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Unjust evil. They're the type I hate the most. Even if gods and devils forgive them, I never will.

— To Rill Boismortier in Shadow Intel

Nacht Faust 「ナハト・ファウスト Nahato Fausuto[1] is a former nobleman of House Faust,[2] the vice-captain of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights,[3] and a devil host.[4] He spends several years working as a spy within the Spade Kingdom.[5][6]


Nacht is a young man with fair skin and a soft facial structure. He has long, black hair that is pulled up into a high ponytail, and light blue eyes. He wears a plain cord necklace, from which hang four devil-connected relics. He has a scar on his left wrist from where Lucifugus' relic was destroyed.[7][8]

Nacht wears a dark-colored jacket with four buttons on the high collar. He has four blue belts around his waist and another pair of belts below with his grimoire pouch hanging off the left. His grimoire pouch has the Black Bull's insignia. His dark-colored pants are tucked into light-colored boots, which have sets of four belts. Over all this, he wears a grayish hooded cloak.

As a child, Nacht has black hair like his twin, but by the time he is 15 years old, he has dyed his hair blond.[9][10] At 18 years, he wears a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a deep v-cut, a pair of dark-colored, fingerless gloves with fur on the hems, a covering on his right thumb, and dark-colored pants, as well as dark-colored, knee-high boots.[11]

When using the power of one of his devils, Nacht sprouts a pair of black horns, and black markings extend out from the horns toward his face. Gimodelo's horns form on his forehead and the markings extend down over his eyes to his cheeks.[12] Plumede's horns form at his temples and the markings extend down the sides of his head and across his cheekbones.[13] Slotos's horns form at his temples, too.[14]

A year and three months after the Spade raid, Nacht has taken to wearing a darker-colored cloak with the squad's insignia on the left side.[15]



Nacht is a pragmatic and logical person. He knows that Asta has no chance of saving Yami from the Dark Triad alone. He believes that losing a fight is the loser's own fault and considers losers to be idiots.

Nacht is not shy about expressing whether or not he likes someone. He is also unafraid of expressing his dislike of all the Magic Knight captains to their faces.

He has a very specific ideology about what determines good and bad; something is only good if it is good from the start, where as something bad that becomes good, though a pleasant surprise, is still ultimately bad. Nacht believes that doing good does not make up for past wrongs. This belief likely stems from his inability to forgive himself for his actions.[16]


Young Nacht and Yami run around

Nacht and Yami run around, committing crimes together.

Nacht and his twin, Morgen, were born to House Faust.[2] After the twins turn 15 years old and receive their grimoires, Nacht hears about a foreigner with weird magic so he investigates and meets Yami Sukehiro. The two get along and have fun committing petty crimes together. Later that year, Morgen and Yami join the Grey Deer squad of the Magic Knights. Morgen also befriends Yami and encourages Nacht to join as well, but Nacht refuses.[17]

When Nacht turns 18 years old, his parents tell him of the family's history of studying devils and bring to the underground training chamber. Nacht is overjoyed at the prospect and, over a short time, successfully binds four devils—Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner—and masters their powers. One day, Nacht's father gives Nacht a bracelet linked to Lucifugus, a highest-ranking devil. Morgen, who snuck into the chamber, attempts to dissuade his brother, but Nacht loves the danger and declares that he will surpass his limits, while summoning the devil. Nacht watches in terror as Lucifugus proves to be too powerful and kills most of the family. Morgen leaps into the magic circle and shatters the bracelet, canceling the ritual and sending the devil back to the underworld. As he dies in Nacht's arms, Morgen tells of his dream for them to protect the Clover Kingdom together as Magic Knights. Nacht screams in anguish and begs the gods to save his brother. He then reprimands himself and decides to never forgive himself.[18]

Yami visits Nacht at Morgen's grave

Yami promises to make Nacht his vice-captain.

