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You see, even if their chances of winning are slim, there are times when humans just have to act!! It's not as if we can win as long as we don't give up. However, if we give up, we'll definitely never win!!! Our strength lies in not giving up!!!!

— To Megicula in Beyond Tenacity

Noelle Silva 「ノエル・シルヴァ Noeru Shiruva」 is a noblewoman and the second daughter of the Clover Kingdom's House Silva, one of its royal families.[4][5] She is also a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bull[6] and Royal Knights squads.[7]

Undine, the spirit of water, chooses to serve Noelle after her contract with Princess Lolopechka is temporarily weakened.[8] With Undine having returned to Lolopechka, Noelle contracts with the "Sea God" Leviathan for Judgment Day.[9]


Noelle is a young woman with a slender build and pink eyes. She possesses long, silver-colored hair, which is usually tied in pigtails, with her center bangs over her forehead. Additionally, she wears a pair of purple stud earrings with a cross flory fitchy shape, and a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

She wears a sleeveless, backless, short purple dress covered by a silver-colored blazer. The blazer has a backless design with sleeves attached at the back that extend slightly beyond her elbows with gold-colored cuffs. The blazer also has a pair of House Silva pins attached to it around her collarbone area. Additionally, it has frilly edges and a rounded tailcoat that extends down to her knees. Furthermore, the blazer extends up to her neck where it has frilly edges and is held together by a gold locket. She wears a brown leather belt that supports her pouch, which has a similar color and gold ornaments at its corners. The pouch hands on her right side, and contains her grimoire. She also wears a pair of silver-colored leg warmers with a gold-colored cuff at both ends and a pair of sandals.

As a member of the Black Bull squad, Noelle wears her black squad robe, which looks like a hooded mantle with gold trimming. It has a gold-colored button to hold it together at the right-hand side. The robe also displays her squad's insignia on the left-hand side.

After six months of training in the Heart Kingdom, Noelle has made very slight improvements to her normal attire. She now wears a modified version of her squad's signature robe, which is now attached by a turquoise cord that wraps around her neck. She also now has her hair tied in pigtails with purple ribbons, and seems to no longer wear earrings. In addition to her center bangs she also has grown longer bangs to each side.

As a child, she sported a braided pigtail hairstyle on the sides of her head. Her attire also has a strong resemblance to her current attire.[5]



Noelle arrogance

Noelle's arrogant demeanor

Having been born into the royal family, Noelle can seem arrogant and vain. This can be seen when she denies Asta's act of friendship while proclaiming that she has not given him permission to talk to her.[4]

This also causes her to have difficulty admitting her failures, as she often tries to find excuses or blames her mistakes on somebody else.[10] After finally coming out of her difficulties in admitting her mistakes, Noelle can also be seen as very reserved on expressing her delight over her achievements where she would rather suppress those feelings and shows her usual stern expression.[11][12] She has a supposedly high sense of taste for items, as can be seen when she disdainfully says that Magna Swing's broom is lame.[13]

However, due to having been rejected by her own family, who had noticed and mocked her lack of control over her Magic Power, Noelle developed anxiety and a slight inferiority complex from having to contend with her highly accomplished brothers and sister. Her uncertainty around her magic control, her previous mistakes, and need to be accepted, leads Noelle to try and prove her family wrong to the point where she will overexert herself during simple training.[14] Her family's treatment has also caused her anxiety to develop into skepticism of most people's motives when she meets them, her since she expects them to react the same way.[15] She has also developed tsundere characteristics as she is not used to being praised or accepted which often causes her to act haughty in response to praise, particularly Asta.

She is also rather modest, as she is mortified when she realizes her shirt is torn, showing her breasts slightly after the dungeon mission[16] and is also slightly embarrassed wearing her bikini at the beach.[17]

Because of the Black Bulls' influence, notably Asta's, Noelle slowly begins to have more confidence in herself. This gives birth to a more courageous side where she is even willing to go against opponents like Vetto and her own brother, Solid.

Kahono points out a reason that Noelle lacked magic control comes from a strong desire to not hurt anyone, which unconsciously caused her spells to miss the intended target. Her first use of strong and controlled magic was Sea Dragon's Nest, a defensive spell intended to protect those she was charged with helping. These actions show despite Noelle's shortcomings and arrogant facade, she has a kind heart, and wants to be of use to her friends and the people, which sets her apart from most nobles. She is not a pacifist by any means, as she is often seen using powerful and dangerous magic when pushed into a corner and refuses to give in to any opponent. Another aspect that sets her apart from other nobles is how she's less prejudiced towards commoners which was shown during the Star Awards Festival where she comforts a child and declares everyone should enjoy the celebration regardless of their status.

This confidence, courage, and kindness shapes Noelle a strong resolve to protect those she cares for, which creates a more selfless side to her personality. Though her growth is admirable, her noble pride and upbringing still causes her to not always be honest with herself or act in an arrogant way towards most others. She has had a consistent struggle admitting and accepting her strong love for Asta, regularly denying any attachment to him.



