For the Golden Dawn member of the same name, see David Swallow.

No.3 - DavidNo.3ナンバー スリー デイヴィッド Nanbā Surī Deividdo[1] is a corpse created from a Soul Corpse Magic spell. It is destroyed by Leopold Vermillion.[2]


David has a large, fat figure and is completely covered in a patchwork of baggy clothes. The hood over its head has three eye-shaped brooches, and a leather strap passes over its left shoulder and connects to one that wraps around its waist. Its hands are bound in dark bandages and its feet are replaced by peg legs.[3]

David has the ability to produce muddy water which it controls as large tendrils.[4]


  • In the anime, David was somehow repaired and is used to help clear rubble after the elves attacked the Clover Kingdom.[5]


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