After Morgen's burial, Nacht sits in front of the gravestone and cries. Yami wanders over and promises to make Nacht his vice-captain once he becomes a captain. As he leaves, he takes Nacht's discarded pack of cigarettes.[19]

As promised, Yami names Nacht the vice-captain of the new Black Bull squad. Nacht visits the base once before going undercover in the Spade Kingdom.[6][20] Over the years, Nacht watches the other squad members through the shadows.[21][22]

Dark Disciple catches Nacht

A Dark Disciple catches Nacht in Dante's room.

While the Dark Triad are away attacking the Clover and Heart Kingdoms,[23] Nacht infiltrates the royal palace and searches through the documents in Dante Zogratis's room. A Dark Disciple discovers him, so Nacht disappears into a shadow and then pulls the Disciple down into his shadow. Nacht emerges from the shadows and walks away.[5]

That night, Nacht returns to the Clover Kingdom and catches Asta leaving the infirmary. Nacht restrains the young Magic Knight, talks him down from hastily chasing after the captured Yami, and then introduces himself, revealing that he knows how to use a devil's power.[24] He also introduces his devil, Gimodelo, before releasing his spell and letting Asta stand back up. Nacht explains that he has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom the whole time. Asta asks to learn how to use his devil's power, but Nacht refuses and instead insists that he rest.[25]

Nacht interrupts captains meeting

Nacht interrupts a captains meeting and stops them from attacking him.

The next day, Nacht slips into the captains' meeting and interrupts, complimenting their motivation but criticizing the mess they made of the meeting. He rises up out of a shadow with Asta under his arm.[26] The captains move to attack the intruder, but Nacht uses his devil power to summon four masked beasts to stop them. Julius Novachrono vouches for Nacht's identity, and Jack the Ripper notes that Nacht's magic has changed. Nacht hands over the documents from Dante's room and explains the process for the Tree of Qliphoth. Rill Boismortier wonders why the Dark Triad are doing this, and Nacht claims that they are evil and their motivations are incomprehensible. In order to retrieve Yami and William and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth, Nacht wishes to train Asta and his Anti Magic and to build a team around Asta.[27] Nacht explains his plan to slip into the castle, lists the Dark Triad's names and magics, and adds that the team will have to be limited in size. When Yuno requests to be on the team, Nacht asks who Yuno is since he was visited by a resistance member from the Spade Kingdom. Yuno reveals that he is the purported prince of the Spade Kingdom; however, he wishes to seek revenge on Zenon Zogratis for the sake of William Vangeance and the Golden Dawn squad. Nacht likes Yuno and Sylph's tenacity and power.

Nacht announces that he will leave on the morning of the third day. Fuegoleon Vermillion suggests requesting help from the Heart Kingdom, but when Charlotte Roselei mentions the loss of contact with the Kingdom, Nacht reveals that Vanica Zogratis was out of the castle the day before and may have attacked the Heart Kingdom.[28]

Liebe is summoned from Asta

Nacht summons Liebe for Asta to fight.

Nacht then visits the Black Bulls base and informs them of the coming mission. He criticizes the few there for their bad reputations and, as he leaves, tells them to get stronger if they want to save Yami. Nacht rejoins with Asta and they travel to the abandoned estate of House Faust. Nacht leads Asta into a small room, where he touches the floor and drops them into a secret chamber. After explaining the Devil-Binding Ritual, Nacht has Asta join him in the magic circle, which Nacht uses to summon Asta's devil out of the grimoire and arm. Nacht then insists that Asta fight the devil and win.[29] When Asta refuses to fight, Nacht informs him that if he loses, he will be turned into a monster and Nacht will execute him. Asta does not sense killing intent from the devil, but Nacht claims that devils are incapable of having good hearts, with which the devil agrees.[30]