Battle Prowess[]


  • Water Magic: Noelle uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate water. She primarily uses this magic to shoot waterballs toward her opponents.[18][19]
  • Creation Magic: Noelle uses this form of magic to shape objects and entities from water magic.[21]
  • Spirit Magic: Noelle used this form of magic to summon a spirit that can assist her in battle. She used this magic to summon Undine, the water spirit. With this magic, she is a Saint Stage mage.[23] After her contract with Undine was over, Noelle wasn't able to access Spirit Magic and Saint Stage again.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a royal, Noelle possesses an immense amount of magic power, creating a giant sphere of water and waterspouts, after losing control.[25] A constant issue for her has been controlling it, causing spells to either lack accuracy or stability,[26] but learning proper control allowed Noelle to shake the whole Seabed Temple,[27] once channeled into an offensive spell could challenge elves.[28][29][22] After honing Mana Skin, Noelle learned to restrain her power at will,[30] and then fought the Elves, including Fana, an Apostles of Sephirah.[31] After their arrival in the Heart Kingdom, Noelle was ranked as a First Stage Mage.[32] A year and three months later, Nozel and Acier acknowledged she has grown much stronger, enough to be recognized by Leviathan, the Sea God of the Underwater Temple as a suitable host.
  • Mana Method: After training in the Heart Kingdom, Noelle has learned to use the country's unique magic technique to increase the size and power of her Water Magic spells.[20]
  • Spirit Absorption: While temporarily contracted with Undine, Noelle can merge with the water spirit, containing and controlling the spirit's power and increasing her magic power.[33] The increase in power, in addition to Saint Stage allowed her to match and surpass even Vanica Zogratis at 100%,[34] and then managed to destroy the partially manifested Megicula's heart.[35] Although, Noelle's pact with Undine was severed, this experience made it possible to form a contract with the Sea God, Leviathan.[9]


Cleverness Growth
2 5 3 3 3 5
Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
4 600 Defense 0 5 3 2 3


  • Grimoire: Noelle wields a three-leaf clover grimoire that she uses to amplify her water-based magics. It has a cream-colored cover with intricate borders and a three-leaf clover insignia at the center of the front cover.[36]
  • Wand: Noelle wields a wand that she uses to help her control her magical power. This slender brown rod has a rounded tip and a round cut jewel set in the base. The wand's body also has a twisted design at the middle and gold ornaments at the top and the base of the handle.[12]
  • Brooch: Noelle purchases a magical brooch from Dominante Code, and within it lives a magical lifeform, Bruce, who assists Noelle in improving her magic control. After Bruce dies, the brooch is reshaped and attached to the base of Noelle's wand.[37][38]
  • Communication Device: Noelle possesses a small device that allows her to communicate with the Magic Knights headquarters. It can send both audio and visual transmissions.[39]





Nozel Silva[]

Nozel is Noelle's eldest brother, but she has a very difficult relationship with him. Nozel holds Noelle in poor regard because she could not control her powers at first, repeatedly lamenting and insulting her for it. She often has to deal with his constant ridicule, such as when he tells her she has shamed House Silva and rhetorically asking how long is she going to continue embarrassing their family. This is contrasted by how he treats his other two siblings, Solid and Nebra, who, although talks to them with a level of superiority, still treats them with respect, advising them how to conduct themselves and not to waste their time with people like Asta, seeing his siblings as superior to others.

He cruelly puts the death of their mother on Noelle's shoulders, reminding her often that she is to blame. Before the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, he scolds her for partaking and tries to discourage her from becoming a Magic Knight, apparently for the sake of their family. However, Noelle remains defiant and gets selected by Yami for the Black Bull, despite her inability to control her powers. Noelle is notably submissive towards Nozel, possible due to him being one of the top captains in the Clover Kingdom and a force to be reckoned with, resulting in Noelle never standing up for herself in front of him as she feels powerless.

The truth, however, is that Nozel sees a lot of their mother, Acier, in Noelle and is terrified of losing her like he lost his mother. Thus, his cruel treatment of her is to act as a sort of deterrent to prevent her from becoming a Magic Knight, but also to try and suppress these hidden feelings. The truth is revealed when he partners with Noelle to defend House Silva from possessed Magic Knights, where he openly admits these feelings in front of Solid and Nebra, stunning Noelle. He then apologizes for his years of poor treatment towards her.

Nozel genuinely believed Noelle to be weak and worthless since she could not control her powers. However, her time with the Black Bull and Asta has turned her into a powerful mage, capable of controlling her powers and using strong magical attacks such as Sea Dragon's Roar, surprising Nozel. It was upon seeing this that he decides to be honest with what he truly thinks of her. He starts to trust her judgement when he silently accepts Noelle's proposal to try and save the possessed Magic Knights rather than kill them, and later lets his protective side slip out when he stops Noelle from joining Asta and Yuno to defend Hage village.

Solid Silva[]

Solid is Noelle's brother and, much like her other two siblings, has an extremely poor relationship with her. Unlike his brother Nozel, he is much more sadistic in his treatment towards Noelle, taking joy in bullying and upsetting her. As children, he would take her toys away, tease her and tear them up, and would slap away her food because she started eating before him. He regularly belittled her because she could not control her magic.

Their poor relationship is put on full display at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony, when he singles her out as the most unwanted guest of all, pours his drink over her head and further insults and humiliates her, which incurs Asta's wrath when he sees what he is doing to her. He shares Nozel's opinion that Noelle is weak and worthless, a disgrace to the Silva family and to blame for their mother's death.

Noelle is able to put Solid in his place during the Royal Knights Selection Exam, where he continued with his belittling of Noelle and chased her throughout the match out of his desire to harm and demoralize her. She is able to defeat him with her Sea Dragon's Roar, completely shocking him that she could conjure up such a powerful spell and hit him with it. He is later stunned when Nozel apologizes for how badly he has treated her all these years.

It is apparent early on that Noelle is fearful of Solid, more so than Nozel, because of his unpredictable and sinister nature, and his desire to embarrass and degrade her at every opportunity, whereas Nozel is mostly critical of her but would often just ignore her. However, she openly states to Solid that she is no longer scared of him, having grown tremendously under the Black Bulls, and by befriending Asta, becoming a powerful mage in her own right. Because she no longer fears him, she becomes inclined to protect him when he, along with Nebra, are being attacked by a possessed Magic Knight, surprising him yet again with her spells.

