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Moris Libardirt 「モリス・リバルダート Morisu Ribarudāto[1] is a Magic Scholar who is controlling the king of the Diamond Kingdom.[3] After being forced out by Mars, Moris begins working for the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom[4] and becomes a host of the devil Lucifero.[5]


Moris is a man with short, blond hair and tinted glasses with black frames. As revealed by him, he was born blind.

When using some of Lucifero's power, a dark-colored marking on his forehead expands with the vertical lines extending up into his hairline and down over his eyes to his cheeks. His irises change color and his pupils become vertical slits.[6] As he draws on more power, he grows Lucifero's four horns and wings, and his arms and hands turn black. The mark on his forehead can open like a mouth for Lucifero to speak.[5]

After being absorbed into Lucifero's monstrous vessel, the right side of Moris's body is left heavily damaged, with his right eye and arm severed. The lower parts of his legs are also missing, leaving him wheelchair-bound. However, Lucius Zogratis later recreates Moris's body, even curing his blindness.[7]

After becoming a Paladin, Moris wears a similar shirt and pants made from a thicker, darker-colored fabric, as well as a long, light-colored coat.

While using purified devil power, Moris grows two pairs of horns—the smaller ones point up and the bigger ones curve down—and two pairs of wings. A halo appears over his head, and lines appear running up his neck to his eyes. His clothes are turned light-colored and covered in light-colored designs. His coat becomes incredibly longer with a wavy magenta interior design. His arms are turned into numerous tentacles that end with hands. A pair of magenta shaded glasses appear over his eyes.



Moris is an exceedingly cruel man who psychologically tortures children[8] and then abandons them if he does not attain the desired results.[9]


Moris was born blind. After turning 15 years old, he receives a grimoire in the Diamond Kingdom.[10]

Over several years, Moris runs a series of experiments to bolster the power of Diamond Kingdom mages.[8][3][11] During one, he reconstructs Ladros's grimoire, enabling the boy to absorb, store, and release large amounts of mana.[12]

After another trial, Moris embeds mage stones into Mars and pieces together his grimoire with Fana's.[13] When Fana revives thanks to her phoenix-like powers, Moris performs the same experiment on her; however, he eventually abandons her because she does not improve.[9]

Eight Shining Generals

Moris addresses the newer Shining Generals.

After the failed invasion of Kiten, Lotus Whomalt returns to the Diamond Kingdom and informs Moris and the new generation of Eight Shining Generals about the Golden Dawn squad's abilities.[14]

Some time after Mars and Ladros return from the Witches' Forest, Mars manages to force Moris out of the Diamond Kingdom. Moris, along with Lotus and two Shining Generals, ends up in the Spade Kingdom and uses his knowledge and technology in service of the Dark Triad. He designs mobile fortresses to harvest magic for the Tree of Qliphoth ritual.

When Dante Zogratis returns with serious injuries, Moris uses a healing chamber to close the wound and to strengthen Dante.[4] After Vanica Zogratis returns with Lolopechka, Moris becomes a host for Lucifero so that he can extract the Princess's inherited knowledge. He analyzes the information and develops a method to accelerate the Qliphoth Advent Ritual.[10]

Moris accelerates Qliphoth Advent Ritual

Moris accelerates the Qliphoth Advent Ritual.

A few days later, Zenon Zogratis checks in on the progress of Dante's healing, and Moris and Lotus update Zenon on the other preparations for the ritual.[4] Some time later, he is watching the monitors and informs Zenon that the Resistance members have arrived.[15] Moris then goes to the chamber holding Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance and takes his place in the magic circle. His presence acts as an additional accelerant for the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth, and the first gate opens allowing two devils to cross over into the living world.[16]

Moris is watching devils climb out of the gate when part of the array disappears. He notes that Dante lost and wonders what magic defeated him.[17] Moris further modifies the ritual and tree so that it can continue running without the Dark Triad.