When Asta finally chooses to fight, Nacht recognizes that Asta is as disadvantaged as the devil since Asta has no magic for the devil's Anti Magic to cancel.[31] Asta imitates the swordsmanship styles of his allies and enemies, and Nacht is irked when he recognizes the imitation of Yami.[32] Once Asta defeats the devil, Nacht congratulates him and informs him how to subjugate the devil, but Asta chooses to befriend the devil. Nacht cautions that a contract of equals will allow the devil to refuse, but Asta insists. Nacht's devils form around Nacht, and Gimodelo comments that Asta is a moron, with which Nacht agrees.[33]

As Asta and Liebe shake hands, Nacht steps into the circle and is pleased by Asta's choice. Nacht then enters Unite Mode: Canis and challenges Asta and Liebe as the continuation of their training.[34] Nacht tells them that Unite allows him to add characteristics from each of his devils to Shadow Magic, such as Gimodelo's characteristic "Pack" which creates hound-like clones of Nacht. As Asta is fighting off the shadows, Nacht explains that since Liebe is not Asta's servant, it will not be easy for Asta to use 100% of his power. Nacht then tells Asta to use that power to defeat him. Asta declares that he will surpass his limits. Those words irk Nacht, and Asta senses the disturbance in Nacht's ki and aims a flying slash at it. Nacht manages to dodge and is further irked when Asta names his new sword the Demon-Slasher Katana.[35]

Dark Prison Hunting Ground

Nacht pushes Asta and Liebe to their limit.

Two days later, Nacht has defeated Asta and Liebe again. While watching Asta and Liebe eat Healing Magic-infused cookies and bicker, Nacht is reminded of his younger brother. With time running short before the mission start, Nacht goes all out, traps Asta and Liebe in Dark Prison Hunting Ground, and bombards them with attacks from all sides. In their desperation, Asta and Liebe manage to unite for a brief moment[36] and to slice through Nacht's magic. Nacht is impressed by the capabilities of their Anti Magic and admits his defeat. However, he refuses to allow them to join the mission since they have not mastered the technique yet. Nacht then admits to having watched the Black Bulls from the shadows. He also adds that although people who are right are not always rewarded, he wishes that they would be.

Nacht leaves behind Gimodelo to continue training Asta and Liebe,[37] and in the morning, Nacht gathers with the other Magic Knights selected for the mission. He explains that Asta will join later. He then makes a Shadow Corridor to the Spade Kingdom.[38] As the team enters the Spade Kingdom's castle, Zenon unleashes a giant demon on the castle town. Fuegoleon is worried for those outside, but Nacht assures him that they will be fine. Mereoleona Vermillion then arrives and punches the demon.[39] Fuegoleon trails behind to handle the Dark Disciples along the way, while Jack and Nacht continue on to fight Dante.[40]

Nacht protects Jack from Dante

Nacht blocks Dante's punch.

When Dante increases the gravity, Nacht summons Slotos and enters Unite Mode: Equus, which enables him to withstand the pressure. Jack struggles to stand back up, so Nacht mocks him while fending off Dante. However, Nacht does not have an attack that can kill Dante so he has to rely on Jack's Slash Magic. Nacht defends Jack long enough for the captain's blades to adapt to Gravity Magic and Dante's rapid regeneration.[41] After Jack lands a serious injury to Dante, Plumede reports to Nacht on the victories against Zenon and Vanica. Nacht believes they have plenty of time until the first gate opens; however, the roots of the Tree of Qliphoth suddenly burst forth from the castle. Nacht enters Unite Mode: Felis and peers through the shadows in order to see what is happening in the Ritual's chamber. He is surprised to see that Moris Libardirt, the former Magic Scholar from the Diamond Kingdom, has a position in the magic circle and has managed to accelerate the tree's growth.