Nebra Silva[]

Nebra is Noelle's one and only sister, but who is very close to Solid. As a result, she shares the exact same opinion as him, as well as Nozel, that she is a failure and an embarrassment to House Silva. She accompanies Solid pretty much everywhere and was present at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony when Solid began berating her, with Nebra commenting that she has been exiled from the Silva family and thus finds it insulting that she would return to the noble realm of the Clover Kingdom.

When Solid is defeated by Noelle at the Royal Knights Selection Exam, she attempts to comfort him, and lightly teases him over the defeat, implying she still thinks poorly of Noelle. She is in disbelief to see Noelle use Sea Dragon's Roar and defeat the possessed Magic Knight, succeeding where she and Solid had failed. Nebra, along with Solid, is shocked by Nozel's change of attitude towards Noelle when he apologizes to her for how harsh he has treated her all these years.

Mimosa Vermillion[]

Mimosa is Noelle's maternal cousin. Unlike Noelle's siblings, Mimosa has always been very kind to Noelle and admires her for her perseverance despite the torment she had to go through because of her siblings. Noelle viewed Mimosa as a klutz, who always seemed to comically fall over or hurt herself out of nowhere. Nonetheless, Noelle greatly appreciates Mimosa's friendship and found it a source of comfort in her childhood. Mimosa is frustrated by her inability to defend her cousin whilst many nobles mock her, knowing full well how hard Noelle trains to master her magic. This makes Mimosa one of the few nobles who shows both compassion and concern for Noelle.

The two are reunited when they meet in the dungeon that their respective squads are assigned to explore. After a few pleasantries between them they part ways after Asta challenges Klaus to a race that he accepts. Noelle later finds Mimosa injured after a devastating attack by Mars, greatly worrying her. She decides to protect Mimosa from Mars with her spell, Sea Dragon's Nest, whilst she recovers. Mimosa returns the favour later on when she uses her recovery magic on Noelle when she is critically injured by Mars.

After the mission in the dungeon Noelle becomes shocked and flustered upon hearing Mimosa confession that she's developing feelings for Asta. This has made Noelle cautious, anxious, and even jealous numerous times around Mimosa whenever she interacts with Asta. However, Noelle's jealousy has not affected her friendly relationship with Mimosa. They both have shared similar levels of concern when Asta is in danger, or when another girl shows interest in him such as Sally's obsession over him.

Mimosa has always believed in Noelle's capabilities and is delighted to see how much she has grown from her time around Asta and the Black Bull. She cannot help but smile when Nozel shows his own acknowledgement by asking Noelle to help him defend the Royal Capital.

Black Bulls[]


Noelle first sees Asta when he passes his initiation test, watching him from atop the Black Bull hideout. She first encounters him whilst Magna is showing him around. She initially despises him because of his low social status and brash personality.[40] However, Asta is able to save her from losing control of her spell and proceeds to compliment how incredible her powers are, this coming after years of abuse from her siblings for not being able to control her abilities, and decides to befriend him.[41] She still retains a sense of superiority over Asta because of her status as royalty, but nonetheless comes to enjoy his company.

As the story progresses, she develops strong romantic feelings for Asta, but is reluctant to express them. These feelings first manifested after she sees Asta fighting for the first time on their first mission together at Sosshi village where he defeats Heath Graice. Her feelings develop to a point where she goes as far as to tail Asta in the shadows when he goes to a mixer with both Luck and Finral. And has shown signs of extreme jealousy when other women, such as Mimosa, Rebecca, and Kahono also show an interest in him.[42] Her desire for Asta leads her to believe that she is the special person in Asta's life when Rebecca asked him if he had anyone special and he is unable to say who it is and is only able to answer yes, not knowing he was thinking of Sister Lily.

She cares for Asta deeply and becomes extremely worried when he has been seriously injured in a fight and was notably in great distress when he was kidnapped by the Eye of the Midnight Sun, but will often pretend that she is not concerned when she discovers he is fine. Her care for Asta is such that she is willing to travel to the Witches' Forest to negotiate with the Witch Queen in order to fix Asta's arms after Vetto had put a hex on them. She tends to give Asta a drink whenever he struggles to swallow his food and offers to feed him when he cannot use his arms, becoming annoyed when Asta obliviously opts to use his feet instead. She tries to comfort Asta when he is upset about the results of the Royal Knights Selection Exam, whilst also stopping Luck from his usual insistence for a fight.

Asta's aid in getting her to control her powers means a lot to Noelle, and she often thinks of him when she wants to focus her power. He has been by her side to help her train, and motivates her to become stronger. Although she often might deny his significance to her, in reality, she finds him irreplaceable. Because she is in denial about her true feelings for Asta, she has the habit of blasting water at him and sending him flying away whenever a situation with him gets her flustered or nervous; however, she often feels regret after doing so and will try to find him afterwards. At one point she tells Asta that he is the only peasant that she has ever acknowledged. She has become a close friend of Asta and enjoys spending time with him and has somewhat become his main partner on missions.

On the other hand, Asta values Noelle greatly and sees her as a close friend and an incredible person. Although he is completely oblivious to her feelings for him, as he is with most women. He once said that he likes Noelle a lot after he sees her care for a lost child and proclaim that the Star Awards Festival should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of social standing, causing Noelle to blush and attack him. His care for Noelle is such that he will not stand for insults levied against her, even from the higher nobility or her own family, getting into a fight with Solid for what he said, demanding he apologize to her. His belief in Noelle is absolute and has never doubted her capabilities in battle, putting his faith in her numerous times.

