Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase, and Mimosa Vermillion vs. Gadjah is a fight that occurs in the Heart Kingdom.


Asta, Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase, and Mimosa Vermillion enter the Heart Kingdom, and Gadjah arrives as their escort. As they are traveling, Asta is kidnapped by Princess Lolopechka, and the other Magic Knights give chase.[1]


After the three jump off the ship, Finral uses Fallen Angel Flapping to warp Noelle, Mimosa, and himself further out over the forest. Gadjah catches up to Finral blindingly fast. Before Gadjah can catch Finral, Noelle protects him with Sea Dragon's Nest. Finral opens a portal to escape the defense and notices that Gadjah is hovering in midair without using magic.

Noelle clads herself in her Valkyrie Dress and challenges Gadjah, who accepts.[2] Gadjah fires a lightning bolt from his hand and commands it to follow Noelle when she tries to dodge. Before it can hit Noelle, Finral warps it away and Mimosa fires her Magic Cannon Flower, which misses Gadjah. He then creates a magic circle in the sky and summons a large storm cloud.[3] The trio escape from the large lightning strike with Spatial Magic and hide from sight a distance away. Mimosa uses her Magic Flower Guidepost to locate Gadjah so that Finral can open a portal behind the Spirit Guardian and Noelle can hit him with a Sea Dragon's Roar through the portal.[4]

Gadjah manages to deflect the spell with a defensive magic circle on his body. He senses their location and quickly flies over to them, catching them by surprise. Instead of attacking, Gadjah kneels and apologizes, admitting that it was to test their magical skills.[5]


Gadjah escorts the Magic Knights to the Princess's throneroom.[6]


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