Morris 「モリス Morisu」 is a Magic Scholar who is controlling the king of the Diamond Kingdom.[1] After being forced out by Mars, Morris begins working for the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom.[2]


Morris is a middle-aged man with short, light-colored hair and tinted glasses with dark-colored frames.


Morris is an exceedingly cruel man who psychologically tortures children[3] and then abandons them if he does not attain the desired results.[4]


Over several years, Morris runs a series of experiments to bolster the power of Diamond Kingdom mages.[3][1][5] During one, he reconstructs Ladros, enabling the boy to absorb, store, and release large amounts of mana.[6]

After another trial, Morris embeds mage stones into Mars and pieces together his grimoire with Fana's.[7] When Fana revives thanks to her phoenix-like powers, Morris performs the same experiment on her; however, he eventually abandons her because she does not improve.[4]

After the failed invasion of Kiten, Lotus Whomalt returns to the Diamond Kingdom and informs Morris and the new generation of Eight Shining Generals about the Golden Dawn squad's abilities.[8]

Some time after Mars and Ladros return from the Witches' Forest, Mars manages to force Morris out of the Diamond Kingdom. Morris, along with Lotus and two Shining Generals, ends up in the Spade Kingdom and uses his knowledge and technology in service of the Dark Triad. He designs mobile fortresses to harvest magic for the Tree of Qliphoth ritual.

When Dante Zogratis returns with serious injuries, Morris uses a healing chamber to close the wound and to strengthen Dante. Zenon Zogratis checks in on the progress, and Morris and Lotus update Zenon on the other preparations for the ritual.[2]Some time later, he is watching the monitors. He informs Zenon that the Spade Resistance members have arrived. [9]

Battle Prowess


  • High Intellect: Morris possesses vast knowledge on the subject of magical science. He has performed various experiments on the mages of the Diamond Kingdom, greatly boosting their magical abilities.[1]


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