Mohl 「ラーモ Rāmo」 is a former member of the Clover Kingdom's Silver Eagle squad of the Magic Knights.[1]




Mohl and Goht organize a large group of bandits to attack towns and villages throughout the Clover Kingdom and to steal rare magic tools and other treasures. After Yami Sukehiro defends Zocodany Village and defeats the bandits, Mohl and Goht restrain the Grey Deer and plan to kill him. William Vangeance saves his squadmate, and together the two Grey Deer vice-captains defeat Mohl and Goht.[1]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Earth Magic: Mohl uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate earth.[1]


  • Grimoire: Mohl possesses a grimoire that contains various earth-based magic spells.[1]


  • Mohl's name is a pun on "mole", a reference to his magic.
    • His name in Japanese, Rāmo 「ラーモ」, is a partial anagram of mogura 「モグラ」, the Japanese word for "mole".


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