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Noelle Silva, Nozel Silva, and Zora vs. Elves is a fight that occurs in the Silva Residence of the Clover Castle.


As Noelle defeats Kivn, the barrier surrounding them is undone. Noelle tries to get Solid to go get their siblings some medical attentions, but notices that they are surrounded by elves.[1]


An elf comments about what the humans have done to Kivn and that its unforgivable, while firing a spell at them. Zora suddenly shows up and uses a trap spell to defeat the elf by reflecting the spell back at the elf. Zora reveals that he had come here because he had sensed them all, and that he had brought a servant to help.[2] As the servant starts to panic about being brought to this location, Zora reveals that his masters are wounded and about to die. The servant quickly uses his magic to heal Nebra, and asks Solid to bring Nozel over to him. As Solid does nothing, Zora starts to mocking Solid about how pathetic he is. Nozel over hears this and remembers talking to his mother about protecting his siblings.[3] As Noelle tries to get Zora to stop mocking Solid, but Nozel says that Zora is right. Nozel then gets up after using his magic to fortify his body.

As Nozel and Noelle get ready to continue fighting, Zora uses a spell of them that allows them to see were all the traps he has placed are at. Noelle and Nozel start to attack the elves, which Nozel uses his magic to help Noelle. As the elves go to attack the humans, they are suddenly stopped by trap magic. Noelle then defeats some of the elves, when two elves get behind Noelle and Nozel. Noelle and Nozel launch spells at the elves, but the spells are either dodged or blocked. The spells are reflected back at the elves when they his traps, and hit the elves.


As the elves are defeated, Zora thinks about how the elves do not know about the likes of counter-traps and other complicated magic. Zora also thinks about how the elves truly do not understand the magic of humans.[4]


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