When Asta came to her aide in saving Lolopechka in her final showdown against Megicula, Noelle finally admits to herself that she loves Asta.

Yami Sukehiro[]

Noelle is recruited into the Black Bull squad by Yami after the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, the same time as Asta. She respects him greatly but is also intimidated by his rough and blunt personality. Such is her admiration of Yami, she takes great pleasure when he actually compliments her, but like with a lot of her true feelings, she tries to hide it. Although Yami is a foreigner, and a commoner, she harbours no sense of superiority in any regard towards him, and sees him purely as her captain and someone above her. She is also impressed by Yami's incredible power and is the voice of reason when Yami is about to use his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash on Jack in his dual with him, convincing Finral to intervene because of the danger it poses.

She is grateful to Yami for taking a chance on her despite being fully aware of her inability to control her magic, and so tries to do her best for him. Yami has faith in Noelle, and tasks her with transporting the squad to the Seabed Temple since she is the only one that uses water magic. He does not beat around the bush and tells her bluntly that if she fails then they all die. He tells her to start training as she only has a week to learn to control her magic for the journey. He witnesses her controlling her magic after training all week and cannot help but crack a smile.

Yami treats Noelle like he treats most of the Magic Knights under his command, with tough love. He does care for her well-being and at one point desperately urges her to run away when Vetto is about to unleash an extremely powerful attack on her, but is relieved to see Asta made it in time to dispel it. Yami is the one to initiate the plan to save Noelle after she loses control of her magic, throwing Asta towards her as he is the only who can stop it. He tries to give her sincere advice about how to deal with issues she has that holds her back. He is pleasantly surprised about the strength of her Sea Dragon's Roar, suspecting she has gone past her limit, heeding the motto he preaches.

Vanessa Enoteca[]

Noelle has developed a sisterly bond with Vanessa Enoteca. The two care for each other deeply, with Vanessa comforting Noelle after Asta saves her when she loses control of her magic, telling her she will find a way to help her control her powers. She stays true to her desire to help Noelle and takes her to the black market in Kikka to get her a wand to channel her magic through. Noelle is grateful for the wand Vanessa gets her and uses it in combat regularly.

The two are often seen chatting together, and tend to attract unwanted attention from men, with both of them rejecting each approach outright, such as Sekke and, later, his two friends, Aphro and Phati. The day before the Black Bull go to the beach Vanessa takes Noelle bikini shopping and helps her with her outfit, unaware that Noelle is looking for a bikini that will attract Asta's attention. Vanessa tries to support Noelle as often as she can, such as when Noelle starts training to control her magic spell, Sea Dragon's Cradle, and Vanessa, as well the other Black Bull members, can be seen cheering her on, which reassures Noelle as she successfully learns to control her magic spell.

Vanessa has faith in Noelle's capabilities in battle and is the one to compliment her Sea Dragon's Roar attack that she performed, for the first time, on Vetto. In turn, Noelle respects Vanessa as her superior and will listen to orders she is given by her. The two tend to work well together in battle. They both share an unwavering belief in Asta, and at one point resolve to stand by him as he tries to subdue Fana with Mars, believing that he will succeed.

Such is Vanessa's bond with Noelle, she was able to summon a spirit, the Red Thread of Fate, in a form of a cat, when Asta, under the control of the Witch Queen, is about to attack and kill Noelle. The spirit is able to continuously nullify each of Asta's attacks to protect Noelle. She is then able to defeat the Witch Queen which leads to Noelle tearfully embracing her in celebration.

Magna Swing[]

Noelle's first interaction with Magna got off to a hostile start. Magna was showing Asta around until the pair bumped into Noelle, with Magna quickly getting into an argument due to Noelle's sense of superiority over him because of her royal status. Magna is sometimes on the receiving end of Noelle's water attacks that are intended for Asta, but end up hitting him because of her inability to control her magic, but blames Magna for standing in the wrong place.

Regardless, the two actually care for each other and recognize one another as comrades. Magna has shown faith in Noelle's abilities and supports her, along with the other Black Bull members, when she trains to control her magic spell at the beach. He tries to reassure her after she is saved by Asta when she loses control of her powers for the first time. Magna believes in his duty, as her superior, to help her as much as possible, and supervises her on her first mission, alongside Asta. He takes charge on this mission when the three are forced to defend Sosshi village from Heath Graice, doing his best to protect Noelle, as well as Asta.

He is impressed with her magical power and was grateful for Noelle successfully being able to protect him, as well as the villagers, in a magic spell to block incoming attacks. Despite her personal problems, he has faith in Noelle to perform her duties to the fullest and never doubts her. Their relationship is often defined by their argumentative personalities, with Noelle always falling back on her royal status, despite Magna being her superior. Ultimately, neither of them never take anything they say to each other to heart. He is crushed when he sees that Noelle, as well as Asta and Luck, have been selected to the Royal Knights squad over him, and uses this failure to find his resolve to become stronger.

Finral Roulacase[]

When Noelle lost control of her magic Finral was the one to save her, as well as Asta, from falling by using his teleportation magic. He welcomes her to the Black Bull and invites her to dinner. The two have a good relationship and get on well, but she rejects his flirtatious approaches towards her.

She, like most of the other Black Bull members, does not take Finral seriously as her superior and will flex her royal status to him whenever he tries to boss her around. However, the two do care for each other and Noelle was worried when Langris tried to kill him during the Royal Knights Selection Exam. Finral finds Noelle attractive, as he does with a lot of women, and sometimes try to impress her but often falls short of Asta, such as when Asta was able to catch her at the beach when she loses control of her spell before Finral can.