The first gate then opens, and two devils appear in Dante's chamber. Thanks to Plumede's characteristic "Agility", Nacht is able to dodge Nahamah's attack, whereas Jack is struck by Lilith's attack.[42] The devils unleash a barrage of attacks, and Nacht dashes around the room but is still hit a few times. Nacht appraises their strength as greater than the Dark Triad.[43] After a horde of devils also emerges from the underworld and the Dark Triad access 100% of their devils' powers, Nacht determines that he has to stop Moris from accelerating the Ritual but also has to keep Nahamah and Lilith from going elsewhere, so after reflecting on Asta, Nacht formulates a new plan[44] and sends Walgner to lead Dorothy Unsworth to Moris's location.[45]

Nacht vs Lilith and Nahamah

Nacht pulls Nahamah and Lilith into another part of the castle.

Once Walgner returns to him, Nacht merges with the devil and uses its characteristic to momentarily paralyze Nahamah and Lilith. He then drags them into another part of the castle, switches back to Mode: Felis, and traps them all in his Dark Prison Hunting Ground. The two high-ranking devils lash out wildly with their magic. Nacht maneuvers near Nahamah, switches to Mode: Equus, and kicks Nahamah, who turns its torso into fire and lets Nacht's leg pass through. Nahamah destroys Nacht's left shield, so Nacht switches back to Mode: Felis and continues dodging the devils' attacks. As Nacht resolves to stall them, Nahamah and Lilith question why he does not run away with his speed, to which Nacht responds that he cannot forgive unjust evil.[46]

Not long after, Nacht is pierced by several needles of burning ice.[47] He refuses to give up and declares that he will surpass his limits.[48] He assimilates both Walgner and Plumede so that he has enough magic power to use Monument of Atonement, trapping and sealing away himself, Nahamah, and Lilith. However, the devils break out of the seal, and Nacht is jettisoned and crashes to the floor. Lilith and Nahamah restrain his arms, while Nacht screams from the pain of his injures, as well as from seeing the injured states of Walgner and Plumede. As Lilith and Nahamah laugh, Nacht realizes that they were only playing with him. Nahamah reaches for Nacht's throat, but Asta arrives and severs the devil's hand.[49] After Gimodelo hugs his face, Nacht insists that Asta leave him and fight the Dark Triad, but Asta refuses and removes Nacht's restraints. Asta then tells him to live and see the strength that he cultivated, which reminds him of Morgen.[50]

Nacht holds fused devil

Nacht restrains the fused devil.

After Asta cleaves Nahamah in two, Nacht watches in shock as Lilith fuses with Nahamah and then the fused devil creates a freezing sun with their massive magic power.[51] After Asta reflects back and cuts up the sun, the fused devil flees from him to wait for his transformation to end. However, Nacht emerges from their shadow on a falling chunk of ice behind them and restrains them long enough for Asta to catch up and slice them apart.[52] Nacht catches Asta and Liebe after they separate and fall, and brings them through shadows to the roof of the castle. Nacht compliments them even though their transformation is incomplete. Asta compares Nacht to Yami, for which Nacht binds him, but Nacht reflects that Asta is like his former self. Asta then yells in pain from the drawback of using his Unite form. Nacht worries whether or not the other mages will hold out for the 30 minutes until Asta recovers. Although Moris speeding up the Ritual is a pressing issue, Nacht reasons that defeating the Dark Triad should be their priority.[53]

They reach Dante's chamber in time to see Magna knock out Dante,[54] which surprises Nacht. With the Ritual slowed due to Dante's defeat, the Black Bulls head out to defeat the rest of the Dark Triad, and Nacht hands Magna the few remaining Healing Magic-infused cookies.[55] Along the way, Luck asks Nacht to find Mimosa Vermillion and bring her to Vanica's battlefield, where Asta and Luck are heading off to first. After Megicula is defeated, Nacht emerges from a shadow and believes that Gadjah, Rill, and Charlotte are too injured to be saved and that they should be content with having defeated a highest-ranking devil. However, Mimosa's Ultimate Magic, Flower Princess Utopia, heals the three's wounds completely, which amazes Nacht.[56]

