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Nahamah 「ナハマー Nahamā[1] is one of the highest-ranking devils connected to the Tree of Qliphoth and resides on the first level of the underworld, alongside Lilith.[2]


Nahamah color scheme

Nahamah's color scheme

Nahamah is a tall humanoid with long, white hair, orange eyes, and black lips. Nahamah's face and neck are heavily wrinkled, and Nahamah has a black mask that covers the upper-left quarter of Nahamah's face and extends back past the ear. Nahamah also has a pair of downward pointing, black horns; the left horn juts out of the mask and is longer than the right horn.

Nahamah has a black marking that traces down the neck to the navel and a long, thin tail with fire-like wisps protruding from the tip. Nahamah has bat-like wings that emerge from the lower back. Nahamah's left arm is larger than the right arm and is covered in a pattern resembling fire and has fire-like wisps protruding from the shoulder.

Nahamah's body is covered in a black material and has a deep v-cut that exposes the navel, and connects to the covering on the left arm and shoulder.

When Nahamah fuses with Lilith, Nahamah's left half is combined with Lilith's right half, with the left side retaining Nahamah's flame-like wings, arm, and shoulder while the right side retains Lilith's ice-like wings, arm, and shoulder. Their body is covered in the same black material with the same deep v-cut that exposes their navel. Some of the material extends out like a pair of long coattails. The upper part of their head is in the shape of both Nahamah's and Lilith's masks combined, leaving two eyes, one on top of another, in the middle. Their tail has both the fire-like wisps of Nahamah and the ice-like spikes of Lilith.[3]



Like most devils, Nahamah looks down on humans and takes great delight in toying with them.[4][2]


Nahamah and Lilith attack Nacht

Nahamah and Lilith attack Nacht.

When the Qliphoth Advent Ritual opens the first gate to the underworld, Nahamah and Lilith emerge and appear in Spade Castle. Nahamah immediately attacks Nacht Faust, who manages to avoid the attack.[5] The two devils both attack Nacht, but his Unite Mode: Felis allows him to dodge most of the barrage.[2] The devils wish to toy with the humans but agree not to attack Lucifero's host, Dante Zogratis. Nacht then enters Unite Mode: Gallus with Walgner, and uses its characteristic, Crow, to stop the devils' movements. He then drags them to another part of the castle through Shadow Magic. The devils are amused by Nacht's abilities as he traps them in his Dark Prison Hunting Ground. They decide to compete with each other to kill Nacht but agree to not fight earnestly. Their attacks force Nacht to continue dodging. Nacht attempts to kick Nahamah's back, but his foot passes through the devil's torso as it turns into fire. Nahamah then destroys Nacht's left shield, so Nacht returns to focusing on dodging. The devils question why he does not flee with his speed, to which he replies that he cannot forgive them or their unjust evil.[6]

Not long after, Nacht's Shadow Magic spell dissipates, causing the castle to be engulfed by fire and ice, leaving the mage severely burnt and pierced by frost spikes.[7] Nacht enters Unite Mode: Gallus × Felis and attempts to seal away himself, Nahamah, and Lilith in his Monument of Atonement spell, but the devils break out with their Demon Fire and Demon Ice Magic, covering most of their bodies with scorching fire and freezing ice respectively. They restrain Nacht's arms with their magic, causing him to cry out in agony, the sound of which delights the devils. Wanting to hear Nacht's final scream, Nahamah reaches for Nacht's throat, but Asta arrives and severs the devil's hand.[8]

Asta cleaves Nahamah

Asta cleaves through Nahamah's body.

Nahamah looks at its right arm and shivers with excitement as it has not faced anything so entertaining for centuries in the underworld. Nahamah and Lilith trap Asta in a twister of fire and ice, but Asta cuts through it and tries to behead Nahamah. The devil disappears into its own magic, evading the strike. Nahamah and Lilith both launch projectiles at Asta and debate which of them will hit and kill him first. However, Asta pulls out the Demon-Destroyer Sword and neutralizes the devils' magic. He then brings the Demon-Slayer Sword down on Nahamah, cutting through the devil's body.[9]

Freezing sun drops on Spade castle

Lilith and Nahamah try to destroy the castle.

Lilith freezes Nahamah's body and then fuses their bodies together, while laughing at Nahamah's loss and the prospect of continuing to play together. The fused devil wishes to hear Asta scream, but when he admits that he cannot feel their power, they unleash huge columns of fire and ice before flying high above the castle. They create a massive freezing sun in order to cause Asta pain from the deaths of everyone below. When they launch the sun at the castle, Asta increases the size of his Black Divider and reflects the sun back at the fused devil.[10] They merge into their sun, so Asta cuts it open with the Demon-Dweller Sword and then flies into it.

Inside the sun, the fused devil unleashes torrents of magic, but Asta neutralizes their magic again. No longer enjoying the fight, they begin to feel a foreign emotion, which Liebe correctly surmises is fear. The fused devil flees from Asta to wait for his transformation to end. After gaining some distance, the fused devil gloats and proclaims that they will crush him, his companions, and all humans. However, Nacht emerges from their shadow on an ice chunk behind them, and restrains them long enough for Asta to close the distance. The fused devil is cut into pieces right before Asta's transformation ends.[11] The fused devil's body then disintegrates, but their magic continues to cover the castle.[12]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Demon Fire Magic: Nahamah uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate a sinister form of Fire Magic. The flames are capable of burning anything and everything, including shadows, light, and even invisible concepts.[13] Nahamah is also able to turn its own body into fire, which it uses to neutralize and evade physical attacks by letting them pass through its body,[14] as well as to dodge attacks entirely by merging with and moving through its own fire.[15] Nahamah is incredibly proficient in the use of this magic and can create barrages of flame bullets,[16] waves of blazing fire,[17] and twisters of fire that incinerate anything in their paths.[18]


  • Fusion: After Nahamah is cleaved in two, Lilith fuses their bodies together. This fusion dramatically increases their magic power, far beyond a simple sum of their previous amounts. They are able to use both of their magic attributes simultaneously, as well as combine their attributes together.[20]



  • Naamah, or Na'amah, is a female demon in Jewish mysticism.
    • In the Zohar, the foundational work for Kabbalah, Naamah and Lilith seduced Adam and gave birth to the plagues of mankind.
    • In Western esoterism, Naamah is connected to Nehemoth of the Qliphoth.


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