Finral believes in Noelle's abilities as a mage and cheered her on when she managed to master her spell, Sea Dragon's Cradle, that would transport the group to the Seabed Temple. He also worked alongside her to fix Asta's arms, traveling to the Witches' Forest and negotiating with the Witch Queen despite how scared he was. Although, he does try and take advantage of the alone time with Noelle and ask her out on a date, with Noelle punching him in the face in response.

Luck Voltia[]

Noelle gets on well with Luck, despite his sociopathic tendencies and his constant itching for a fight. He accompanies her, along with Asta, to the dungeon that had appeared, but leaves them both because he senses a strong opponent nearby and wishes to fight him. He is later caught up to by Noelle and Asta and she aids him in his fight with Lotus, who they eventually defeat.

Luck cares for Noelle and struggles desperately to try and break free from his binds when he sees that Mars is about to attack both Noelle and Mimosa. He also joins the Black Bull squad in cheering on Noelle when she is practicing to control her spell, Sea Dragon's Cradle. When he and Noelle, along with Kirsch, are sent into the hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, he is possessed by the elf Lufulu and begins to attack Noelle, but manages to stop himself from harming her, allowing her to get away.

Noelle cares for Luck and respects him as one of her superiors. She does enjoy his up-beat attitude but will often try and stop him fighting Asta, especially when Asta was feeling down after the Royal Knights Selection Exam. She cannot help but start to cry when Luck is possessed by Lufulu and attacks her, saying to him that they are friends. Luck teases Noelle sometimes, and at one point intentionally sets off traps around Noelle, as well as Asta, inside the dungeon they were exploring because it was fun.

Secre Swallowtail[]

Noelle has dominantly known Nero, whose real name is Secre Swallowtail, in her anti-bird form. Noelle is very fond of Nero and finds her incredibly cute, even protecting her from Charmy's desire to eat her. She has been seen petting Nero whilst she sits atop Asta's head, and tried to name her "Silvantus Schnauzer" before Luck suggests "Nero", which wins Nero's approval.

Nero has shown no apparent affection towards Noelle, but seems to have accepted her company around Asta. She indirectly spends the most time with Noelle, after Asta, and is willing to stay with her from time to time, such as when the children go missing and Asta leaves to save them. Nero was well aware of Noelle's presence when she was following Asta on his date with Rebecca.

She has also shown to have a sixth sense for when Noelle is about to attack Asta, flying away from Asta's head just before Noelle launches an attack on him.

Gauche Adlai[]

Noelle has rarely interacted with Gauche but values him as a member of the Black Bull. She is also somewhat disturbed by his overt obsession with his sister, Marie. Gauche respects Noelle as much as he respects any other member of the Black Bull, with a cold attitude but with acknowledgement of her abilities.

When the children had been taken away, Noelle accepted Gauche's authority when he told her to remain in the village whilst he, Sister Theresa and Asta go and rescue them. Gauche has also shown his support for Noelle as he, as well as the other members of the Black Bull, cheered her on when she was training to control her magic spell, Sea Dragon's Cradle, on the beach.

Charmy Pappitson[]

The two get on quite well with each other, with Noelle seeing Charmy's upbeat personality as endearing and Charmy finding Noelle's determination to become better admirable. Charmy did not witness Noelle first losing control of her magic, but in the immediate aftermath came to comfort her and offered some pastry.

Charmy has the tendency to follow both Noelle and Asta around in secret, such as just before the invasion of the Royal Capital, however, this was mostly so she could attend the banquet at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony. After the battle she wanders with the two around the Royal Capital before their departure. Charmy does her best to support Noelle when she was training to control Sea Dragon's Cradle, holding up a platter of food for her as an incentive.

During the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Charmy sneaks in by hiding herself in her magic cotton and going inside Noelle's hood. She is excited for Team P to win, mostly because of her crush on Yuno, but also because Noelle is a team member, and proceeds to make some cotton pompoms to cheer them on. Like most people, Noelle is often left jaw-dropped at how much food Charmy can eat.

Magic Knights[]

Mereoleona Vermillion[]

Mereoleona was very close to Noelle's mother, who was also her mentor, and has known Noelle since she was a child. The pair meet again for the first time in the story when Noelle is looking for Asta and, upon seeing Mereoleona, immediately tries to leave before she is grabbed by her and is taken to the hot springs for training alongside Asta, Yuno, Yami, Charlotte, and Sol. She challenges everyone present to reach the summit of the volcano, but Noelle begins to falter, in response, Mereoleona challenges her to be more like her mother, invigorating Noelle. She tells Noelle that she looks a lot like her mother but that she is the complete opposite of her when it comes to magical power, but provides words of motivation and tells her to surpass her mother with strength that is all her own.

Their relationship is very good between them, Mereoleona likes Noelle and has felt bad for how she has been treated by her siblings, as well having lost her mother. This makes Meroleona among the few nobles who treats Noelle with genuine sincerity. Compared to how she treats everyone else, Noelle is on her good side, she is much less aggressive and tries to act as a somewhat supportive mother to her. Noelle respects Mereoleona and takes a lot of her words to heart, recognising her wisdom and her strength. Mereoleona tends to fondly press her fist against Noelle's forehead as a way to reassure her.

Fuegoleon Vermillion[]

Similar to Asta, Noelle holds Fuegoleon in high regards. Seeing him as the embodiment of what it means to be a Magic Knights Captain. He holds no prejudice towards anyone and thus does not think poorly of Noelle's inability to control her magic, despite the expectations of her being a fellow royal. He was present when Noelle's siblings humiliated her at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony and chose to intervene on Asta's behalf after he got into a verbal and physical fight with House Silva.

