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No.1 - CarlNo.1ナンバーワン カール Nanbā Wan Kāru[1] is a corpse, created from a Soul Corpse Magic spell. It is destroyed by Fuegoleon Vermillion.[2]


Carl has the appearance of a thin man covered in bandages and white clerical attire decorated with diamond-shaped ornaments. Additionally, its head has an eye-shaped ornament attached on the face.[3]

Rades attacking Fuegoleon

Carl's defensive and offensive magic

Carl has Barrier Magic, a defense magic capable of erecting a spherical barrier around itself and Rades. The barrier has enough strength to withstand an intense burst of flames. Furthermore, Carl is capable of manifesting small projectile weapons, which could be launched toward the target. However, as Carl launches the projectiles, gaps appear in the barrier to let the projectiles through for a split second.[4]


  • In the anime, Carl was somehow repaired and is used to help clear rubble after the elves attacked the Clover Kingdom.[5]


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