While being healed by Mimosa, Nacht watches as Zenon's tower crumbles. He assimilates Plumede and spies that all of the Dark Triad are defeated, but to his shock, the ritual has not stopped.[57] After the Black Bull base smashes through the castle to the ritual chamber, Nacht and his devils watch from above as the other Black Bulls defeat Moris and Yami wakes up.[58]

Soon after, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of all the devils into one giant, monstrous form. While the rest of the Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull, Nacht remains outside and merges with Slotos so he can withstand the increasing gravity. Observing that Lucifero's partial manifestation has fused with the Tree of Qliphoth, Nacht reasons that removing the captains should end the manifestation but they will have to do so quickly.[59] Nacht panics as the monster continues growing in size and power,[60] but Asta slices the monster and destroys the coffins holding Yami and William, stopping the Qliphoth Advent Ritual. Nacht looks on in disbelief and compliments Asta's success.[61]

While most of the Black Bulls gather around Yami on the base's hand, Nacht remains on the ground below. He then notices the sudden appearance of Adramelech, who announces that Lucifero's manifestation is half-complete. Lucifero compresses the monster's remains into a body and then forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him.[62] Lucifero leaves to confront Asta, so Nacht merges with Slotos and begins evacuating the others through his shadow. When Asta merges with Liebe to fight Lucifero, Nacht warns him against such action.[63] After watching Lucifero thrash Asta, Nacht approaches the heavily injured and barely conscious Black Bull and suggests that he not reenter the battle, which Asta refuses. Conceding that they need Anti Magic to defeat Lucifero, Nacht decides to help Asta fight.[64]

Nacht restrains Lucifero

United with Gimodelo and Slotos, Nacht attempts to restrain Lucifero.

Nacht assimilates both Gimodelo and Slotos and then rises out of the shadow beneath Lucifero. He creates two large dog heads, which chomp down on the devil's arms, and several chains that wrap around the devil's body. Meanwhile, he lifts Asta out of the shadow and up into the air behind the devil. Asta swings the Demon-Slasher Katana at Lucifero's head, but the devil disperses the restraints and attacks Asta. Nacht then leaps into the air and brings his shields in front of him, but Lucifero's power shatters the shields. Believing this to be his limit, Nacht looks forward to reuniting with Morgen. Before Lucifero can kill Nacht, however, Yami blocks the punch and neutralizes the gravity. The captain then tells his vice-captain not to die since they have just reunited.[65] The force of Lucifero's punch pushes Yami into Nacht and sends them both flying back. While Zora and Secre hold off Lucifero from getting to Asta, Nacht insists that Yami escape due to his guilt over his past, but Yami refuses to do so because he wants Nacht to help people like Morgen and because friends do not need reasons to save each other. After remembering Morgen pointing out their similarities and being slightly jealous of their affinity, Nacht and Yami bicker over the childishness of Yami's sentiment but stand united to take on the King of Devils.[66]

After Lucifero cancels out the double power punch from Zora, Nacht and Yami reappear in front of the devil, and Nacht admits that the Black Bulls have surpassed his expectations for them. The captain and vice-captain then combine their magic to create Kids' Playground and drop down into the shadow. United with Slotos and Plumede and boosted by the synergy with Dark Magic, Nacht creates shadow clones of himself and Yami to swarm Lucifero, which provides Yami an opportunity to strike the King of Devils with Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade. Although the devil suffers only minor damage, he acknowledges that humans do have the potential to defeat him and so resolves to annihilate them all with the full power of his half-manifested form. As Lucifero transforms, the gravity around him increases. Asta and Yuno then rejoin the fight alongside Nacht and Yami.[67] They all slip into the shadows as Nacht and Yami's spell once again surrounds Lucifero; however, the devil warps space, tearing apart the magic and the clones of Nacht and Yami. When Asta merges with Liebe, their overflowing Anti Magic negates the shadows hiding them. After Yami's left arm is broken while saving protecting Asta, Nacht worries over how well Yami can still fight. Lucifero eventually catches up to Nacht and crushes the vice-captain's right arm. While Asta is slashing through the gravity around Nacht's arm, Lucifero kicks Asta's knee, breaking it.[68]

Lucifero stabs Yami and Nacht

Lucifero stabs his new hands through Yami and Nacht.