Fuegoleon took it upon himself to provide words of comfort to her during the invasion of the Royal Capital, whilst also reprimanding her for allowing what her siblings said to her to cloud her thoughts in the heat battle, telling her that is the difference between life and death. He finished off by telling her there is no shame in being weak, but there is shame in staying weak. She heeds his words and starts to fight with a clear mind.

Although their time together was brief Noelle was devastated at Fuegoleon being so critically injured and tries to stop the bleeding as he is slowly dying. She later visited him, along with Asta, and discussed how great of a person he is with Fuegoleon's younger brother, Leopold.

Leopold Vermillion[]

Her interactions with Leopold have been rare, but they share a friendly relationship. Leopold was present when Noelle was being humiliated by her siblings at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony and took a quick liking to Asta for his bold stance against them on Noelle's behalf. They worked together during the invasion of the Royal Capital, fighting off numerous undead enemies and trusting each other's abilities, eventually defeating all the enemies before them. She was urgently trying to bring Leopold back to his senses after he sees his brother on the brink of death and requesting his help to stop the bleeding.

Noelle was present when Leopold officially declared to Asta that he will surpass both him and his brother to the title of Wizard King, not being able to help but smile at the two's determination. They are later seen at the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail when they are stuck fighting a Borula, sharing a comical exchange when Noelle tells him to hurry up and defeat it, with Leopold retorting that she should do it since she has the elemental advantage. She comes to visit Fuegoleon with Asta where they find Leopold and have a pleasant discussion about Fuegoleon and how great of a person he was to them, hoping to comfort him about his brother's condition.


Noelle first heard of Yuno when Asta told her about his rivalry with him, and soon after met him when he saved her and Asta from a trap whilst inside the dungeon that both their squads were assigned to explore. They scarcely interacted with each other, but Yuno at one point does try to rescue both Noelle and Mimosa when Mars launches an attack on them. Noelle respects Yuno as Asta's rival and has been impressed by his skill and power throughout the story. They both share similar opinions of Asta, viewing him as annoying and irritating, but strong, capable and reliable.

Yuno does not seem to think much of Noelle and once just referred to her as "the girl that follows Asta around". When they were put on the same team at the Royal Knights Selection Exam they immediately argued, with most of the vitriol coming from Noelle, especially when Asta was brought up and she became flustered. Yuno responded by calling her arguments childish and mostly disregarded a lot of her criticisms. However, the two were able to work well together in their matches despite an initial disagreement on who should lead the attacks.

Although they had their initial hostilities, both of them acknowledge each other as capable mages. Noelle was impressed with Yuno's magic and the enormity of the power he possesses, whilst Yuno acknowledges Noelle's own abilities and trusted her enough to go after Team O's crystal and face Solid on her own. She wanted to join Yuno and Asta to defend Hage village but was stopped by Nozel.

Klaus Lunettes[]

The two have had few interactions, but their relationship is positive. Noelle first met Klaus in the dungeon that her squad was assigned to explore when Yuno saved her and Asta. Klaus introduced himself with some hostility, criticising Yuno for saving them both, seeing it as a waste of time. They would later fight side by side against Mars and it was Noelle that informed Klaus about Asta's Anti Magic. Despite his earlier complaint to Yuno, he does, himself, try to save both Noelle and Mimosa from an attack by Mars but is unable to do so due to being trapped by Mars's magic.

Since the encounter at the dungeon, Klaus's opinion of Asta, as well as Yuno, changed, creating a positive relationship that extended to Noelle. He was present at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony when he witnessed Solid insult Noelle and pour his drink over her, calling him out on such a cruel act. He tries to keep a level head around Noelle, and is the one to tell her about the simple reality that they cannot trace the people who kidnapped Asta when she was demanding they all search for him. He later reassures Noelle, as well as Mimosa, about Asta's well-being, commenting that he will not die so easily.

At one point in the show, Klaus comically walks in on Noelle trying out some bikinis to go to the beach, mistaking her screaming (because Vanessa ripped off her clothes) for someone in distress, which causes him to temporarily pass out. Klaus is one of the few nobles who treats Noelle with respect, and has not shown any apparent disdain for Noelle's inability to not control her magic. Noelle respects Klaus as a friend and enjoys talking to him, as well as the rest of his squad. Another amusing bit between them is Klaus trying to act as a calming presence to Noelle, and Mimosa, when it comes to worrying about Asta, but will accidentally reveal that he is deeply worried for Asta, himself, in some comical fashion.

En Ringard[]

During the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Noelle was partnered with En, alongside Yuno, that made up Team P. Noelle did not think much of him on appearance and assumed he would be weak. She generally did not listen to his encouragement to her and ended up arguing with Yuno instead.

Throughout their first match En acted as support and successfully took out Dmitri Brint when he tried to partner up with Solid Silva to take out Noelle. Earlier on, En witnessed how Solid treats Noelle and was left incensed by his behaviour, holding a strong moral belief that older brothers must be supportive and protective of their younger siblings. He made these feelings clear when he spawned a mushroom on Noelle's shoulder as she was squaring off with Solid and proceeded to criticise him, whilst also providing words of encouragement to Noelle.

En thinks highly of Noelle's skills, praising her abilities after the match. She returns the compliment and notes that he seems to be more lively and confident when he is talking through his mushrooms. In the finale of the exam, En and Noelle showed they are capable of working together and teamed up to defend their crystal whilst Yuno took on Rill Boismortier, and end up winning.

Their relationship is friendly but Noelle cannot help but be startled whenever he spawns a mushroom and tries to communicate with her.

