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Nacht Faust vs. Lilith and Nahamah is a fight that occurs in the Spade Kingdom Castle.


Nahamah and Lilith attack Nacht

Nacht dodges Nahamah and Lilith's barrage of attacks.

While Nacht Faust and Jack the Ripper are fighting Dante Zogratis, the first gate to the underworld opens, and Nahamah and Lilith appear in Dante's chamber. These two devils attack Nacht and Jack. Thanks to Plumede's characteristic "Agility", Nacht is able to dodge Nahamah's attack, whereas Jack is struck by Lilith's attack.[1] The devils unleash a barrage of Demon Fire and Demon Ice Magic projectiles, and Nacht dashes around the room but is still a few times. Nacht appraises their strength as greater than the Dark Triad.[2] After a horde of low-ranking devils attacks the castle town and the Dark Triad access 100% of their devils' powers, Nacht determines that he has to keep Nahamah and Lilith from going elsewhere and that the best move is to delay the devils until Asta arrives. He then asks Plumede to die with him.[3]


Nacht fights Nahamah and Lilith in Mana Zone

Nacht fights the devils in his "Dark Prison Hunting Ground".

Once Walgner returns to him, Nacht merges with the devil and uses its characteristic to momentarily paralyze Nahamah and Lilith. He then drags them into another part of the castle, switches back to Unite Mode: Felis, and traps them all in his Dark Prison Hunting Ground. The two highest-ranking devils lash out wildly with their magic. Nacht maneuvers near Nahamah, switches to Unite Mode: Equus, and kicks Nahamah, who turns its torso into fire and lets Nacht's leg pass through. Nahamah destroys Nacht's left shield, so Nacht switches back to Mode: Felis and continues dodging the devils' attacks. As Nacht resolves to stall them, Nahamah and Lilith question why he does not run away with his speed, to which Nacht responds that he cannot forgive unjust evil.[4] Not long after, Nacht is pierced by several needles of burning ice.[5] As his Mana Zone spell dissipates, Lilith's and Nahamah's ice and fire spread out to cover the exterior of the castle.

Lilith and Nahamah break out of Nacht's seal

Lilith and Nahamah break out of Nacht's Monument of Atonement seal.

After reflecting on his past and his brother's sacrifice, Nacht refuses to give up and declares that he will surpass his limits.[6] He assimilates both Walgner and Plumede, breaking free of the needles. By Uniting with two devils, he has enough magic power to use Monument of Atonement, which traps and seals away himself, Nahamah, and Lilith. However, the devils' Demon Fire and Demon Ice Magic can destroy invisible concepts and break out of the seal. Nacht is jettisoned and crashes to the floor. Lilith and Nahamah restrain his arms, while Nacht screams from the pain of his injures, as well as from seeing the injured states of Walgner and Plumede.

As Lilith and Nahamah laugh, Nacht realizes that they were only playing with him. They wish to kill him and hear his final scream, so Nahamah reaches for Nacht's throat. Fortunately for Nacht, Asta in his Unite form bursts into the room and severs Nahamah's hand.[7]


Nacht insists that Asta leave him and fight the Dark Triad, but Asta refuses and removes Nacht's restraints. Asta then tells him to live and see the strength that he cultivated.[8]


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