Yuno then appears in front of Lucifero and uses a star to cast a shadow behind the devil. Nacht and Yami emerge from the shadow and simultaneously attack the devil with mirrored attacks. However, Lucifero transforms his upper pair of wings into arms and plunges the new hands through the chests of Nacht and Yami.[69] When Asta and Liebe perfect their Unite, they sever Lucifero's arms that are piercing Nacht and Yami, who fall to the ground.[70] After Asta and Liebe chop Lucifero into pieces and their Unite ends, Lucifero rises again and slams the two into the ground. Despite their own grievous injuries, Nacht and Yami come to their aid, emerging from the shadow and negating the gravity. Nacht uses shadow hands to help Asta stand and lift the Demon-Slayer Sword for one more sword strike against Lucifero. Yuno teleports the devil back under Asta's sword swing, which ultimately defeats the King of Devils.[71]

Nacht and Yami collapse, and when Adramelech steals Lucifero's heart, Lucifero's body crumbles, including the arms in Nacht's and Yami's chests. Yuno summons Mimosa to heal them, but she does not have enough magic power. Rouge manages to pull the other Black Bulls from the base's rubble, and Charmy feeds Mimosa with Sheep Cook: Master Chef's magic-restoring food. Mimosa then uses her Ultimate Magic to save Nacht and Yami.[72] Afterwards, Asta joins the Black Bulls in thanking Nacht for his help. Nacht accepts that he is just like them and wishes to live alongside them properly.[73] Later, Nacht takes Yuno to reunite with his mother, Queen Ciel Grinberryall.[74]

A year and three months later, the Black Bull and Golden Dawn squads take the base to investigate devil activity along the kingdom's border.[75] After Yuno defeats the high-ranking devils and Adramelech escapes, Nacht and Yuno head back to the Capital. Upon hearing of Lucius Zogratis's attack on Asta, Nacht searches for Asta's shadow but is unable to find it, concluding that Asta is either somewhere far away, like another dimension or continent, or dead, which he reports to the captains at their meeting.[15] Afterward, Nacht, along with Finral and Vanessa, returns to the squad's base and informs the rest of the squad about the attack on Asta and his apparent death. However, like Nacht, they all refuse to accept that Asta is dead and head out together to find him.[76]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Shadow Magic: Nacht uses this magic attribute to manipulate shadows.[77] He is able to slip in and out of and travel through the shadows of other people and things,[78] though he cannot access the shadows of people who are dead or too far away, such as on another continent or in another dimension.[15] He can also immobilize people who step into shadows,[79] and physically restrain people with shadows.[80]


  • Immense Endurance: Nacht possesses tremendous levels of physical endurance, as shown when he continues to fight two highest-ranking devils after being pierced with multiple needles of burning ice.[82]
  • Large Magic Power: As a nobleman and the vice-captain of the Black Bull squad, Nacht possesses a large amount of magic power.[2] He can increase his magic power by using his devils' power.[83]
  • Devil-Possessed: Nacht is host to four mid-ranking devils who grant him power: Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner.[4][84] He uses four relics linked to the devils to temporarily summon them into the living world,[85] either as large masked beasts[86] or as small familiars.[84] He can also merge with their larger forms, allowing him to access the power of Unite. As he has four devils to perform Unite with, he has at least four different Unite Modes, with each mode giving his magic an additional effect or ability to use in battle.[87]
  • Mana Zone: Nacht can control all the mana in an area around him to increase his spells' power and range.[88]


Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
29 1500 Wizard 4 5 5 3 4


  • Grimoire: Nacht possesses a grimoire that contains various shadow-based magic spells.[89]
  • Relics: Nacht carries four relics that are connected to his four devils: a feather, two claws or fangs, and a braid of hair.[85]