Sekke Bronzazza[]

Even though they rarely interact, Noelle's relationship with Sekke is comically poor. She finds him annoying, as most people do. Sekke first spotted Noelle, alongside Vanessa, in the black market part of Kikka, and tried to flirt with her, but was coldly rejected. Sekke was on the receiving end of one of Noelle's water blasts when she was pretending to be a barmaid in order to spy on Asta and Rebecca and he asked her for a drink, causing her to fire a water attack at him.

Noelle would later call Sekke, accidentally, when she needed backup after |some of the children had been taken away during the night, with Sekke maintaining his overly flirtatious attitude, much to her annoyance. He did, however, pull through for her and managed to get Yami and Finral to aid in the fight against the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Sekke stumbled across Noelle again at the beach and ordered his two followers, Aphro and Phati, to flirt with her, with them both being coldly rejected, as well. The two have not been seen interacting since, but Noelle has taken on Asta's nickname for Sekke and tends to refer to him as "Bah-ha guy" because of his excessive use of "bah-ha".

Rebecca Scarlet[]

Noelle first briefly saw Rebecca when she followed Asta, Luck, and Finral to a mixer. She becomes jealous over Rebecca because she is on a date with Asta and starts to bond with him. Noelle follows Asta when he goes to visit Rebecca and her siblings and later ends up witnessing Rebecca's brother and sisters, along with the other children in the area, being taken away. Because of this, Noelle is able to inform Rebecca, as well as Asta, Gauche and Sister Theresa of the situation and enact a rescue mission. She stays with Rebecca whilst the rest go off and rescue the children, acting as a source of comfort when she expresses her worry about her siblings and Asta.

Rebecca admires Noelle and sees her as a strong capable person, worthy of being by Asta's side. Due to a miscommunication, Rebecca misinterprets who Asta meant when he told her he has someone special in his life, and believes it to be Noelle. Because of this, she believes that she could never be by his side like Noelle can and gives up trying to win him, but not before she gives Asta a kiss on the cheek, causing Noelle to become flustered and shriek.


Kahono and Noelle first meet each other on the beach when she, along with Asta, heard her singing during the night. Noelle was captivated by her voice and was pulled in by her friendly and eccentric personality, although found her dream to be a pop star cheap considering she just wants money. The two quickly became friends and now see each other as sisters. Kahono has been the only person so far to have picked up on Noelle's true feelings for Asta.

Noelle is impressed with Kahono's skills with magic as she was able to heal Asta's muscle fatigue with precision. Kahono is well aware of what Noelle is capable of and chooses to help Noelle train, along with Asta, on the beach and gives her some insight about why she cannot fully control her magic, such as the lack of using fond/happy memories to help master her magic. The two end up having to fight in the Seabed Temple during the Temple Battle Royale, with Noelle being impressed by her magic. Kahono critiques her magic during their fight, telling her that another reason she lacks control is she lacks conviction in her attacks because she does not want to hurt anyone.

Kahono is extremely grateful for what Noelle, and the rest of the Black Bull, have done for her home by protecting it from Vetto and the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The two fought together side by side against Vetto, and Noelle was greatly distressed when he had captured Kahono, and became even more distressed when he destroyed her voice box so she could not sing. It was Kahono who used what little voice she had left to heal Asta so he could protect Noelle. She initiates a serenade among the people of the Seabed Temple for Noelle and Asta to thank them.

The two are reunited after Asta invites Kahono and Kiato to the Star Awards Festival and uses the magic from the Witch Queen to heal Kahono's voice, as well as Kiato's foot, filling her with joy and hugging Noelle. Kahono decides to have a double date with Asta, Noelle and Kiato after Magna suggested the idea, with the intended goal of invoking Noelle's jealousy in hopes she would finally reveal her feelings for Asta. Despite getting close, she ultimately fails, lamenting the pair for their failure to move their relationship forward.


Kiato only met Noelle after the fighting was over and the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Vetto, had been defeated. He immediately became infatuated with her when she paid his sister a visit in the infirmary. He calls her beautiful, but Kahono quietly notes that Noelle is off the market because of her feelings for Asta.

Due to her incredible water magic he comes to refer to her as the "Sea Goddess", as does most of the people at the Seabed Temple. He joins in with his sister's singing to serenade both Noelle and Asta as a way to say thank you and goodbye when they leave.

He would not get to see her again until he and Kahono are invited by Asta to the Star Awards Festival. Here he has his foot repaired through the Witch Queen's magic and is able to dance again whilst his sister sings, pleasing the crowd and Noelle. Kahono suggests that she, Kiato, Noelle and Asta all go on a double date, misreading his sister's intentions and thinking she is trying to set him up with Noelle. Throughout the date he constantly tries to catch Noelle's attention but fails every time due to her attention being on Asta and Kahono, ultimately not being able to gain her affection, yet.

Despite their infrequent interactions they are very friendly with each other and have a good relationship. Kiato is greatly impressed with Noelle's magic and she is impressed with his fighting through the use of his dancing skills.

Fanzell Kruger[]

Noelle first met Fanzell under awkward circumstances when he approached her whilst completely naked, making her believe that he was a pervert, leading to members of the Black Bull beating and tying him up. Eventually, Fanzell is given the chance to explain himself to Noelle once Asta arrives and reveals he knows Fanzell. He explains how he wishes to look at Noelle's wand as he believes he recognises the maker's insignia.

It is through Noelle, or mostly through her wand, that Fanzell is able to track down his missing fiancée and ultimately reunite with her in the black market of Kikka. Noelle travelled with Asta, Finral, and Fanzell whilst the remaining members of the Black Bull fought off a pursuit team from the Diamond Kingdom who are trying to capture Fanzell. They were successful in reuniting him with Dominante Code, his fiancée, and he was extremely grateful towards Noelle and the others.

