula manifested without another gate opening, and the devil explains how it used Malevolent Femcantation, part of which was cursing Acier to death. Angered by Megicula's actions, Noelle attacks but the devil's improved Decaying World dismantles the spell.[171] After Megicula defeats Charlotte and Rill and Lolopechka stabs Gadjah, Noelle's Spirit Dive runs out of time and dissolves.[172]

Noelle then watches as Gadjah paralyzes Lolopechka[173] and uses his life to disintegrate Megicula's body, revealing its heart. Taking advantage of the opening, Noelle recreates her Saint Stage sword and rushes toward the heart. Before Noelle can reach the heart, Megicula regenerates its body[174] and recurses Undine, blocking Noelle from accessing any more Saint Stage power. Despite the grim situation, Noelle refuses to give up and clads herself in armor. Megicula slowly tears off pieces, injuring Noelle each time, but she still refuses to give up, stating that it is humanity's strength. Unable to understand, Megicula decides to detonate Lolopechka's devil power. Noelle reaches out for her friend, and Asta flies in, tags Noelle's hand, and then negates the building magic power.[175]

Noelle cuts apart Megicula's heart

Noelle destroys Megicula's heart.

Megicula tries immediately to kill Lolopechka and Vanica, but Charlotte—who has been temporarily revitalized and empowered by Rill's Twilight of Valhalla—negates the curses. In response, the devil reanimates a hundred dead Dark Disciples and imbues them with curse power, Blood Magic, and Steel Magic. Since Asta is still experiencing debilitating pain and is unable to continue fighting, Undine has to pull him and Lolopechka to safety. Noelle reflects on what Asta means to her and his influence on her, and admits to herself her strong feelings for him. Deciding to focus on killing Megicula, she then reforms her Saint Valkyrie Dress.[176] Undine warns Noelle that they have limited power left; fortunately, the captains help deal with the soldiers, clearing a path for Noelle. When Megicula fuses several soldiers to create giants, one giant attacks Noelle, but Luck in his Lightning Battle Fiend kicks a hole through it. Inspired by Luck, Rill revitalizes Gadjah so the two Lightning Mages can clear a path through the soldiers and destroy Megicula's body again. Noelle follows after them and thrusts her sword at the devil's heart; however, Megicula manages to stop the sword. As the devil prepares several blood spears, Nozel arrives and protects his sister, encasing her in a mercury sphere.[177] Nozel then barrages the devil with attacks and eventually overwhelms it, overcoming its Blood and Steel Magic. After he destroys Megicula's body, he opens the mercury sphere, and Noelle slices the devil's heart into four pieces.

As the devil disintegrates, Acier's soul is freed and she hugs her two children before fading away, and Nozel makes a mercury dress for Noelle.[178] With Megicula's death, Lolopechka is also freed from the devil's curses, including the devil transformation, which leaves her naked. Seeing Asta holding a naked woman, Noelle punches him away and then hugs Lolopechka. When Asta returns and asks for an explanation, Noelle is too embarrassed to admit her feelings so she punches him away again. She then looks over at her brother, who remains silent and makes another mercury dress for Lolopechka.[179]

When Rill's Twilight of Valhalla ends, Rill, Charlotte, and Gadjah collapse from their lethal injuries. Noelle wishes to save them since they worked to do the right thing, to which Nacht counters that they defeated a highest-ranking devil and that in reality, those who do right are not always rewarded. However, he also brings out Mimosa, who activates her Ultimate Magic spell, Flower Princess Utopia, which fully heals Gadjah, Rill, and Charlotte. Noelle then remarks that magic allows them to counter that reality. Gadjah then confesses his love for Lolopechka, which flabbergasts Noelle and the others.[180]

After Zenon's tower crumbles, Nacht announces that all of the Dark Triad are defeated but the ritual has not stopped.[181] After the Black Bull base smashes through the castle to the ritual chamber, Noelle follows after it and joins the rest of the Black Bulls.[182] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[183]

Before they can reach Yami, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William. The Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull.[184] As the base fights the devil, Noelle and the others gather in the cockpit,[185] and they all encourage Asta to defeat the monster without hurting the captains[186] so they do not lose hope when Lucifero heavily damages the base.[187]

After Asta slashes the monster in half, the base catches Yami as he falls. The Black Bulls then gather around Yami on the hand and are overjoyed to see him.[188] The tearful reunion is cut short when Lucifero partially manifests from the monster's remains and crushes the area with heavy gravity.[189] Most of the squad is buried and trapped beneath the base's rubble.[190]

After Lucifero is defeated and Yami and Nacht are on the verge of death, Rouge reaches a thread into the rubble, and the rest of the Black Bulls fly out on The Mini Bull through one of Finral's spatial portals. Charmy feeds Mimosa with magic-restoring food so that Mimosa can save the captain and vice-captain. With the Black Bulls together again, they thank Nacht for his help and welcome him, which he accepts.[191]

A year and three months later, Noelle attends the special awards ceremony for Asta.[192] At the banquet afterward, Noelle and Mimosa are flustered over their feelings for Asta, so Secre whispers to them that Asta is going to be confessing his love, which further flusters the pair, much to Secre's entertainment. The three women spy on Asta as he takes Sister Lily out onto a balcony and proposes one final time, which shocks Noelle and Mimosa. They listen as Lily refuses because she views Asta as a brother.[193] They are all surprised by the sudden arrival of Lucius Zogratis and initially confuse him for Julius. Lucius then stops time for everyone,[194] so when Asta nullifies the Time Magic spell, Noelle and the others are perplexed by the sudden change in events and Asta's declaration to surpass the Wizard King.[195]

Once Asta takes the fight further into the city, Noelle, alongside Secre, flies after him and pulls Mimosa with her. Upon seeing Asta heavily injured, Noelle attacks Lucius and Lily, but Lily blocks Noelle's attack. Noelle is confused by Lily's new magic attribute and further confused by Lucius's identity and explanation. When Secre and Mimosa head toward Asta to heal him, Lily teleports in front of them and traps Noelle, Secre, and Mimosa within a spatial cube, disrupting their spells and preventing them from escaping. Noelle pleads with Lily, but the Paladin teleports Asta away, horrifying Noelle, Secre, and Mimosa. As the Magic Knight Captains arrive, Lucius and Lily teleport away, and the spatial cube around the three women dissolves.[196]

The three women and the captains return to the ceremonial hall, and once Kaiser Granvorka and Yuno arrive, Secre, Noelle, and Mimosa recount the events of Lucius's attack. Nacht reports that he cannot locate Asta's shadow, and Yuno recounts the unusual circumstances of his recent mission to investigate devil activity. The captains discuss all of the revelations, and Yuno declares that he will defeat Lucius and become the Wizard King.[197]


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