Dark Triad[]

Nacht's impression of Dark Triad

Nacht's mental image of the Dark Triad

Nacht deeply despises the Dark Triad because they hurt others for their own desires and without guilt as long as they benefit. He considers them unjust evil and refuses to understand them. Although others might be willing to forgive them, he never will.[90]

Black Bulls[]

Unlike Yami and Asta who treat the members of the Black Bulls as family, Nacht has actively stated that he despises the Black Bulls because of their reckless and destructive nature, in addition to their various quirks that cause more trouble for others, despite all the good deeds done.[91] However, he comes to respect them when they manage to defeat Moris Libardirt and reach Yami.[58] He later accepts that he is just like them and wishes to live alongside them properly.[73]

Yami Sukehiro[]

Nacht and Yami Sukehiro start off as close friends after Nacht searches him out due to rumors of his strange magic. Their similar attitudes and magic attributes complement each other, and they run around together, committing petty crimes, until Yami decides to join the Magic Knights.[17] They playfully insult each other whenever they meet.[92]

After his brother's death, however, Nacht comes to resent Yami, especially for being given the position of the Black Bull's vice-captain arbitrarily.[93] Nacht's hate for Yami is one of the reasons why he has only ever been to the squad's base once.[94] Even though he leads an elite squad to the Spade Kingdom in part to rescue Yami, Nacht does not join his squadmates in gathering around their captain, instead choosing to watch from afar.[58][95]


Of the Black Bulls, Asta is the only one whom Nacht likes because Asta has been a good and honest person from the start.[96][97][98] After seeing Asta choose to be friends with Liebe and create an equal contract, Nacht is genuinely delighted and compliments the decision.[99] Despite Nacht's belief that people who are right are not always rewarded, Asta's actions make Nacht wish that they were rewarded,[100] and remind Nacht of his brother.[101]

Due to his own self-hatred, Nacht is frequently irked by Asta's imitations of Yami,[102] who picked up certain phrases and behaviors from Nacht's past self.[103][104]

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Unjust evil. They're the type I hate the most. Even if gods and devils forgive them, I never will." 「理不尽な悪 オレはそいつらが一番嫌いだ... 神が赦しても悪魔が赦しても オレが赦しない "Rifujinna aku Ore wa soitsu-ra ga ichiban kiraida... Kami ga yurushite mo akuma ga yurushite mo Ore ga yurushinai"[105]
  • "I said that people who were right weren't necessarily rewarded. However, I would like them to be." 「オレは「正しい人間が報われるとは限らない」言った... だけど... オレは正しい人間には報われてほしい...! Ore wa 'Tadashī ningen ga mukuwareru to wa kagiranai' itta... Dakedo... Ore wa tadashī ningen ni wa mukuwarete hoshī...![106]


  • Nacht's grimoire design is the background for Volume 27's cover.
    • Although his grimoire's insignia is obscured in the manga and on the cover, the stat card for Volume 29 indicates that it is a three-leaf clover.
  • Nacht's favorite things are righteous people.[1]
  • Nacht ranked #3 in the fifth popularity poll and #8 in the sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Nacht ranked #4 in the fifth.
  • Nacht is German and Dutch for "night", which contrasts his twin's name, Morgen ("morning").
  • Nacht's birthday, April 30, is associated with witchcraft and devil-worship in German folklore and is known as Walpurgis Night due to being the night before the feast day of Saint Walpurga, who was said to ward off witchcraft.
    • Walpurgis Night also features in Goethe's play, Faust.
    • The first parts of Nacht's devils' names build to write out "Walpurgis" 「ワルプルギス Warupurugisu」: ワルグナ 「Waruguna」, プルメデ 「Purumede」, モデロ 「Gimodero」, and ロトス 「Surotosu」.
  • Furthermore, Nacht's devils may be a reference to the German fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen", in which a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster work together.
  • Nacht shares his name with a character from Tabata's previous series, Hungry Joker.


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