When Asta's arms had a hex put on them by Vetto, Noelle turned to Franzell and Dominante to seek out a way to have them fixed. They all decide to travel to the Witches' Forest to try and negotiate with the Witch Queen to fix Asta's arms. The group succeed and all say their goodbyes, with Noelle being thankful for the help Fanzell and co provided.

Their relationship is of mutual respect and the two are generally friendly with each other. However, Noelle is often disturbed by Fanzell's habit of shedding his clothes, to such a degree that she will attack him with her magic. She has a great deal of trust in his knowledge and skills and was willing to turn to him when she wanted to help Asta. Fanzell has shown he is impressed by Noelle's confidence in Asta, as well as her bravery, when she opts, along with the others, to remain by Asta's side whilst he, along with Mars, tries to stop Fana.


Noelle's first impression of the Princess of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka was that of amazement and intimidation at her beauty and vast magical power, however after seeing her clumsiness, and her carefree attitude, Noelle becomes incredibly less intimidated. Her relationship with the princess is that of great respect and friendship, as after six months of training with the princess in the Heart Kingdom, Noelle and Lolopechka have shown that they are generally friendly with one another. This friendship has shown that Noelle greatly respects her knowledge and magical power, yet she has no problems with chastising her for spoiling Charmy after she causes problems for the citizens of the Heart Kingdom. The two show great teamwork in battle against Vanica as, Noelle followed Lolopechka's directions to the letter and even had her own magic boosted by Lolopechka. When Lolopechka revealed her fears to Noelle and Mimosa, they both hugged her, and they both became determined to help her, stating that she now has the desire to save her new, truly kind friend from her fate.

Vanica Zogratis[]

Noelle views Vanica Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad as her enemy, mainly in part due to the fact that she is the host of the devil who is responsible for her mother's death, Megicula. When she attacked Vanica with her Sea Dragon's Roar, Vanica shrugged the attack off, and noted how weak the attack was to her, upsetting Noelle. This led to Vanica ignoring Noelle, viewing her as a weakling. Only after tag teaming with Lolopechka to fight her did Vanica pay more attention to Noelle. After hearing Vanica's motives for fighting, Noelle was visibly disgusted with Vanica, and when she asked about her mother's death, Vanica ignored the question entirely, stating that she only cared about enjoying the fight in front of her. While avenging her mother was at first the only reason for wanting to stop Vanica, Noelle's friendship with Lolopechka and her newfound desire to save her and her kingdom from Vanica and rest of the Spade Kingdom forces has made Noelle's grudges against Vanica and Megicula even more personal.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Don't address me casually. Little insect with your paltry magic." 「気安く話し かけないで 魔力の乏しい 下民の小虫が "Kiyasuku hanashi kakenaide. Maryoku no toboshī gemin no komushi ga"[4]
  • "That's right. I'm a royal. And for that very reason, we should extend a helping hand to everyone! Getting a swollen head, thinking you're better than the rest and looking down on others is something only those with shallow hearts do. You can enjoy the festival too, Emma! Royal or noble, commoner or peasant! It doesn't matter!! Everyone can have fun together!!" 「そう私は王族よ この国で最も魔力が優れているとされる者... だからこそ誰にも手を差し伸べるべき...! 自分の方が上だと自惚れ周りを蔑むなんて そんなもの心が貧しい者のすることだもの エマもお祭りを楽しんでいいのよ...! 王族も貴族も平民も下民も関係ないっっ!! みんな一緒に楽しみなさいーっっ!!! "Sō watashi wa ōzoku yo Kono kuni de mottomo maryoku ga sugurete iru to sa reru mono Dakarakoso darenimo tewo sashinoberubeki...! Jibun no hō ga ueda to unubore mawari o sagesumu nante Son'na mono kokoro ga mazushī mono no suru kotoda mono Ema mo omatsuri o tanoshinde ī no yo...! Ōzoku mo kizoku mo heimin mo kamin mo kankeinai!! Min'na issho ni tanoshimi nasaī!!!!"[43]
  • "You see, even if their chances of winning are slim, there are times when humans just have to act!! It's not as if we can win as long as we don't give up. However, if we give up, we'll definitely never win!!! Our strength lies in not giving up!!!!" 「人間にはね勝てる望みが薄くても やらなきゃいけない刻があるのよ!! 諦めなければ勝てるわけじゃない... でも諦めたら絶対に勝てない!!! 諦めないのが人間ワタシたちの強さだから!!!! "Ningen ni hane kateru nozomi ga usukute mo Yaranakya ikenai toki ga aru no yo!! Akiramenakereba kateru wake janai... Demo akirametara zettai ni katenai!!! Akiramenai no ga watashi-tachi no tsuyo-sadakara!!!!"[44]

Appearances in Other Media[]


  • Noelle's grimoire design is the background for Volume 2's cover.
  • Noelle's favorite things are sweets and things that are annoying but cute.[2]
  • Assorted Questions Brigade Rankings:
    • Noelle is the third smartest Black Bull.[45]
    • Noelle is the second most beautiful woman.[46]
    • Noelle is the worst singer.[47]
    • Noelle is the fourth most disliked by animals.[48]
  • Noelle ranked #3 in the first popularity poll, #9 in the second, #3 in the third, #5 in the fourth, and #1 in the fifth and sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Noelle ranked #3 in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth.
  • Noelle is the worst chef in the series.[49]
  • For the Tales of the Rays crossover, Shirley Fennes gets a Noelle costume.
  • Noelle's childhood as well as her character design is a reference to the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.


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