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Mohawq 「モヒーカ Mohīka[1] is a leader in the Diamond Kingdom army.[2]


Mohawq is a muscular man with short, red hair shaved into a mohawk.


Mohawq is a serious man who is not rattled easily.


Mariella freezes Diamond soldier

Mariella freezes Mohawq to a tree.

Mars and Ladros lead a force of Diamond Kingdom soldiers in an assault on the Witches' Forest.[3] Former commander Fanzell Kruger confronts them and then flies past the two Shining Generals and attacks their men, breaking up their formation. Mohawq orders the Mage Warriors to reform ranks but a volley of Magic Bullets hits them from the forest below. When the soldiers try to counter the ambush, a second volley hits them from the side, and Fanzell sweeps through them and knocks them down into the trees. Mohawq questions how their movements and formations were so easily read. Mariella appears behind and reveals that she was trained as a Diamond Kingdom assassin. She then freezes him to a tree, and he denounces her as a traitor.[4]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Grimoire: Mohawq possesses a grimoire that contains various earth-based spells.[5]


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