Walgner leads Dorothy Unsworth to the ritual chamber, but Moris's devil-boosted magic enables him to counteract her Dream Magic. When Lotus turns against him, Moris cuts off Lotus's right arm but offers to spare Lotus, if he returns to Moris's side, which Lotus refuses to do. Lucifero then speaks through Moris and warns that the next gate will open soon and that he will be free. Moris stitches multiple devils together into one and uses it to attack Lotus. However, The Raging Black Bull crashes through the castle wall and punches the devil, smashing it to pieces.[18] Intrigued about the Arcane Stage mages he heard from Dante, Moris creates clawed tentacles from his fingertips and begins disassembling the base, even negating Vanessa Enoteca's fate manipulation. Grey, with Gauche Adlai's help, transmutes the tentacles into flowers. Moris then switches to Gravity Magic and attempts to crush the base, but Henry Legolant, with Gordon Agrippa's help, drains Moris's magic power and uses it to reinforce the base and punch Moris, smashing him into the side of the floor opening. Moris is confused and outraged since he made himself into a higher being and contracted with the greatest devil.

The other Black Bulls arrive, and Asta hits Moris in the face with the Demon-Dweller Sword,[19] which knocks Moris unconscious.[20] Lucifero then takes control of Moris and uses the last of the human's magic and life to accelerate the ritual, opening the second gate. As the devils pour out, Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in Moris's body, alongside the coffins holding Yami and William.[21] In the process, Moris loses his right arm, right eyes, and the lower parts of his legs, and his body heavily injured. After Lucifero's defeat, Lucius Zogratis manages to save Moris.

Lucius restores Moris's body

Lucius recreates Moris's body.

A year and three months later, Lucius has connected his siblings to his throne and uses their combined magic attributes to recreate Moris's body, restoring the scholar's sight and limbs. Moris is ecstatic to begin experimenting again, but Lucius taps Moris's forehead, altering his soul, and sends him to perform research and experiments for the sake of Lucius's world peace.[22]

Calidus Brachium Purgatory Flame Burial

Mereoleona prepares to burn herself and Moris to ashes

Lucius later makes Moris a Paladin. On Judgment Day, Moris appears in the Noble Realm, where the Magic Knights are assembled, and confronts the Crimson Lions.[23] Moris witnesses as the guardian angels defeat the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, stating that him and Lucius has taken rebels who were not suited for Lucius's new world and reformed, combined and transformed them into the new world's guardian angels, he further states that traitors who lead the new world to confusion are now the protectors of it, he finds this ironic.

Mereoleona Vermillion steps up to challenge Moris and attempts to punch Moris only for her arm to be disintegrated by Moris's enhanced Modification Magic. Mereoleona activates her Hellfire Incarnate spell and Moris expresses fascination at how close her body is to mana. He goes on to explain how the body Lucius gave him allows him to break down anything he touches with Operation Dismantle. He states that Mereoleona can counter his tentacles and instantly regenerate her fists to attack but notes that she cannot keep up her attacks for long. Moris further taunts Mereoleona after she sacrifices several of her fellow Crimson Lion comrades to continue her attacks and tells her no matter how many lives she sacrifices, it's all useless. Mereoleona's magic increases and she unleashes a new spell that she swears will burn Moris and herself to ashes, while Moris looks on with glee.

Battle Prowess[]


  • Modification Magic: Moris uses this magic attribute to alter the structure of physical and magical objects.[13][12] While boosted by Lucifero's power, Moris can affect intangible concepts, like knowledge and dreams,[10][24] as well as wholly disassemble and reassemble creatures.[25] The new body that Lucius Zogratis gave Moris boosted his magic's ability to disassemble, enabling it to rapidly disintegrate people and magic.[26]
  • Gravity Magic: Moris used this magic attribute to manipulate gravity. He can strengthen gravity to slam things into the ground with tremendous force.[27]


  • High Intellect: Moris possesses vast knowledge on the subject of magical science. He has performed various experiments on the mages of the Diamond Kingdom, greatly boosting their magical abilities.[3]
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge: With his magic amplified by devil power, Moris is able to transplant into himself the vast trove of knowledge and experiences that Lolopechka inherited from the generations of Heart Kingdom princesses. By analyzing the information contained there, he develops a method to accelerate the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth[10] and to operate the ritual without the assistance of the Dark Triad.[29]
  • Devil-Possessed: After joining the Spade Kingdom, Moris becomes a host for the devil, Lucifero,[5] who grants him immense power.[10] As a Paladin, Moris is host to an incarnated and purified devil. This grants him incredible magic power, access to the devil's magic, and a nearly immortal body.[30]


  • Grimoire: Moris possesses a diamond grimoire that contains various modification-based magic spells.[6]


  • Moris's favorite things are the study of magic and learning about new things.[1]
  • Moris ranked #37 in the fifth popularity poll.


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